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Genesis II Church Seminars: genesis2church.is/seminar
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Genesis II Church Health Restoration Centers
Colombia (5 topics)
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Questions on Usage, Discussion and Information: MMS, MMS1, MMS2, CDS, CDH, Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), Calcium bentonite (Clay), Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) and Zinc oxide
MMS, MMS1 (933 topics) MMS2 (78 topics) CDS (125 topics) DMSO (90 topics) Clay (3 topics) D.E. (1 topics) Zinc (2 topics) CDH (15 topics) Research discussion (365 topics)
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Re: Chlorine Dioxide Test Strips
by CLO2
06 Jun 2020 19:44
MMS Newsletters (73 topics) MMS In The News (13 topics) MMS Interviews (22 topics) MMS Videos (9 topics) Other News (11 topics)
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Rebutting, refuting and disproving specious or flat out fallacious media propaganda regarding mainly MMS.
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Testimonies from Genesis II Church Sacrament users all over the world
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Re: Herpes Protocol with CDS
by CLO2
06 Jun 2020 09:40
Substances and Techniques that can be used alone or with MMS1 and MMS2 as part of programs of Wellness Self-Responsibility
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Re: protection from prosecution
by 3volver
21 Feb 2020 16:05
Please let us know about anything you think might improve this forum or make the Genesis II Church better meet its Mission of bringing Healing and Help to the World
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by danib0214
10 May 2020 16:56
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