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MMS and Parkinsons Disease 23 Nov 2019 21:59 #61737

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Oh yes ClO2 I got depressed when I quit eating bread, rice, pasta etc. I was terribly hooked on grains/carbs. Sad to quit.
Sadness lasts for about 3-4 days and then start feeling better than before.
I feel good. Not in a hurry to get to my next meal either because being in ketosis stabilizes blood sugar. If blood sugar gets low the body simply starts metabolizing fat reserves. Doing great on 2 moderate meals a day. Fat is a very efficient form of energy humans run very well on.

As you may be aware, high fat consumption has nothing to do with being in ketosis, or being fat for that matter. It is not about eating lots of fat at all, but merely turn around on the carb-fat ratio. Calorie intake may stay around the same. Those wanting to loose weight, getting in ketosis is the very best option.
By the way, point is not to stay in ketosis forever. You can get in and out as you please or as is necessary.

After 3 generations of disinformation we become nauseated and depressed by seeing bacon, eggs and real butter. That said, todays bacon, eggs and butter is not all that healthy anylonger. I myself am lucky to be able to fish wild trout.

A picture illustrating what "ketogenic" ingredients typically are:
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MMS and Parkinsons Disease 06 Dec 2019 01:53 #61856

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Something like this cannot be explained in a few paragraphs, what had happened to me so I will try to give you my story in 4 postings.

Here is my story Post 1.

I admitted I had many symptoms of old age, pain in my joints, lower back pain, tinnitus (Sounds like a beehive, with crickets chirping in the background) when I added these points to everything below;

Loss of smell
Tremors on one side of the body
Micrography (handwriting is small and scratchy, when before it was smooth, large and artsy)
Difficulty of using a knife in my left hand while eating
Abnormal gait, slight pain from cramps in my lower back while walking(Hoping no-one is watching me walk)
Tightness of my lower back muscles as if they are in a state of continuous but slight cramping
Lucid dreams (Dreams should not be like an Imax theater with full sounds around)
Inability to fall asleep and when I do fall asleep I have lucid nightmares
Just on the edge of sleep at the start of a dream I would begin to thrash my arms and legs then awaken
Numbness in the hand on my left side
Rigid facial expression
While I would speak I would notice a change in the tone of my voice and inflections and hope no one recognized it
During sleep I would have urinary incontinence 4 or 5 times a month, for this I would sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor with a plastic bag underneath
Regularly loud gurgling sounds coming from my intestines and gut

I realized, I had most of the symptoms of Parkinsons. Lots of the symptoms of Parkinsons are not the same for everyone, it is a disease that can be somewhat vague, you may not have tremors but still have Parkinsons. I could not have had Parkinsons, because as everyone knows, there is no cure for Parkinsons; I can only state my body was under a high pathogenic and parasitical load, and mirrored the symptoms of Parkinsons.

My wife has an incredible sense of smell, she once smelled smoke in a building before anyone else, and led unbelieving people to an area, that was smoldering and about to catch fire. My wife thinks they overeacted because they sounded the alarm, evacuated the building, and called the fire department.

I would come out of a shower, soaped down, shampooed, having brushed my teeth, gargled with mouthwash, my wife would complain that I smell bad; all the time.
I can see how an overload of parasites and certain bacteria in an individual may cause someone with a sensitive nose to smell that, from the pores or mouth from an infected person. But how can a neuro-degenerative disease have a musky smell?

All of my symptoms were a slow progressive event for me, I did not agree to notice any of the symptoms, it is like a frog in a pot slowly boiled to death. I just did not feel much, and I would also deny much. At around the same time I finally admitted to myself that something was wrong, I was closing in on something that may help me, parallel routes both unaware of the other, knowledge of something that could potentially help me, and knowledge and admittance of what was happening to me.

