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Discussion of details about using and preparing Sacraments
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TOPIC: DAY 4 TRANSCRIPTS of MMS training seminar

DAY 4 TRANSCRIPTS of MMS training seminar 23 Apr 2011 20:29 #2328

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MMS Training Seminar
Dominican Republic
June 7-18, 2010

We learned two lessons this morning!
1) Guy proved something for us. He took a 10-drop dose last night and he is feeling worse today. I was telling you that the new protocol does not require 10, 12, 15 drop doses anymore. The only time you would do that size dosage is if you have malaria. That is why he is not feeling better today. Smaller, consistent doses is the key.
2) Karl put his mms and citric acid into his plastic container preparing his dosages for the day and it caused smoking. He cleaned it out, used different bottles and it happened again. So if you are at home and get this reaction, throw the container away and start again.

So this is the day that you really have to learn to be doctors!
(Jim continues quizzing the students.)
(Jim) When your partner is snoring, what would you do?
(Student) I think I would treat it the same as a sinus issue.
(Jim) So how would you treat a sinus issue?
(Student) Drops up the nose while lying down?
(Jim) Right. It will burn a little bit, but you should do it anyway and keep going. You can rinse it with plain water if the burn is too much.
(Jim continues quizzing.)
What about headaches?
(Student) Protocol 1000?
Okay. Headaches are caused by tension in the body. The headache is a good thing because it tells you something is wrong, such as you are not drinking enough water, for example.
Q: Sickle cell anemia. How would you treat this?
A: Protocol 1000.
(Jim) Yes.
Q: Apnea?
A: Protocol 1000 and if it doesn’t work, 2000.
(Jim) Yes.
Q: Lockjaw?
A: 2000 right away.
(Jim) Right. Remember that 2000 is for life-threatening conditions.
In lockjaw the fever gets into the brain. Very few people live through it so it is a life-threatening disease.
Q: How do you administer the protocol if you cannot open the mouth?
A: You can still drink liquid through the teeth.
(Jim) Conjunctivitis? (Also known as pink eye.)
(Student) Protocol 1000?
(Jim) Yes. You should also treat the eyes with a 2-3 drop solution by dropper, directly into the eyes. You can do this hourly.
(Student feedback) Colloidal silver cleared up my son’s eye infection.
Let me remind you a little about silver. A lot of people say they are making up colloidal silver, but they are not. To make the colloidal silver, you put the silver bar into the liquid (salt water) add 20,000volts to it, and little chunks of the silver start breaking off. The chunks don’t come off as ions, they come off as small chunks of silver (colloid means a small particle). The particles are so small that they disburse throughout the salt water and it becomes the colloidal silver.
If you reduce the voltage down to 20 volts instead of 20,000, you have to increase the salt content of the water (the conductivity). Now chunks no longer break off, rather the ions start breaking off of the silver and become part of the solution. So these are not a part of the solution, they are just sitting in the solution. This ionic silver is poisonous. It won’t kill you in small amounts. Colloidal or ionic silver will kill pathogens.
There is also a liquid that has a memory of silver.
(Dennis Richard shares) The machine they use to make the brand of colloidal silver that I buy causes the silver to break off and become 100% available for the body to use. The manufacturer won’t even tell me how he makes it. He said it took him years to develop it and so he won’t let the method out.
(Jim continues) If you use the correct mms protocol, it is going to handle most diseases.
For morgellons you can add silver and it may help, but the people I am currently treating with morgellons do not think it is effective. I know there are doctors administering ozone for the morgellons and it works okay, but the mms works better.
Q: What about for a frozen shoulder?
A: Protocol 1000 plus mms/dmso spray. Use Aztec clay if it is not working pretty quickly, within a week.
Q: Addition?
A: Drs. Hitt and Humiston are microbiologists. Hitt is an MD, has a phD, and is also a microbiologist. One of the things they treat at their clinic in Mexico is addictions. They have an 85% success rate using amino acids and intravenous vitamin C.
(Students continue asking questions.)
Q: Cystic fibrosis?
A: Protocol 2000, because it is a life-threatening disease. Plus the inhalation therapy, but I wouldn’t start the inhalation therapy for at least 2-3 weeks. Remember, when you are doing the inhalation therapy, only use a 2 drop dose. Inhale gently and not deeply.
Q: Muscular dystrophy?
A: We’ve had a lot of feedback that the people are doing well using the old protocol but I think it would respond very well with Protocol 1000.
All of the other protocols that we have covered, you should try those in the case of muscular dystrophy, in addition to the 1000.
Q: Parkinson’s disease?
A: 2000. I have gotten good results treating Parkinson’s. I haven’t gotten any feedback from Parkinson’s patients telling me they are completely cured, but all cases that have contacted me say they are doing better.
Consistency is the key to using the protocols. This is a requirement if you want to have good results.
(Jim starts quizzing students again.)
Q: How would you treat Alzheimer’s?
A: 1000 and the sinus protocol so that it would get into the brain?
Yes, I think it is important to try getting the mms into the body in every way possible. Baths, enemas, inhalation, gargling, gas, all of it.
I’ve gotten feedback from one person only who said they were doing much better.
(Student) What about sound and color therapies for these patients?
(Jim) That might work. Try everything you can to turn it around.
Q: Warts?
A: Gassing externally and 1000 internally?
Yes, that should work – some warts will clear up and some won’t, but you should try it. I’d use the mms/dmso combo.
Q: Would you do the same for ringworms?
A: Yes, the mms/dmso would kill that very quickly.
Q: What about PMS?
A: 1000?
(Jim) Yes, 1000 should clear it up in an hour or two.
(Student) What about bathing in the case of the PMS?
(Jim) Yes, that would be a good idea, but 1000 has been very effective.
You could even do the 6 and 6 and then continue on with the 1000.
(Student) Why does mms work for PMS?
(Jim) When the body is deficient in nutrition, you will have symptoms. In the case of PMS, the body is deficient in calcium and magnesium, mainly. However, the deficiency is caused by pathogens being present. You can get all of the nutrition you need from your diet, but pathogens can block you from getting the proper nutrition.
(Student) Would this also work for menopause symptoms?
(Jim) Yes, use the same protocol. I’ve seen symptoms be cured very quickly over and over.
(Student) What is your opinion on hormone replacement therapy for menopause?
(Jim) I’d hesitate to take anything a doctor gives you. I believe that once you do the 1000, the body will take over and be balanced.
(Students continue asking questions of Jim here.)
Q: What about Crohn’s disease, celiac, and irritable bowel syndrome?
A: I have had people send me emails on all of those conditions and all of them said they were doing much better. No one has said they are totally well again (yet). But I do believe if you stay on the 1000 for as long as required, you will be well again. The feedback I have gotten from people say they are much improved after only two weeks.
Q: Jaundice?
A: Protocol 1000 and start slowly.
Q: Is that the same as yellow fever?
A: No.
99% of the ills of mankind are caused by pathogens somewhere in the body. Kill the pathogens and the body will come back into balance and heal itself. I never believed this until I started treating so many thousands of people for so many different things and once we would kill the pathogens, they would be cured. Mental issues included.
Q: Schizophrenia has responded well to mms?
A: Yes. And my thought is that if it works sometimes, it should work all the time.
Q: Restless leg syndrome?
A: Protocol 1000. This disease appeared out of nowhere, really. If you don’t know what to do for a disease, do the Protocol 1000. This is a great example of that.
Q: Impotence?
A: Protocol 1000.
Q: Chronic pain?
A: Protocol 1000. A lot of people with different sources of chronic pain have responded very well. We have never failed with chronic pain disorder yet. So if pain flares up, do 6 and 6 and then continue on from there.

