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TOPIC: High blood presure

High blood presure 11 May 2018 11:03 #58484

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Has anyone had a problem with high blood presure after useing mms/dmso? My sisters blood pressure came down to normal readings while doing the 1000 protocal, after comming off her bp meds and went on the maintinance protocol, her blood pressure went through the roof?

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High blood presure 24 May 2018 14:54 #58542

Be careful on HBP, since one already used the drugs, it is not going to be easy to stop it used, the drugs is design to manipulate our body system to depend on it, only some ppl may success in fully stop the used of the drugs, that also depend on which types of HBP drugs one are using,

the most dangerous drugs to stop are Beta Blocker, even for trying to lower the dose may pose the risk. So be very careful and read more on the drugs you used, before simply act.

Again, not everyone will success fully healed the HBP with MMS, there may be too many reasons of it, as for my own case, i have been successful to heal my HBP for almost 10 years, recently, MMS did not workout as it should be, so now i have to used very light HBP drugs to maintain it together with improved diets and lifestyle.

I believed healing has got to do with the level of our ageing body as well, we age everyday, so when we fail something, we have to change our protocol... do not think that we are everyday 21 years old.

MMS is a great saver for many problems but we just need to use it with full awareness and used it correctly. Do not over force the situations which could bring more harm to ourselves.

Hope this help your decisions.
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