The previous year I would watch a lot of video's from Dr. Zacharia Bush, he is a triple board certified in endocrinology/metabolism, internal medicine and palliative care. Zach is an expert on the micro-biome, which we all know starts at the nose, mouth and ends at the butt. He is a man who does not like the separation of what he calls chronic inflammation, into thousands of different diseases and doctors to be separated into all these specialties.

He had stated all cancers, which leading researchers had all known by 2005, was caused by a dysfunctional micro-biome. He wondered why a decade or more later its still their cure; chemo, surgery and radiation, they should all be focused on what is happening to the system, the micro-biome.

Autism, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma and all other chronic diseases Dr Zach Bush claims are caused by chronic inflammation, and the start of this occurs in the gut. He claims the micro-biome with all of its villi occupy an area of 4000 square feet; I was quite amazed at what he was stating.

Start listening at 3 minute mark and you can end it at 10 minute mark as reference to above

He attacks Monsanto/Bayer heavily; that they engineered plants that survive Round-up (Glyphosate), but kill all other biological life that surrounds it. This not only destroys all the weeds, but also the microbes in the soil. His epiphany came when he realized the microbes in the soil communicate with each other; and the microbes in the gut communicate with each other to create the optimum environment for the host which is us.

Other people I had listened to were Kerri Rivera, Andreas Kalcker, and Robin Goffe. At "Autism One" conferences in which Rivera and Kalcker appeared, they would always receive standing ovations.

When Kerri and Andreas, talked about such a heavy parasitic load in the gut, being expelled by autistic children after taking CD, it matched what Dr. Zach Bush was preaching, a dysfunctional micro-biome was the source of this disease. For some reason the micro-biome was being overtaken by obvious parasites, easily viewable to the naked eye and not just under a microscope by mothers who used CD to help their children.
End of Post 1
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MMS and Parkinsons Disease 07 Dec 2019 15:43 #61865

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Post 2 Many people here may be aware of all this, but many may not, there is a reason why this happened to me so I will describe some of it here

Human Genome Project

The human genome project discovered that human beings have 20,000 genes; in contrast,the common flea has 30,000 genes. This fact, had many scientists wondering how could this be? This did not make sense, something was lacking; what or who was doing all the work of the regulatory functions within a human being?(Previous video at 20:00-23:00)

It was found to be located within a 3.5-5 pound structure similar in weight to our brains.

60% of the immune system and 80% of the work done by the immune system occurs in our gut lining.

We are barely human, we are 50 trillion human cells. We have 1.5 quadrillion bacteria and ten times that more fungi; 14 quadrillion micro-biome elements, and 14 quadrillion mitochondria which have their own DNA and are a bacterium/viral combination.

Brain Function

Within our guts; microbes through biosynthesis create the amino acids we need to build proteins that are necessary for life. 90% of all neurotransmitters such as trytophan, seratonin, melatonin, and dopamine (Parkinsons and lack of dopamine are related) are created by our gut microbes.


The micro-biome is the first to respond in a protective manner

Bacillus subtilis is a bacteria that lives in the soil and lives in our guts. It is of great importance to the human body for repair and healing it is part of our immune system.
Back in 1945 an ice truck, hit a girl on a bicycle in New York, her name was Margaret Tracy, she received a compound fracture with bones protruding from the skin. In the hospital physicians took a swab from the wound and took it to a lab. They found that one strain was particularly active, and was killing every other pathogen in its path, it was non-toxic and displayed strong antibiotic activity.

It was non-toxic because it was, and has always been part of us; its benevolent nature is also in the soil that creates food for us to eat, it works equally as hard doing this.

They named the strain Tracy 1, after Margaret Tracy; later calling it bacitracin. Today it is marketed under the trade names Polysporin and Neosporin, it is produced by bacillus subtilis of the licheniformis group. Licheniformis also produce full spectrum B Vitamins and folic acid acid which is necessary for health and healing.