Let’s talk a little bit about the church and what is expected of the pastors (reverends). Upon completion of this course, you will receive:
1) A completion certificate stating that you completed a course with Jim Humble (non-religious).
2) A certificate that says you are a pastor and chaplain of the church (health minister).
3) Authorization certificate to start a chapter of the church.
4) Certificate of notification that goes to your local county recorder along with the articles of faith. There is no agreement with the government about anything for churches in the US – or anywhere in the world as far as I know.
5) Id card to show you are a member of the church.
Once you have the certificate of notification filed with the county recorder, you can announce in the newspaper that you are in existence.
Then you can publish some sort of form in the newspaper to state that you are available to counsel people about healing. No one can take issue with that. Especially if we are sure to mention that it is free and donations are accepted once you are healed so that we can continue to help people.
Q: So when I go home and put out a notification that my church of health and healing is open and then I have associates that don’t have this certification – would they be covered under this protection?
A: If you designate them as some sort of assistant, they will be considered an assistant pastor of the church. Then send us a request for the card and we will send it to you.
If people don’t have an ID card, they can get in trouble for not having health insurance, vaccinations, etc., so the ID card will protect them from that issue.
Q: Do people have to be physically in our location to get an ID card or can we issue them an ID card no matter where they are?
A: I don’t think there will be any problem with this. Hopefully people will not be complaining about competition in any way with the church.
We will set it up so all members are recorded in memory sticks in the beginning, not on the internet at all. The memory sticks will be kept in some sort of a safe. I would suggest that you do the same with your local chapter. Don’t put them in a computer where someone can get a hold of the information and use it in any way. As time goes on, we will make sure the info is as safe as possible.
Q: So each of us are going to leave here ordained?
A: Yes. There will be some sort of form to be filled out and mailed in to us so that we can issue the ID card from here.
I really want everyone to be protected from all that the ‘authorities’ could do to affect your lives negatively and take control away from you as far as vaccines, healthcare, etc.
Q: If something happens to you, who can ordain the ministers?
A: We will figure out a way to have someone on staff that can do this.
The next thing we have to do is set it up so that if a bishop dies, someone takes over immediately and nothing changes or is affected. We need to have lots of bishops, ministers, etc. to protect us from this happening.
You can open your church and put a health food store right in the church. You can also have a bookstore if you want, and a meeting room, for instance. It is all non-denominational.

END of day four lecture.
Archbishop Michael Harrah
Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing
Founder Chapter 129 Arizona
My MMS Yahoo group: tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Humble_MMS/

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Re: DAY 4 TRANSCRIPTS of MMS training seminar 23 Sep 2011 17:01 #5640

Hi Mike ,Just wanted to know if part 4 was the final part or are there any more available there was so much good infomation .Thanx 4 sharing Kind; Regards. Mike Morris

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Re: DAY 4 TRANSCRIPTS of MMS training seminar 24 Sep 2011 17:29 #5674

  • Michael Harrah
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Hi Mike, day 4 is the last part of the transcripts. If anything else becomes available we'll put it up.

I agree it is great info, glad you like it.

Archbishop Michael Harrah
Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing
Founder Chapter 129 Arizona
My MMS Yahoo group: tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Humble_MMS/

Jim Humble's MMS Books
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MMS Testimonials
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Re: DAY 4 TRANSCRIPTS of MMS training seminar 25 Sep 2011 10:20 #5688

B) Hi Michael ,thanx ,I will keep my eyes open, Regards; Mike

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