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16 Nov 2011 02:25
  • hrbernal
  • hrbernal's Avatar
Hello friends:

NEW ! CDS Clorine dioxide solution (MMS) by Andreas Kalcker
1 CC. Of CDS is equal to 3 drops of MMS

Reciba un cordial saludo
De su amigo
L.A.E.Humberto Rojas B.
33-3685-0463 Of.
333-8150-542 Cel.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
26 Dec 2011 09:30
  • Nir
  • Nir's Avatar
03 Dec 2011 19:41
  • Nir
  • Nir's Avatar
06 Feb 2012 14:59
  • Bill
  • Bill's Avatar
Jim Humble Technical Bulletin


I am sure that you have heard about the new Cleansing CDS of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing. But what is it? Is it really something new or is it just old technology given a new name?

CDS is Chlorine Dioxide Gas dissolved in distilled water or reverse osmosis water. Distilled water is pure water with nothing, and Chlorine dioxide gas is the gas with nothing else in it. People have known that chlorine dioxide gas would go into water, but no one really had a use for it until now. Our Bishop Andreas Kalcker in Spain was creating CDS while an American company was also creating the same thing in the USA for a different reason.

The American company was creating it for industrial uses such as treating vegetables before going to market and they have FDA and EPA approval. So they cannot say it is a dangerous poisonous industrial bleach as their approval is for 3000 parts per million which is exactly what Bishop Andreas made. If you want to check this they call it CDG. You can put CDG into a Google search, there is much data about it, it is exactly the same as the Church CDS.

However, since the Church uses the CDS as one of its Sacraments and since the Church is worldwide we are not limited by the FDA or EPA. Where the FDA research might have one or two people test the CDG or even CDS, we have had thousands try it worldwide and we have found some amazing uses for health.

You may or may not know of the Cleansing Water spray of the Church; it is sprayed on the skin to create health regardless of the unhealthy conditions that might be present. l am sure that you understand that it is not our job to treat the various skin diseases of mankind. When you anoint the skin with our spray Sacrament, health is brought to the skin regardless of the unhealthy condition that was there before the anointment.

Well, that is true for most known unhealthy conditions of the skin, but what about really bad stuff such as poisonous spider bites, or sting ray stings? What about extreme fungal conditions of the skin that nothing seems to overcome ?. Our spray Sacrament that has been given to people all over the world is only 320 ppm (parts per million) and it has had phenomenal results. But with the new CDS we are getting even better results from 3000 ppm sprayed directly on the skin.

A bite by an unidentified spider happened to me here in the tropics where my apartment is sitting among the trees. The pain continued no matter what technology I used. The Spray Sacrament at 320 ppm made no difference, the pain continued. I used DMSO, Aztec clay, Zinc Oxide, a mixture of Aztec and Diatomaceous Earth, soaking, and nothing worked. The pain continued. You may know that as long as there is pain, some damage is being done by the poison. That is the purpose of pain, it is nature telling you that damage is continuing, so you must do something about it.

I had found a way to make CDS much stronger than the 3000 ppm that the FDA had approved for the CDG. So one night several days after the spider bite I was unable to sleep because of the pain, and of course, I couldn't go to the hospital as they don't know as much about it as I do. I decided to see just how strong I could make the CDS. After a few hours I had created as solution of CDS that read 25,000 ppm, which is about 8 times the strength of our CDS and the FDA approved CDG. I don't know if it can be made stronger or not as I seemed to reach a plateau at that point.

The pain was now stronger. I said (to myself), OK, this is either going to cure me or kill me. I first dabbed the 25,000 ppm solution directly onto a clean healthy spot of skin. There was no reaction; you see, I had already proven years ago and around the world that chlorine dioxide does not react against healthy skin, but who knows what will happen when you use something 75 times stronger than what has been in use for years. Then I put it directly on the spider bite. In less than 20 seconds the pain was totally gone.

Once again the chlorine dioxide refused to damage healthy skin and it also destroyed the poison present. It took a few days of continued use of the 25,000 ppm solution, but the spider bite was healed. I have treated hundreds of people with spider bites and I have known of people who died when they were treated by medical people. This particular spider bite in question was the worst bite I have seen, and yet the 25,000 ppm CDS killed the poison right away. I guess that you fortunately have not been associated with a lot of spider bites; let me tell you that this was nothing less than amazing that the CDS did that job.