What has participated in the creation of each and every plant in our ecosystem; is that which lives inside all of us

In 1992 they began pounding our soil with glyphosate at an accelerating pace, the rise in rate of chronic inflammatory disease, mirrored the rise in rate of glyphosate being sprayed on our food. They began killing species of microbes in the soil that have always been who we are, the same microbes that are in our guts, and are a large part of our personalities of who we are, what many have called our second brain.


Charts on the paper from the link below display rates of autism, alzheimers, diabetes, parkinsons, anxiety/panic/phobia attacks, inflammatory bowel disease, and thyroid cancer.

The charts below cast doubt autism, alzheimers, parkinsons, cancer are genetically related.
They also cast doubt that alzheimers and parkinsons are a neuro-degenerative disease


Canadian Food Inspection Agency-Glyphosate Testing in 2015-2016


Why is there medicine in the dirt?
(Previous video at 29:00-35:54)

Bacteria in our gut and within the soil produce many vitamins and one of them is folic acid. An inadequate intake of folic acid has been implicated in congenital defects, neurodegenerative conditions, cardiovascular diseases, and some cancers. In 1998 they made it mandatory in supplementing flour and grain products with a synthetic form of folic acid which they call folate. However synthetic folic acid is folate, it is not the same as folic acid.

Monsanto/Bayer statement was that how glyphosate kills weeds was that it blocks the shikamate pathway and because humans do not have a shikamate pathway it was safe for us. Microbes and fungi have shikamate pathways and we are all affected, much like the soil by glyphosate.

There are 3.5 to 5 pounds of microbes, fungi, viruses in our micro-biome, equal to our brain weight.
The Vagus nerve intertwines through our stomachs, intestines, organs and is in direct contact with our brain.

Below a link to an image of the Vagus nerve, the microbes communicate with the brain


End of Post 2
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MMS and Parkinsons Disease 07 Dec 2019 21:00 #61866

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BobJ, thanks for posting your story. Anxious to read your next 2 posts! :)

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MMS and Parkinsons Disease 07 Dec 2019 23:59 #61867

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Your Welcome CLO2

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MMS and Parkinsons Disease 09 Dec 2019 00:08 #61875

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Post 3
Many of you may know about this, but I will post it for those who do not.
Using Dr Zach Bush's theory of chronic illness, if I write about cancer, I am also writing about parkinsons, alzheimers, autism, asthma and any other chronic inflammatory disease

The soil; is an active environment

Micro ryza are fungi spores that are filaments within the soil that are part of the system to build optimum health for the plant. Microbes and other fungi work to construct all of the medicinal qualities of the plant. Worms aerate the soil; supplying oxygen to the structure of microbes and fungi within the soil.

Read the first 6 paragraphs of this article


Plants, the soil and our microbiome all communicate using ROS (reactive oxygen species). The reactive oxygen species are composed of oxides (Examples include peroxides, superoxide, hydroxyl radical, singlet oxygen, and alpha-oxygen). They can do one of two things either they can oxidize by stripping electrons from invasive pathogens; or they can give electrons and in that way they can deliver (reduction of oxidation) antioxidants.


Anticancer and antiviral activity of chlorine dioxide by its induction of the reactive oxygen species.

Chlorine dioxide is a reactive oxygen species; it induces REDOX signalling by the production of reactive oxygen species within our bodies. (The link below sentence 1-6 in the Abstract)


Concerning cancer, if antioxidants are present it significantly reduced the ROS that was induced by Chlorine dioxide.(The link above sentence 6 and 7 in the Abstract)


James Watson and Francis Crick were co-authors of discovering the design of DNA , and its double helix structure. Today James Watson has a hypothesis that links antioxidants to cancer. The first sentence from the article in the link below. "In a paper, he called “among my most important work since the double helix,” James D. Watson. Ph.D., posited a theory that links cancer progression in late stages of the disease to the presence of antioxidants."


