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Discussion of details about using and preparing Sacraments
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TOPIC: DAY 1 TRANSCRIPTS of MMS training seminar

DAY 1 TRANSCRIPTS of MMS training seminar 23 Apr 2011 20:10 #2325

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MMS Training Seminar
Dominican Republic
June 7-11, 2010

We are going to start out each day talking about protocols because the protocols (how to use MMS) are the most important component of using MMS to treat disease.
I want everyone to know how to use mms by the time they leave here – for anything and everything.
We cover the protocols every day so that you know what to do in every instance for all diseases.
No matter what the problem is, there is an mms solution for it and I want you all to know that solution. If you don’t have anything but mms, you can still cure anything that’s happening to people. Whether in Africa, the US – no matter where you are, you can treat every illness with mms. It’s pretty amazing how effective mms is – and it becomes more amazing as you use it.
So I want to be sure you know how to use it properly in all cases.

Let’s begin going over the protocols. If you have any questions, please ask because we have enough time to cover everything during the course of the seminar. By the time 6pm Friday evening comes around, you will know all there is to know.
The first thing I want to mention is that the old protocol, which was to work up to 15 drops, three times per day has been updated. That protocol works on a lot of things but the new protocol is much faster, has worked on more things, and has gotten better results.
I suppose most of you have heard that when I was in Africa a few months ago, I introduced a new protocol. I’d already been using it in Mexico, but I pushed it really hard in Africa and we had even better success with it than the old protocol.
The new protocol is to take 3 drop (activated) doses every hour, eight hours in a row for three weeks (21 days) in a row.
If you get sick with nausea, diarrhea, headache, or any other side effect, you should reduce the number of drops, but do not stop taking the doses.
A lot of people think that if a little mms is good, a lot is better. I’ve heard people say, “I can take a little bit of sickness, I’ll just increase the dosages and get well quicker.” But that’s not the way to do it. If you allow yourself to stay sick, it reduces the effectiveness of the mms and increases the healing time. Nausea and diarrhea use up the energy you need to heal. Don’t allow the mms to make you feel worse. It’s a good indicator of the condition of your body at first, but be sure to back off by one drop if you are sick. In other words, if you are doing a 3-drop dose and you experience nausea or diarrhea, you should reduce to a 2-drop dose. If you are still feeling sick, reduce to a 1-drop dose.
(When I refer to “a drop” I’m talking about one activated drop of mms.)
This applies when you are helping someone else as well. Be sure to explain to them that the sickness is a good sign but it is not necessary to continue being sick. If the person is very sick, stop altogether, and when they are able, start again with less drops.
This new protocol is also known as “Protocol 1000.” This new protocol is good for most illnesses. If you come across an illness that you don’t know about, or you are not sure what to do to treat it, start with this protocol.

“Protocol 2000” is used to treat acute, life-threatening situations. For example, if a person is in liver failure and has been told by the doctor that they have two weeks left to live, begin slowly with Protocol 1000 and after a week or two, add MMS2, which is Protocol 2000. In the case of liver failure, you must begin slowly, with a ¼ or ½ drop dose and increase slowly from there until the person is taking the 3-drop dosage. This is a good practice for cancer also – any life-threatening situation. Start slowly and increase when you are able.
Q: How do you administer a ¼ drop dose?
A: Make up a 1- drop dose, add your water or juice, and then pour out ¾ of the dose.
Q: After you throw out ¾ of the dose, can you add water to what is left?
A: Yes, you can do that if you are trying to dilute it and cover up the taste. The mms does not become less effective when it is diluted.
In the case of acute, life-threatening situations, the sicker a person is, the gentler you need to begin with them. Then, as their condition improves, keep increasing the doses. For instance, if you start with a ½- drop dose, the next dose you should increase to ¾ of a drop. Increase slowly in this way until you reach the 3-drop dosage for the protocol.
Q: How many times per day?
A: Eight times per day, every hour.
So, again, in the case of the liver failure situation, if the person is not getting well with Protocol 1000, you should add MMS2 to the protocol, which is also known as Protocol 2000.
In that liver situation, you may not need the MMS2, depending on how the person is feeling. In most situations, do not start with Protocol 2000. Begin with Protocol 1000 and if they are not doing better, move to Protocol 2000.
Q: How long does this generally take?
A: You should try Protocol 1000 for a couple of weeks and if they are not feeling much better by then, move to Protocol 2000.
In the case of cancer, hepatitis c, and any other life-threatening situations, start the same way but go up to as many drops per hour that the person can take (without getting sick) as quickly as possible. Remember that if the person gets sick, back off the amount of drops but be sure to keep going until they are well.
Q: How should we administer the MMS2?
A: Every other hour. MMS every hour, plus MMS2 every other hour. Take the mms2 on the half hour, in between the mms doses, for a total of four times per day.
Start slowly and be sure to drink lots of water with the mms2 dosage. I generally start off with ½ of an mms2 capsule and increase from there.
If anyone has trouble with mms2 it’s because they are not drinking enough water.
If the person is in really bad condition, continue with the ½ capsule of mms2 four times per day. The next day increase to a full capsule for the four doses.
Q: What size capsules do we use for the mms2 dosages?
A: Size 0 capsules are what we used – and you should use this size also, in order to standardize the dosage.
Q: If we encounter a situation where they can only tolerate ¼ capsule, should I administer that 8x?
A: No. When someone experiences the herxheimer reaction (nausea, diarrhea), you should reduce the dosage until the person is not sick from taking the dosages at all.
Q: Can we administer only two capsules per day if necessary?
A: Yes, but be sure to get them to that second dosage as quickly as possible. You can leave more time between the dosages if necessary.
Q: Is there any case when we should administer two capsules per dose?
A: No, one capsule every two hours is enough.
Q: How long should we continue administering the mms2?
A: Until they are well.
Q: Should the patient eat a little bit before the dosage?
A: Yes, that is a good point. A little bit of food in the stomach will help keep people from getting sick in almost every case.
Q: Does food cancel out the mms dosage?
A: I think you should separate your eating and the mms dosage by a half hour. If you’ve just eaten, wait ½ hour before taking the mms, and vice versa.
It is very important to remember that you should not drink any liquids that contain vitamin C because vitamin C counteracts mms. Separate your mms dosages and vitamin C by 2-3 hours. This does not include naturally occurring vitamin C, only added vitamin C. In all cases, don’t add orange juice to the mms dosages. Don’t drink orange juice within 2-3 hours of taking your mms dosages. Use any natural juice that contains no added vitamin C or preservatives.
Q: Can you use vitamin C to counteract mms if the person is experiencing severe nausea or diarrhea?
A: Yes, you can use vitamin c as an antidote.
Student feedback
I used “Emergen-C” to counteract a herxheimer reaction and it worked very quickly. After only a few minutes the nausea and diarrhea went away completely
Jim----Thank you for feedback, good call.
Q: Does the vitamin C rule apply to oranges as well?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Start very gently and work up as fast as possible. Never give up, even when the doctors say that you have only two weeks to live. I’ve had people take mms who only had two hours to live and it worked for them. Keep at it and keep increasing the amount of drops per hour. On the life-threatening diseases, as far as mms is concerned, keep increasing without making them throw up. If vomiting occurs, decrease the number of drops per dosage. Be sure to increase as quickly as possible once the person is feeling better.
It’s important to understand that the mms is not what makes the person sick. The dying off of the pathogens is what causes the nausea and vomiting. When you explain this herxheimer reaction, people understand and keep going.

