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TOPIC: started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt?

started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 03 Jul 2019 05:07 #60818

thanks for the hint of making it in the fridge, I will next time , it seems a good idea :)

Thanks for measuring the acidity of the solution - given that it is acidic, I think that I will just brush my teeth as normal,
and then swish the CDS/water solution in the mouth afterwards as opposed to brushing it on.
It seems to me that that would be more benign for the tooth enamel .

I did read about the DMSO killing of the CLO2 so I will add that just as I am about to use it..

Generally the protocol with acids on the teeth is that you dont brush after teeth have been exposed to something acidic - so i think extra safety
precautions with using CDS or similar is to just let the teeth settle afterwards and make sure they arent exposed to anything for a while at that point-
or swish with a baking soda/water mix to return alkalinity?

i think I am going to rest my teeth for longer to make sure they are truly restored, and then approach it all pretty carefully.
I dont want to give up on this idea of being able to get rid of the infection - if I cant i cant, but its worth trying, otherwise its goodbye teeth!
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started mms ,dmso protocol ,teeth hurt? 03 Jul 2019 05:21 #60819

thanks for your analysis, it is helpful for me to get a perspective on this, and how to approach it.

I did actually originally watch a video of a guy on you tube who was using straight DMSO and activated MMS to kill his tooth infection, no dilution,
brushing it on - and it seemed to have worked for him without negative side effects -
I would say I could not get away with this though!

I agree with diluting it to an appropriate concentration and rinsing after - that is what I will be doing

I have used DMSO quite a lot in other applications - topically for excercise recovery, strains, joints etc.
And I do take it internally at high dosage, 3-6 tsp a day, on days when i am not doing close socialization (the smell).
Originally I used to take it every day - and when I first started taking it it actually nuked the infection in my mouth for many months, it was completely silent-
but eventually came back , and the continuance of the internal DMSO did not seem to have a further effect.
Anyway - so i know it can have a positive effect of knocking back infection , even on its own.

I am not sure how it will work with taking the CLO2 into tooth cells - but I guess i will find out, lol

It seems to me that the trick is to get a high enough CDS/MMS concentration to kill of infection , without damaging teeth,
and then being able to factor in the penetration powers of DMSO into that.

I will let you know how it goes..

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