Vitamin C/Ascorbic acid

In 1973 the Nobel Prize winning biochemist, Linus Pauling wrote a book entitled "Vitamin C and the common cold", that brought about a wave of Vitamin C supplements, in powder and tablet, that had many of us mega dosing on antioxidants. Ascorbic acid is a food additive, that is used as a preservative in bread, cured meats, jam, jellies, sauces, spreads, beer, wine, milk, and almost all of our food.


Read this interesting short abstract about potato chips and ROS.


We may ask ourselves is it a good thing to lower the ROS levels in the brain, heart, lung, testis, soleus muscle, plantaris muscle, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, eyeball, and epididymal fat?

Initially we thought that ROS was a toxic-by product of cellular respiration. We have been led to believe the oxidative stress that the mitochondria induce when they produce ROS is a dangerous thing so lets up our intake of Vitamin C, and place it in all of our foods.

Read the first 4 sentences of this Abstract


ROS has the ability to turn things either way to oxidize or to antioxidize, to encourage repair and also build. It does this in the soil, in our guts and in our bodies by each cell. REDOX signalling and ROS levels are extremely important.

It is an advertisement but its a good short easy to understand description

Detection, protection, repair and replace

When professor Gary Samuelson talks about the oxidative stress messengers, he is talking about the ROS reactive oxygen species, they will also call it the REDOX molecule.(Able to oxidate or reduce oxides-antioxidate) ROS can move either extracellular or intercellular. We saw from the Korean study on cancer that Chlorine dioxide induced ROS within the body, Gary Samuelson states that when the cell interacts with a REDOX molecule, the message will be "Something is not quite right here", if the cell is able to repair itself or is healthy an electron will be added, to become an antioxidant for further protection.

If the cell is damaged beyond repair the cell will take on the oxide role which wants to strip electrons which induce a level of oxidative stress, and place it in a state of apoptosis. Oxidative stress does not cause the cell to die or kill itself immediately, but it will not create copies of itself and shrink and eventually be replaced by a process known as autophagy. Detection, protection, repair and replace is how Dr Gary Samuelson describes REDOX molecules, and he seems very emotional as he describes a non-toxic way in which we can heal ourselves.

Andreas Kalcker at Autism One describing CLO2 as a REDOX molecule and a Reactive Oxygen Species advance to 32:00 and end at 33:30

Chronic inflammatory disease

Before they looked at the human genome as a means for predicting chronic inflammatory disease such as cancer; today there are tens of thousands of scientific papers stating the bacteria in your gut is way more important for predicting disease than the human genome. If you are lacking in certain areas of your microbiome you are more prone to prostate cancer, lacking in this area more prone to parkinsons etc.
(the video in Part 1 GMOs, Glyphosate & Gut Health start at 31:30 and end at 36:00)

Glyphosate in bone broth

For the past 20 years or so since I have been married, home-made soup, has been a staple that my wife has made almost on a bi-weekly basis.
The cow bones were all from non-organic cattle most likely fed with GMO corn containing glyphosate. I was taking Vitamin C for the past 20 years, 500 mg almost daily until about 2 years ago, my REDOX signalling and ROS levels, probably at an all time low, like the mice and the potato chips.

GMO popping corn was also a twice a week favorite.

It is known that glyphosate once in the body concentrates itself most heavily in the bones. That was what we ate bone broth from cattle.

This is where it started for me, about 7 or so years ago, I lost my sense of smell. My microbiome was slowly becoming more dysfunctional from the added glyphosate in the bone broth and the large intake of antioxidants. With glyphosate in the body, your gut lining, the two tennis court size cellophane layer, that is one cell thick, becomes more permeable.

Between each cell is an area called tight cellular junctions they are the only thing between what is in your gut, and your blood stream.
This thin cellular layer is around your brain, heart, liver and all organs.