So let me tell you now about how we learned a little bit more about our Cleansing CDS and how the technology of our Church is advancing. In a particular country of Africa where that has a lot of malaria in the jungle we decided to send one of our ministers to treat some local people who were sick with malaria. The problem was that there were also guerilla fighters in the area.

They reluctantly gave us permission to have our minister treat the people. Because the CDS had already brought health to several diabetes cases and some cancer cases the minister was confident of CDS although it had never been used on malaria before. So when he got there he mixed up some strong doses of CDS that he thought would bring health to the malaria victims.

He treated the malaria cases while the guerilla fighters were looking on. Nothing happened. The malaria cases did not get well. The guerillas were going to torture and shoot him as they thought he was using the idea of curing the malaria cases to see and record their camp. However, the women that were with our minister convinced the guerillas he was sincere, but they would not allow him to change the doses to MMS instead of CDS. Instead they sent him away. He was embarrassed to say the least.

What did we learn? We learned that although CDS works better than MMS for direct contact on unhealthy areas of the body, and it does not work for parasites that are inside of cells and cannot be contacted directly. The blood must carry the chlorine dioxide to the parasites and that only happens when the chlorine dioxide goes into the blood.

**We have proven that CDS cannot go into the blood when taking it by mouth, BUT MMS DOES GET INTO THE BLOOD WHEN TAKEN BY MOUTH. We also learned that we must test and prove all our theories before we try to demonstrate them to a bunch of people with guns.

Basically we must not use the Cleansing CDS to attempt to bring health to those who are unhealthy because of parasites. But the fact is, hundreds of thousands of malaria cases have been returned to health when using MMS, the Cleansing Water of the Church. CDS is very effective when it can contact the diseases by direct application to them, but not when it must travel through the digestive system.

Overcoming the bad taste of the Cleansing Water (MMS) and making it more effective.

Some of us cannot stand the bad taste, and thus many have given up trying to be healthy by using Cleansing Water. However, it has been found that the bad taste is mostly due to the pH of the solution. By adjusting the pH just a couple of notches the bad taste disappears. It is a delicate adjustment but you can do it. And an amazing thing is, this pH adjustment makes the Cleansing Water an even more effective anointment.
When the Cleansing Water has the proper pH it travels through the stomach into the intestines more easily as the stomach doesn't have to generate certain fluids to change it thus allowing it to retain more of its power that it would otherwise lose in the journey. From the intestines it can be taken to unhealthy parts of the body by the blood in a more powerful condition.

To make Cleansing Water that overcomes the unpleasant taste for Sacrament 1000 using 3 drops per hour for 8 hours, use either a one quart or a 1 liter glass or plastic container. Mark it so it has 8 equal parts which would actually equal about 4 ounces per marked part. While the container is still clean and dry add 24 drops of Cleansing Water and 24 drops of citric acid (50% citric acid). Wait 20 seconds exactly, and then add the water to the top mark, a full quart or liter.

TO CHANGE THE TASTE OF REGULAR MMS: Use baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate). Add 1/8th teaspoon of baking soda. You should buy a set of measuring spoons that has a 1/8th teaspoon in the set. This is the amount needed to change the taste. If you are making a drink for protocol 2000 at more drops per hour than three, add 1/3 of a 1/8th teaspoon measure for each additional drop, no more. So that would mean if you are doing a 6 drops dose per hour you would only be using two 1/8th teaspoon measures or 1/4th teaspoon measure total.
(Developed by Dr. Ron Neer who donated the information to the Church. He can be contacted at www.h2oairwateramericas.com -- There is no direct contact to Dr. Neer through this web site. This web site is for selling products.)

Well anyway, I hope you see that we are keeping at it and doing our best to bring the world a health technology that really works and for a reasonable price so that one does not have to spend all of his savings to be treated. Again, we help you regain your health free of charge. We then ask for donations once you are well. There is nothing more fair than that. Our Ministers of Health are located around the world.

As always with love,
Archbishop Jim

Please read the latest UPDATE!

**About CDS not getting into the blood. I was wrong in my evaluation because of data that was furnished to me, however, after reviewing the data here in the Church compound and the data that we have from South America and a lot of other data that has come to me since, and my own data about using it, I am totally convinced that I was wrong about writing that particular news Technical Bulletin.

