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Please help. Recent purchase of Health Recovery Guidebook 02 Apr 2020 15:44 #63397

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Please may I ask for some guidance. From Nov 2018 until Nov 2019 I was nursing a very sick dog, my beautiful German Shepherd had uncontrolled diarrhea and was given worm meds and antibiotics. It got worse and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis and later on with cauda equina syndrome. I was cutting up raw pigs pancreas daily and adding to his meals to keep the pancreatitis under control. I was also cleaning up diarrhea and urine all day long as he was an inside dog. The smell was terrible and it would wake me up during the night. I am not sure if I picked up something from him.

At the end of September 2019 I felt like I had a bladder infection so went to see a GP who gave me antibiotics. I had also lost a fair amount of weight and since I was hardly eating it didn’t bother me. I went to the gynae who did a pap smear – no issues and was sent for a mammogram – all clear.
I then went to a specialist surgeon who said I should have a colonoscopy and gastroscopy because my tummy was feeling uncomfortable and sometimes I had a dullish pain. Colonoscopy was clear. Gastroscopy – mild gastritis and a sliding hiatus hernia. Prescribed altosec for the gastritis. Had stool test for H Pylori and parasites – all clear.

I still have 2 mercury fillings and have 4 root canals so went to a Maxillo facial surgeon who did a CT scan of my jaw, teeth, gums, sinuses and all clear, besides bone on upper jaw was not thick enough for implants and I would have to have a bone graft if I went ahead.

I was beginning to stress about my weight because people were saying that I had lost a lot of weight so I went to a specialist physician who put it all down to stress and anxiety. He said my stress and anxiety levels were over the top and prescribed anti-depressants and tranquiliser. (I never took them). He also did an ecg and all clear.

I then visited another gp who sent me for blood test – full blood count. Results – all good except high cholesterol and B12 was on low end of normal. Was told to watch diet.

Following month I was on holiday at the coast and my anxiety levels about my weight was still worrying me so I booked to see a GP. He did the general checkup and said clinically I was great but my anxiety levels were high and I should go on meds. (I didn’t). I also had a mild uti and he prescribed antibiotics.

Following month I went to see a Homeopath who said I had a systemic fungus and sent me for R18 000 worth of blood tests which covered nearly every infectious disease.
Results : bilharzia – prescribed biltricide. Chronic mycoplasma, elevated homocysteine levels, high cholesterol and ecoli.
He prescribed R7 500 worth of meds per month x 6 months, totalling R 45 000 which I could not afford so only got a few of them. He also put me on a strict anti-mold diet which I could only keep up for 2 weeks.
Basically it was chicken, fish, coconut oil, olive oil, seeds, green vegetables only, 4 different fruits and water. Nothing else. I was literally starving and feeling so depressed.
I love fruit but had to cut that out as well, because as soon as I ate it, I felt like I was losing weight. Not sure if it was the fungus.
I gave up on the diet and began eating sweet potatoes, beans, veg, fruit and some chicken and fish. I was ok but could not put on any weight. More stress and depression followed.

I had a slight fever one night so went to ER at the hospital and asked them to check my urine. Nasty UTI which was sent to the lab. Came back positive with proteus – more antibiotics.

About 3 weeks later I was stressing badly so booked with another GP. She said I was malnourished and stressed and I should see someone about my anxiety. She said that I should get L Glutamine, probiotics and digestive enzymes. She checked my urine and said that my UTI had not cleared up completely and prescribed more anti-biotics.

Went to see a gastroenterologist who said my stress and anxiety levels had caused the weight loss and said I should go for a routine screening of a chest x-ray – all clear and an abdominal ultrasound – all clear.

I told him about the frequent UTI’s and he said I should see a urologist. Booked with urologist. Scanned my bladder and said it did not empty well, but no stones or anything out of order. Urine test was very murky so he sent to lab for culture. Came back positive with Acinetobacter – more antibiotics prescribed.

And this is when I decided to look into MMS. I did not take the antibiotics and instead bought the online copy of the Health Recover Guidebook from JimHumble website. I had already bought the drops from a lady that makes them.

I* began with the Starting protocol of ½ drop x 8hrs for 1st day. ¾ drop x 8hrs for 2nd day and 1 drop x 8 hrs for 3rd day. On the 4th day I decided to pop into my GP and ask her to test my urine. It was completely clear. I was of course so happy that I did not have to take the antibiotics.

Then the following day, I decided I wanted some fruit, some sweet potato and a glass of wine with my dinner. I really enjoyed it. But the next morning my clothes felt like they were hanging on me. I went into high stress mode and felt very low. So what do I do, I decided I would just binge on chocolate and all the bad carbs for the next 3 days. My face was pale and although I was stuffing my face, I could not put on any weight. I also feel as if my muscle mass is disappearing when I eat carbs and have a glass of wine.

I have read up that a fungus will consume anything yeasty and sugary and can cause malnutrition.

So I am trying to decide the way forward. Start with Protocol 1000 and then the Mold/Fungus Protocol. Or start with the mold/fungus protocol. Should I be bathing in the drops. When should I add the DMSO etc. I have briefly read over the protocols as the book is very long and there is a lot of repetition which can be confusing.
I am also confused as it says in the book that one should not take supplements, anti-oxidants in food and supplements yet a few of the testimonials have used supplements and meds at the same time.
Would it help the process if I do add natural anti-fungals and antibacterials.

I have bee pollen, olive leaf, grape seed extract, colloidal silver, probiotics, digestive enzymes, alkaline powder, diatomaceous earth, zeolite powder, spirulina, chlorella, l-glutamine, collagen powder.
I also have a product for candida called candimex which I have not opened as yet. I also have Pau d'arco tea and Echinacea tea. Milk thistle powder, cats claw powder and lots of superfood powders (chaga, camu camu, cacao powder, moringa powder etc).

I basically have enough products for my own health shop. Lastly, what diet can you recommend. Please say something more than just greens and chicken and fish. I much prefer vegetarian foods like beans, chickpeas, sweet potatoes but they seem to feed the fungus as well. I would really appreciate advice. Thank you so much.

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Please help. Recent purchase of Health Recovery Guidebook 02 Apr 2020 17:55 #63400

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Hello 15577 this is my story, this is what I had found read all 4 parts my name here is BOB J scroll down to my Part 1.

You may think that you do not have Parkinsons so it does not apply to you, however read all 4 parts and you will get an understanding of that all disease originate the same way.


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Please help. Recent purchase of Health Recovery Guidebook 15 Jul 2020 00:41 #65168

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You said you use colloidal silver - but have you tried using it in a nebulizer?

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