A link to imagery of an epithelial tight cell junctions between adjoining cells


Our gut lining shows extreme sensitivity to the chemical glyphosate. What glyphosate does to the gut lining is induce a hypoxic or oxygen starved injury, one of the results to that is the over expression of CXCR3 which is a receptor to the gluten compound gliadin, which induces the production of a compound called zonalin, which has an unzippering affect across the whole gut lining. (Zach Bush)

First patented as an antibiotic

Glyphosate was first patented as an antibiotic which is a drug; Dr Zach Bush states that with every drug there are side effects and contraindications.
Side effects are permeabilty of the gut lining of all organ barriers, including the brain. A contraindication of this drug is that it causes a chronic oxygen starved condition, which would decrease the aerobic microbe population and encourage the population of anaerobic species to thrive, causing microbiome dysfunction.

Researchers may state a dysfunctional microbiome does not create a neurological condition

However consider this..
Alcohol also opens these tight cellular junctions both within your gut lining, and also the brain barrier, a person may slur their words, have an abnormal gait, have a mask like expression on their face, have difficulty using a knife and fork, and have a large change in their writing skill. This all started from something many people call a toxic substance, alcohol, that was in their gut.

End of Post 3
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MMS and Parkinsons Disease 10 Dec 2019 18:56 #61887

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Post 4

I ordered my sacraments from the Genesis 2 Church

The shipment arrived very quickly only 6 days, I had done enough research to know exactly what dose I would be taking. I was going to be on the standard Protocol 1000, 3 activated drops each hour 8 times a day. After reading a lot and conducting my own research I had a feeling of certainty that something was there. There were too many cured children from the work of Kerri Rivera for me to have any doubt that there was something there. Dr Zach Bush statements that we are all autistic and that autism, parkinsons, alzheimers and cancer were all manifestations of the same thing.

The testimonials on You Tube from the Genesis 2 Church of health and healing, also strongly influenced me. I know they have all been taken down since then, claiming they are all false.

I watched the ABC segment with Lindsay Wagner; "The Church of Bleach"; the thing that caught my attention was one of the producers let something leak through, to the public, if someone was watching it carefully they would think the same. Yes appease big pharma by ridiculing her, but leave in the statements that what modern medicine was unable to cure, "The Church of Bleach" cured it. Leave in the statement that Lindsay Wagners friends son was cured of autism by "The Church of Bleach". Leave in Lindsay's statement vodka is also bleach, because it stained her grandmothers floor.


I really did not have the support from my wife or son, both thinking I was crazy. From what my symptoms were, main stream medicine had nothing, the same what they had offered those autistic children and cancer patients. I was anxious to get started, however I left the two bottles sit on my desk for three days.

I got ready for the day I would start, the fourth day after receiving the shipment. I went at it very cautiously like I was told to do, first dose was one drop CD one drop HCL activator in a glass swirling it in the glass to make sure it was mixed properly, letting it sit for a couple of minutes, then filling it with 2/3-3/4 full of water, dumped out half then drank it.

After 3 hours I was up to 3 drops an hour and finished use at the 8th hour.

Little did I know then, what chlorine dioxide was also doing "CD is able to break down glyphosate into useful raw material, it totally destroys the glyphosate molecule and turns it into resources that can be used by the body" Dr. Stephanie Seneff.

Third video down from the top, on the left hand side- "Kerri and Dr. Seneff CD Breaks Down Glyphosate and Cures Autism"


My dysfuctional microbiome was getting some repair.

After the third day I began expelling out lots of pinworms, which previously I had no idea what they were.
Extremely small threadlike worms some white, some appeared translucent. The females became very aggressive laying eggs, they lay up to 10,000 eggs at one time, scratching my butt, throughout the day, small animals in panic mode, fearing they are losing there home.

"Pinworm infection is the most common type of intestinal worm infection in the United States and one of the most common worldwide. Pinworms are thin and white, measuring about 1/4 to 1/2 inch (about 6 to 13 millimeters) in length." (Mayo Clinic)


Enterobius vermicularis is the latin name for pinworms, they are not benign as they might seem, they can invade any part of our bodies, liver, lungs and have been found underneath a persons eyelids. They have been found in the blood stream and within female ovaries.