I apologize for jumping the gun in trying to get the bulletin out too fast. Sorry, hope I never make another mistake. Anyway CDS is extremely valuable and to give you a small preview on some more research I have been making it at various strengths as high as 25,000 ppm. That is so strong that opening a bottle in a room can start most every one in the room caughing. But amazing as it seems it can still be put on the outside of the body without causing burns. At least for most people. But as I already stated, that can cure a number of things on the outside of the body that one often has trouble with otherwise and some otherwise incurable sores have been cured and are being cured.

So I hope this message sets everyone straight about what I said.
Basically I was wrong about CDS not getting into the blood.

with love,
Archbishop Jim
11 Jun 2012 03:39
  • sungazer
  • sungazer's Avatar
I wanted to share my experience making CDS using
a jar and shot glass (instead of an open syringe) as a modification of the
latest CDS making method. I put 20 drops each of chlorite and citric acid
solutions in a shot glass and set that inside a 2 quart glass jar that had
4 ounces of water. I put the plastic lid on the jar and walked away leaving
it to react overnight. In the morning the 4 ounces of water had a yellow
tint. I removed the shot glass and there was a fog inside the jar so I quickly
resealed it and left it in the fridge. That afternoon I opened the jar, fog
was gone and water was a darker yellow-green. I put 9 mililiters of water
and 1 ml. of the yellow-green solution from the jar in a cup and dipped a
chlorine dioxide test strip into it and got a reading of 5000ppm. After adding
about 2 ounces water to dilute the CDS I got the desired 3000ppm. Next batch
I will use 10 drops each of chlorite& citric-should yield a 3000ppm CDS
without diluting and be even more economical.
02 Dec 2011 17:57
  • Michael Harrah
  • Michael Harrah's Avatar
Starting a new thread for the forced air method of producing CDS. Steve is the first to do it and posting what he has said so far below. Thanks for blazing the trail Steve!!!

I just ordered some pyrex and stoppers. I'm going to make a bubbler setup, using an air pump rather than heat to transfer the gas,
With a manifold to create smaller bubbles.

I want to put some up and test it every day to see what the falloff is (if any).
I have checked with some of my sources I use for chemistry questions.... and I don't understand why you have to bubble into saline solution, unless its a buffer to bring the pH of the distilled water up to around neutral. The gas itself will (should) keep fine in any water that isn't acidic, be it saline or no.... if this is the case, then sodium bicarbonate may also work.

I will probably try 2 methods.... one with MMS and citric acid, and one with 5% NaClO2 and 6% HCl. The HCl will convert 100% of the available ClO2, whereas the Citric Acid will only release about 2/3 and hold the rest in reserve in the clorous acid. You can't use HcL with MMS for this conversion because the reaction would be pretty violent. You would need a 25% HCl to get the full potential.

From what I understand the ClO2 solution can remain viable for 30 days easily, as long as there is no UV exposure.

I am looking forward to the stuff getting here.

Please everyone remember that the gas in the small bottle is explosively flammable, and take all due care, and work in a well ventilated area.

Ok, Here's what I got done today.
I made my CDS Generator.

The 3rd chamber contains a chemical called sodium thiosulfite. It neutralizes ClO2.
The vented gas at the end of the run has very little chlorine smell, and even after 5 runs remained clear.

My first run was with MMS and 50% Citric Acid.... 50 drops of each.
The forced air method with a cold mix did not have the thick gas cloud.
I got about 250 ppm in 10 minutes.

Then I used 1 gram of Sodium Chlorite Flake and enough 6.25% HCl to cover it.
I had a nice yellow mixture in 1 minute

The result was over 500 ppm in 5 minutes.

The 3rd run was with 5% NaClO2 and 6.25% HCl. This gave me 150 ppm ClO2 in 10 minutes.

It seems that in the long run, while not the fastest method, the 5% seems to be the most efficient. 1/4 the actual NaClO2 content returned over 1/2 the amount on ClO2 as the MMS and citric acid. I'll be playing with this a few days, and I will try to get Some one on the Island to give me an idea of what the ppm range should be.
23 May 2012 15:36
  • rsb.mms
  • rsb.mms's Avatar
I would like to tell you how I have been producing CDS which may be easier than the current methods.

