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TOPIC: started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt?

started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 03 Sep 2019 13:08 #61274

CLO2 wrote: This is the recipe I came up with:
330 ml water
1 level teaspoon (US) TSP
3 level tablespoons (US) baking soda
Shake the glass container vigorously from time-to-time to help the powders dissolve into the water.
Measured the pH as 7.96

Small batch recipe I see. Percent-wise this should be within the wide margin of somewhere between 16-24 ounces of water per 2tsp of TSP + 6 table spoons of Sodium bicarbonate.
Need to work out ratios in %.

After quite some mouth washing and tooth brushing I must say this solution has some less strong disinfecting properties than the low acid CDH I used to use. I been trying to compensate for this by using the TSP solution more often (after every time I eat/drink). All in all it works well enough.
No signs of any serious regeneration yet. Or maybe too slow to notice.
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started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 03 Sep 2019 19:24 #61278

Thanks for updating -
sadly my tri-sodium has not arrived yet, although it should have! waiting..

Still using CDS

I am contemplating also buying dental probiotics -
has anyone used something of the sort - like this;

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started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 03 Sep 2019 19:27 #61279

I was considering using both CDS and sodium triphosphate to get the properties of both.

I was thinking though, that if I use a dental probiotic - will the CDS kill it off?
I also use essential oils in the mouth , mainly eucalyptus at the moment , as this has a strong infection/bacterial killing action,
but this may also work against dental probiotics I think.

Any thoughts or wisdom on this?

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started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 04 Sep 2019 07:20 #61282

Poler, I think I would use CDS for disinfection as needed. And TSP for helping regeneration and keep neutral PH. Neutral PH should help oral flora?
I suspect certain foods and dental fillings do disturb oral flora. Foods that cause acidic environment. Sugars, carbs. acidic drinks..
And then there's the lack of bone/tooth building minerals that make teeth more sensitive.
If essential oils can do the job of disinfecting, then I would still use TSP for regeneration and PH.

By the way, while you're waiting for the TSP, why not adjust PH with just sodium bicarbonate dissolved in water?

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started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 04 Sep 2019 21:37 #61286

Hi mart1n
Thanks for your wisdoms, I think its a good perspective. I think also that once you have started drilling and filling, and crowns , root fillings etc , you destroy the natural
ecology of the mouth, and problems just exacerbate from there.
I think also its good to continue with CDS and essential oils as they do have good infection killing qualities. I think CDS is one of the stronger agents in this regard -
though I do think there is a factor of time spent in the mouth -
for instance I use eucalpytus in the mouth when brushing or sometimes for a brief gargle - but I found that holding it in the mouth for longer (water diluted), seems to work better.

I might try the bicarbonate on its own - good suggestion..
I will also order some dental probiotics - they can only help I feel.

I did find some more interesting info to add to this subject;
I read these comments;
"You had me sold until I saw that this product has mint! According to Dr. Eric Berg and Dr. Darren Schmidt, herbs such as mint, thyme, oregano, tea tree oil, and neem oil should never be used for dental care because they too are antibacterial. Since this product has mint in it, I can’t see how it wouldn’t destroy existing good bacteria in the mouth. This makes the makers of this product look uncredible, for this reason they seriously should remove the mint from this product if they are going to compete with other emerging brands that have opt out on using mint or other natural antibacterial medicinals for dental care"
This probiotic has no more mint than chewing fresh leaves and I personally am not concerned about it. Plus, as I covered in this post on oil pulling, essential oils can have a positive impact on the oral microbiome.

the link on oil pulling , where she mentions how essential oils can have positive effect on microbiome
(When unfriendly bacteria try to work synergistically together in the mouth, they communicate via quorum sensing. Oils such as clove, cinnamon, spearmint, peppermint and myrrh may promote healthy flora balance in the mouth by regulating quorum sensing. (source)

the link on essential oils and "quorum sensing"

the most basic story is that essential oils can help breakup the communication and multiplication of bad bacteria
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started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 13 Sep 2019 23:16 #61333

Martin, I measured the pH of your reduced acid CDH after 30 days in a fridge.

Distilled Water only = 5.25 pH
CDH only = 5.14 pH
60 ml DW + 1 ml CDH = 5.18 pH

Tap (well) water = 7.56 pH
60 ml well water + 1 ml CDH = 7.52

Obviously, water is the determining factor here for pH because there is much more of it compared to CDH.

Now, if we had clean alkaline water...
2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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