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TOPIC: Bloating on MMS

Bloating on MMS 18 May 2018 00:24 #58511

I am a Lyme disease patient. In last 7 wks I have not be able to go pass 7 drops because of extreme bloating. I did following three things which have revealed me a little bit, but still stuck at 7 drops. I take Zeolite as a binder once a day at night.
1-I started taking MMS with full glass of water every time
2-Started activating MMS with Lemon Juice 1:5 Ratio
3-Started taking Enema every night. One after the other one and half liter each
Besides bloating, I also get chills and fever like symptoms, but bloating is worse. my diet has gone down because of bloating as well
Need help

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Bloating on MMS 24 May 2018 15:00 #58544

I suggest you get the MMS Book to read thru and follow the protocol.....
Minister of Health, Penang. Malaysia.

Creator of CDH Plus 1000
A Protocol that can adjust the strength of CD and SC for individual needs.
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