You will need:
1. MMS
2. A plastic water bottle.
3. A plastic syringe that will fit inside the water bottle. Cut the little arms off if necessary. A needle is not required.
4. A glass to prepare the MMS.

Start by filling the plastic bottle with water.

Activate 10 drops of MMS in the glass.

Suck the mixture into the syringe leaving only a small amount of air in the syringe.

Drop the syringe into the plastic bottle. Make sure the hole is up. (important)
If the syringe is facing down then the gas generated will push the MMS out into the bottle which is not what you want.

Screw the cap onto the bottle.

As the gas is generated it will come out of the syringe and dissolve in the water. This takes a couple of hours but I usually leave it over night. The rest of the MMS will remain in the syringe.

This method is a no loss and no wastage system.

Give it a try
Roy Brooks
29 Jan 2012 15:33
  • the pope cyrille
  • the pope cyrille's Avatar
could every one using CDS give a short explanation on how you use it and what are the results since it is fairly new this could help in putting together a new sacrament/protocol especially for CDS
16 Aug 2012 22:33
  • drgreen
  • drgreen's Avatar
I live next to a dairy farm in North Wales, UK. I have recently been talking to the farmer about MMS and he has agreed to using it on a very sick male calf. We have not administered any MMS as yet to calf. When I was learning how to make CDS from Andreas Kalcker he mentioned he started looking into MMS as a way of helping his friend with his 800 cows. Andreas said CDS (chlorine dioxide in a saline solution) could be injected directly into muscle as the cows stomachs didnt respond well to the MMS or CDS. The farmer is a friend of mine and I would very much like to help him as the antibiotics he has administered the calf have not worked. He told me the calf has at least three different viruses, he named them but I will have to repost what they are as I don't remember. Some other members here don't seem to be having too many problems administering oraly to cows but I take andreas's word for it and am after any information regarding intramuscular injections, the dose per kilo of body weight and how regularly to administer? I realise these are very specific questions but if anyone could even point me in the right direction I would be forever grateful as I don't think there is too much time left for the calf :( has Andreas posted his data from his work with cows?

Thank you so much for reading this

06 Dec 2011 06:12
  • Michael Harrah
  • Michael Harrah's Avatar
I have sent some bottles of CDS out to people and have found that they need a basic instruction sheet about how to use it. Many people do not know much about it and think you take it just like MMS with citric acid. So, today I put together this instruction sheet with some help from Pam who reviewed it for me. Does anyone have any further suggestions?

CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)
CDS is the new formulation of MMS recommended by Jim Humble. It tastes better and has far fewer adverse (herxheimer) reactions, such as nausea and diarrhea. CDS does not require activation, so no citric acid is needed. Simply mix your dose of CDS with 4-8 ounces of water and drink. Since CDS hardly ever causes reactions, you may think it is not working, but rest assured, it is stronger in healing power than regular MMS in my experience. Be patient and give your body time to heal, and I think you will be amazed.

Mark Grenon says a famous doctor called him about 3 weeks after Mark showed him how to make CDS. The doctor said a patient with leukemia had 3 blood tests to confirm the leukemia. Then after taking CDS using protocol 1000 for 1 week the patient's blood test showed NO leukemia!

How to store: refrigerator or freezer with tight lid. CDS is chlorine dioxide gas (yellow) in a solution of distilled water. It comes out of solution, appearing as vapor or smoke, when it gets above 50 degrees. Store in the refrigerator in an air tight container. Can also be stored in the freezer and thawed as needed. Jim says it will keep at least 1 month in the refrigerator with a tight lid. Loose lids will cause it to off-gas and become ineffective in a few days.

How to take: put your dose in 4-8 ounces of water and drink. No activation with citric acid is needed. If you have any throat burning, add more water to the dose.

Full day's doses in 1 bottle: You can also make up a full day's batch (8 ml if on protocol 1000) and put it into 1 liter of water in a bottle with a tight lid and then drink 1/8th of it each hour. This is how the leukemia patient took the doses. Be sure to keep the bottle tightly closed and in the refrigerator, except when drinking your dose, so that it does not get warmer than 50 degrees. If taking it to work, then use an insulated container with some blue ice.

