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TOPIC: MMS and dizziness

MMS and dizziness 17 May 2019 17:20 #60567

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Hello, I am new to this forum and actually new to forums themselves. I have discovered MMS through KetoKerri and her interviews and videos on YouTube.

I am half way through protocol 1000. The things I am looking to heal within myself-
1. Severe gastritis/ulcers
2. Weight loss 100lbs (I have questions)
3. Acne (also questions)
I am not alone as my mother and both my children are also half way through protocol 1000. And I’m very pleased that all my stomach issues are gone within one week of 3 drops hourly for 8 hours. I have done as the book suggested and take a probiotic as well. Huge difference!
We have never taken MMS before now.

My biggest reasons for even starting mms was that it’s cost effective! I can’t afford more emergency room visits. Health is everyone’s priority in our family.

Currently experiencing extreme dizziness and light headedness half way through protocol 1000, herx? My symptoms I wish to cure are not getting worse. I have headaches it seems every day a few hours after my daily doses are done. My mother seems to be experiencing the same things. Any tips are very welcome.

Questions I have:
Does anyone have any tips or experience successfully using mms for weight loss and how was that achieved?

Same thing for acne treatment: I have mixed the mms skin spray and used it daily 4x and everything has cleared up but some still breaking out after five days. Tips and methods welcome.

My mother asks- she experiences a lump feeling in her throat like she has mucus built up and she was hoping the mms would help get rid of that but it doesn’t seem to be, she’s also experiencing light headedness and dizziness. Tips welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any replies you take the time to type. Blessings!
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