After the 7th day, larger worms began to be expelled around 2 inches, most likely roundworms. By the 10th day soreness in my back was gone, the joints in my legs that once ached as I knelt then got back up to stand, was gone. I was astonished, wondering how can this be. I went outside and began work around the house and totally enjoyed it. I lifted heavy objects and tasted my breath, it was pure oxygen, feeling great, I still remember that day.

I was 10 days into my 21 day treattment. I observed biofilm larvae and eggs; you do not have to be a highly trained medical proffesional, to recognize them.

After the 15th day I woke up with such a high state of well being at peace with myself, I also noticed this clarity of mind, I had not felt in a long time, and believed it will not get any better than this, however I was wrong, it kept getting better.

Below is a video of a Mother Robin Goffe, very emotional, whose child has autism, her statement applies to all of us (Start at 53:45 until the end)

Yes Robin I am also grateful for the worms.

Kerri Rivera and Dr Zach Bush

Kerri Rivera and her postings on You Tube, of which almost all of them have been taken down, influenced me, combined with Dr Zach Bush's wisdom to believe my symptoms of parkinsons, were just another manifestation of the same chronic inflammation that appears in a child. After 21 days of dosing myself with CD, I believed I was totally recovered, my state of mind and how I feel cannot get any better than this.

CD also made my water taste better, it was fresh and not stale

After my 3 week experience with CD, I thought it was a weak substance, because of how easy it was for an oxidant to remove its effectiveness. Later I experimented and yes, a couple of bags of potato chips during the day, or a few cups of coffee can take out its effectiveness. Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is in a lot of our foods and ROS is extremely sensitive to antioxidants. Restrict your diet, in certain areas, and ROS is a powerful thing, such as what should not really be in your body expelled? Strange....

ROS and antioxidants

Because antioxidants are so ubiquitous in our food supply, the REDOX signalling of ROS keeps it low within our bodies. However one thing I did notice that stands out; because of my occupation I have to go for a simple medical every year. I had a small breakfast, drank two glasses of Protocol 1000 with a 1 hour wait in between, then went for my medical. The start of the medical is always the same, fill out forms, the secretary gives you a paper cup to pee in, and directs you where to leave it.

They dip a reagent strip in the cup and it detects the blood sugar level in order to detect diabetes. The other part of the strip detects ROS, the oxides. So if I was an athlete and had ran a marathon, it would cause the reagent strip, in one part to be activated towards a strong green color.

ROS is in the blood whenever there is a lot of repair going on, a marathoner pushes themselves, damages cells through exertion and the body goes into the repair mode.

As I sat on the examining table waiting for the Doctor, she enters the room with a look of shock and horror on her face. She was not a young Doctor, she was 65 years old. She blurted out, "Oh my God" something is wrong with you, your body is in such a high state of repair, it can only mean cancer; she suggested prostate or bladder cancer. She added that I was obviouly not a marathon runner.

I did some more research

The reagent strip done in a Doctors office only measures oxides and not disease, and there were so many false positives, that the companies who produced these strips, stated that any information they gather from any oxide indication was of little clinical significance.

The high level of ROS in my urine suggests that it had circulated in my bloodstream passed though my liver, entered my kidneys and bladder. That day I altered my diet with a small breakfast and no lunch, small antioxidant intake through food before my medical, later that day I expelled a lot of parasites.

The first three weeks I did the Protocol 1000, around 20 months ago in April 2018, I restricted my meals to small ones as per the Protocol 1000 and it worked perfectly.

My tinnitus had dropped to 25% of what it once was, hearing and eye sight improved, I have been using CD off and on for 20 months and have not had, the flu, cold sinus problems or a headache. My dreams returned to what they once were. I followed Kerri Rivera and the use of enemas with CD. At the 3 week point of taking CD, I gave myself my own enema with a 1 quart bag, first with plain lightly salted water, a few shakes is all, salt can harm you, many people have been rushed to the hospital because they did not do their own researh. I then did the protocol for enemas on Andreas Kalckers page. What came out of me should never have been inside me, just seeing what was on top, biofilm with worms and large size worms, eggs, larvae, and easily identifiable intestinal flukes, liver flukes also dark almost black bacterial liquid.