Dosage: each 1 ml of this CDS equals 3 drops of regular MMS; it tests at 3000 ppm undiluted. This is the best strength for shipping and using because it is more stable and Jim Humble recommends it. Use an "oral syringe" from the drug store (in the baby section) to measure exactly 1 ml. Or 1/4 teaspoon equals 1.25 ml and about 4 drops of MMS. There are 5 ml in 1 tsp. For protocol 1000, simply take 1/4 tsp. doses every hour. For protocol 2000, take 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon every hour, or possibly more if it seems helpful. (Please note: CDS made yourself following Jim Humble's video instructions will be approximately twice as potent so you only use half as much or add an equal amount of water to it to dilute it.)

Extra bottle: I have included a 4 oz. bottle with a CDS label on it for your convenience. After you receive your package, put the CDS in the refrigerator for several hours till it is cold, then you can open it and fill the 4 oz. bottle with CDS. This way you will not have to keep opening the larger bottle, which can also be stored in the freezer if you wish depending on how fast you are using the CDS. All liquid expands when it becomes ice, so if you are storing in the freezer, allow space in the bottle for expansion.

If you need help:
Genesis 2 Forum www.genesis2forum.org/
My yahoo group Humble_MMS tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Humble_MMS/
Both online groups are very friendly and helpful.
08 Feb 2012 14:44
  • Small
  • Small's Avatar
If Baking Soda can be used to take away the nasty taste of MMS is it necessary to make CDS.

What are the advantages of CDS over MMS with Baking Soda added.? Does it keep longer?
07 Dec 2011 06:06
  • Michael Harrah
  • Michael Harrah's Avatar
We need to determine how to test if CDS is fully saturated and what methods of production will give us full saturation.

I am referring to the 0-500 ppm chlorine dioxide test strips below.

I did some testing yesterday. I measured my CDS cold right out of the fridge. I took exactly 1 ml of my forced air CDS and mixed it with exactly 4 oz of distilled water. I also made up a 3 drop dose of MMS and put it in 4 oz of distilled water. I did this test twice and used two test strips on each glass. Then I made a 6 drop dose of MMS in 4 oz of distilled water and a 2 ml shot of CDS in 4 oz distilled water.

In all the tests, the CDS water definitely is more yellow. To me, that has to mean there is more Cl02 in it. Nevertheless, the MMS and CDS doses came out about the same on the test strips. I think the acidity in the MMS dose and the fact that it is unstable and constantly producing more Cl02 has to be affecting the readings.

Those test strips require a lot of guess work because the difference in shade between 10-25ppm is not that much. My tests with the 1 ml CDS and 3 drop MMS doses were in between 10-25 ppm. Then when I did the double dose, 2 ml CDS and 6 drops MMS, the color on both cases seemed pretty near to 50 ppm. So I think that means my forced air CDS and the 3 drop (using glass droppers and 50% citric) dose of MMS are running at 25 ppm per dose, although when you make up single dose like that the test strip seems to be between 10-25 ppm.

I'm ordering some of the 0-10ppm test strips today and I'll dilute with a lot more water to get into those values. I am ordering some baby bottles too so I can test Jim's method and see what values I get.

08 Feb 2012 06:25
  • Michael Harrah
  • Michael Harrah's Avatar
Archbishop Jim sent me an email asking me to post this in my yahoo group, and so I am posting it here also.


I couldn't get on the Humble_MMS yahoogroup. Either yahoo don't want me, or I was just to dumb to get everything right. If you would post this I would appreciate it.

About CDS not getting into the blood. I was wrong in my evaluation because of data that was furnished to me, however, after reviewing the data here in the Church compound and the data that we have from South America and a lot of other data that has come to me since, and my own data about using it, I am totally convinced that I was wrong about writing that particular news Technical Bulletin.

I apologize for jumping the gun in trying to get the bulletin out too fast. Sorry, hope I never make another mistake. Anyway CDS is extremely valuable and to give you a small preview on some more research I have been making it at various strengths as high as 25,000 ppm. That is so strong that opening a bottle in a room can start most every one in the room caughing. But amazing as it seems it can still be put on the outside of the body without causing burns. At least for most people. But as I already stated, that can cure a number of things on the outside of the body that one often has trouble with otherwise and some otherwise incurable sores have been cured and are being cured.

