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started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 23 Sep 2020 23:30 #66033

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I think the problem with your teeth in the first place are the caps on them. Can you remove them and allow your enamel to regrow. Consider including castor oil orally to your protocol to aid in the regrowth process. Best of luck on your journey.

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started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 24 Sep 2020 08:08 #66035

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Did anyone have any luck actually regenerating enamel as previously mentioned?

My front teeth were very brittle with sharp edges. Would easily cut my tongue. After starting on trisodium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate (TSP solution) the teeth have become much less brittle. The sharp edges have become roundish and don't cut my tongue anymore.
One tooth did hurt badly when eating cold food or drink. Today this is not a problem anymore. Same with some lost fillings and that would ice terribly even when just breathing fresh air. But if I drink/eat something acidic and don't brush/alkalize my mouth within like 10 minutes the icing returns.

The only CLO2 solution I use for additional disinfecting of teeth that basically only have the roots left is CDS prepared with well water (PH around 6.5). CDS does a better job of disinfecting infected roots than the TSP solution.
I have also been adding iodine and borax to the TSP solution in order to have better disinfecting result. But still CDS does a better job of keeping infection at bay. Use CDS before brushing/mouthwashing with TSP solution.
Today I can chew relatively hard foods mostly without pain. But it takes only one or two days of forgetting about brushing and alkalizing before trouble returns.
I have good faith I will be able to keep my remaining teeth without dentists.
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