The next morning I woke up I had an incredible sense of well being, mental clarity, that surpassed what I felt before, my tremors went down to 10% of what they once were.

I waited another week and went for a 2 quart enema, 2 quarts plain tap water lightly salted, followed by a 2 quart enema of CD, most of what was in my lower colon came out, still parasitic but not to the extent it was before.

What CD did for me was work on its own attacking the pathogens and also induce REDOX signalling and ROS getting rid of the worms, parasites and pathogens It also broke apart the glyphosate molecue destroying it. No longer were the toxins released by the pathogens entering my blood stream then able to pass through my blood/barrier into my brain, to the extent it was before. There still are to this day glyphosate molecules and unwelcome parasites and bacteria, within me but not to the extent where they are really affecting my health.

One time when I was at "Home Depot" to buy some hardware, I began to study people; their faces, body structure, many were so unhealthy, not able to walk fluently, blank stares, almost the "Walking dead"; this affects all of us.

End of Post 4
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MMS and Parkinsons Disease 24 Dec 2019 14:25 #61995

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Enlightening articles, BobJ. Deserves a place easy to be found, reviewed and discussed.

I been studying glyphosate myself and knew about it originally being developed as an antibiotic. Then not so strange at all intestinal flora changes from health giving to causing disease..

So, to limit the intake of glyphosate; what do you eat today? And not the least how well are you today compared to what it was?

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MMS and Parkinsons Disease 24 Dec 2019 23:03 #62000

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Thanks Martin;

It is difficult with my job, because it frequently involves travel, it would just be too impractical if I were to enforce a strict non-glyphosate diet on myself.

Eating fully organic, although desired, would have a large impact on my lifestyle.

The things I do that limit or reduce my glyphosate intake;

Avoid sugar and anything containing sugar.

Sugar beets are a GMO crop so I drink my coffee black, and never any cakes, pies or cookies for me.
Almost never any sugary soda's; I may have a couple of cans of coke a year. My wife tries to buy organic, and the price of organic produce has dropped down quite a bit, so we buy more of them. She is also very religious about washing down all fruits and vegetables with baking soda, this removes any chemical residues from the skin.

My maintenance dosing of CD also removes glyphosate, so in one way I justify eating foods that I love, that are known to be high in glphosate residue. Grain foods, such as bread, and pasta; corn and processed corn food snacks (Corn chips). I try to limit my serving size because of what I now know, where as before I would not.

I would say my health improved by 90% of what it once was; there is some odd thing that stands out for me. I had forgotten my "state of well-being" of the man I was, when I was in my twenties. Your "state of well-being", pretty much describes who you are. After taking CD for twenty months, I remembered who I was, when I was in my twenties, because, I became that same man again decades later. This change in my "state of well-being", came in small increments.

All of our lifestyles are different Martin, seems you are lucky you can find a meal of wild trout and have more access to the outdoors.

Below is a paper that was written in the fall of 2017, you can read all or part of the "Abstract", then scroll down to Table 4.


From Table 4 read

Brain-affecting disorders, where gastrointestinal manifestation exists and the intestinal microbiome and enteric nervous networks are actively involved

There are references to 17 papers on Parkinsons;
There are references to 6 papers on Autism;
There are references to 4 papers on ALS (Lou Gherigs);
There are references to 4 papers on Alzheimers;

All of the items below define our "state of well-being"; who we are.

There are references to 3-5 papers on Depression, anxiety, behavior, cognition, mood, stress and fatigue.

Dr Zach Bush has alluded to this a couple of times in his talks; what we think is our brain serves a function similar to a CPU on a computer.
Who we really are, and our "state of well-being", is when these trillions of microbes are all healthy, and communicating clearly with each other.
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