So I hope this message sets everyone straight about what I said. Basically I was wrong about CDS not getting into the blood.

with love,
Archbishop Jim
09 Jan 2012 00:11
  • townsend
  • townsend's Avatar
Looks like I've got everything I need to make CDS now.

I don't have much MMS left, but I do have a lot of sodium chlorite. Is it really necessary to make a 28% MMS solution and then a 50% citric acid solution, only to mix them together to make a CDS soluton.

Couldn't I just mix sodium chlorite & citric acid powder into warm distilled water and save 2 steps. Wouldn't this simplify the process of making CDS?

I'm going to use Jim's Gatorade test to keep the strength of the CDS constant, but I have no idea what proportion of sodium chlorite to citric acid to use.

I'm guessing 1 part sodium chlorite powder to 4 parts citric acid powder. Any advice on this?
03 Dec 2011 01:40
  • Bill
  • Bill's Avatar
:( It appears to me that eveyone is trying to re live their high school days like when the teacher leaves the room and says come up with your own ideas and we will discuss it when I get back.

Slow down eveyone -- too many of you are trying to out do the teacher here. It is not a contest! Wait on Jim Humble and his team for further comments, I am sure they are writing proceedures as we speak. Let them test the new product.

So -- what have we learned so far?

1/ We know how to make MMS1, we know the activation time & we know how to take it. Okay we all got that part-- the basics.
2/ We now have CDS, we know how to make it the simple & safe way per the video.
3/ So what do we need to know about CDS?
I) We kneed to know how to store it to keep the gas in solution--below 11c & out of UV light. What period of time will it last in the fridge?
II) We need to know how to messure the concentration of CLO2 in the solution so we can take the proper safe amount each time. We need a chart.
III) Can it be transfered over a period time in a sealed air tight bottle then cooled down again when it reaches it's destination to re absorb the gas into the solution?
IV) How does this solution get absorbed into our bodies if the gas comes out of solution above 11c ? Wouldn't the gas fill our stomach & get vented out the mouth?

We have many questions yet to be answered.
Plus there is IV directions to learn and needles all this is still in the discovery stage.

It is good to ask question and share ideas but it is best to wait for approval before giving others the green light on your new ideas. This is called due diligence and quality control or damage control.
20 Dec 2011 20:04
  • Jean-Claude
  • Jean-Claude's Avatar
I tried to get CDS via MMS and I can't get the bubbles as Andreas and Jim Humble are telling us on these youtube links.


My Saline Solution is turning light yellow only and not dark as they are showing in the video clip.

What I am doing wrong?

Do you have experience of to have taken CDS via IV ? And is it dangerous?

Thanks in advance for all your help.

PS. Take very easy with the very strong CLO2 - gas because you will feel it in your lungs if you not are taking easy.
09 Dec 2011 22:20
  • Bill
  • Bill's Avatar
Comparing MMS1 & CDS

What is really the difference? They are both Chlorine Dioxide are they not?

If acid is the problem that is causing the bad taste then use less acid. Use 35% acid instead of 50%. For three drops of Sodium Chlorite use two drop of acid instead of three and so on.

Bad taste, what causes the bad taste? Is it the acid? Or is it the better concentration of CLO2 in the MMS1?

Sorry but I don't see what all the fuss is about. I don't mind the MMS1 therefore, I will just reduce the amount of acid in the mix. In regards to Sodium Chlorite, if any is not converted during the activation then it will be carried through the body in small quantities and it too will react with acids and pathogens -- no big deal.

So again I ask, what is all the fuss about. I think MMS1 is better and more efficient and gives a bigger pop for your money -- so to speak.

If acid is the problem then CDS is the best option but other than that I say carry on as before with MMS1. Brushing teeth with less or no acid would be best and there may be other areas where having no acid is beneficial but for the most part just reduce the acid to 35% and you will be fine. IMO :P
01 Feb 2012 11:21
  • medusa569
  • medusa569's Avatar
I am a bit confused on the PPM thing. To my memory Andreas does not mention the strength
of his product. Pavel seems to want to gain a 50ppm strength in his bottles and Jim says he wants 3000PPM. Sadly Pavel had no English translation to his 2 good pages so I don't know why he's seeking the 50ppm. Since Jim learned this method from Andreas I am taking his estimation with a grain of salt. IS there some more definite information somewhere as to what minimum part CDS is effective for any "sterilizing treatment"?
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