Q: What is the maximum number of drops we should use?
A: Ten. You could use more than that, but you probably will not have to. Only in the case of malaria will you have to go to the higher dosage.
Q: In the case of parasites, bacteria, and fungus, what is the role of mms in conjunction with our immune system?
A: Basically, mms assists the immune system so that it can do its work to heal the body. mms kills the pathogens, clearing the body so that the immune system can do its job. It is the immune system that heals the body, not the mms.

This protocol is basically Protocol 1000 plus MMS2. Take as many drops per hour as possible without getting sick. After 2 or 3 days of Protocol 1000, add mms2, in most cases. If the person is very ill, wait at least 1-2 weeks before adding the MMS2. Begin very gently, with ¼ or ½ capsule. Always drink plenty of water with the MMS2 dosage. If the person is having any difficulties with these doses, 99% of the time it is because they are not drinking enough water with the dosage.
Q: So we just dump the capsule into the water and drink it?
A: No! We have drunk it just to see if we could, but there are a lot of people who cannot tolerate it, which is why we put it into capsules. It smells and tastes very strong, and most people cannot tolerate it. In order to be sure that the MMS2 gets into the body, put it into the capsules and administer it that way.
I have seen Protocol 2000 work miracles, literally. You will see it too, especially in the case of the life-threatening illnesses.
Q: How long do you continue with Protocol 2000?
A: Until they get well. When the person is feeling better, you can back off of on the amount of drops per hour, but keep going for at least one week longer, just to be sure that all of the pathogens have been killed off. Then move on to the maintenance dose regimen.
Q: How do you classify “life-threatening disease?”
A: Anything that’s going to kill someone very soon.
Q: But what if you don’t really know if someone is about to die?
A: You’ll recognize it. A disease will present and once the person is very sick, they will usually tell you if they have a pre-existing condition (a disease they already knew was in their body).
If there is a high fever present, for example, you’ll know they are in pretty bad shape. Either way, it doesn’t matter. The mms won’t hurt them in any way.
If the person is walking around, they’re obviously not too bad. If they are bed-ridden and look like they’re dying, chances are they are dying, so begin the mms treatments.

In the case of less serious diseases, such as cold, flu, bee sting, Clara came up with a protocol 4 or 5 years ago which we now call “Clara’s 6 and 6 protocol.” This will handle many illnesses very quickly.
Q: So if I feel a cold coming on, should I do this protocol?
A: Yes. As soon as you notice the symptoms, take it right then.
The people that came to us and took the 6 and 6 had some miraculous healings. People would walk in with a cane, barely able to get in the door, we’d treat them with the 6 and 6 and they’d walk out without needing the cane.
Q: So do you mean administering the mms 6 hours in a row?
A: No. Take a 6-drop dose and then an hour later take another 6-drop dose. Then continue on from there with 3 drops per hour.
One woman came to us and she’d had 20 years of chronic leg pain. After the second 6-drop dose, the pain was gone.
Q: What happens there?
A: The pathogens get right next to the nerves and that is what causes the pain. When you kill the pathogens, the pain goes away.
Feedback from Clara---Sometimes after we’d administer the second dose, in 20 minutes the pain would get worse. But then 40 minutes later the pain would be much less or gone.

Lyme’s disease is very difficult to cure. In this case you should follow Protocol 2000. It can take 4-6 weeks but be sure to administer as many drops of mms and mms2, as the person can handle. Don’t increase the dosage of mms2, only the mms. Morgellon’s disease is even harder to cure than Lyme’s.
Q: What is Morgellon’s disease?
A: This is an awful disease and very incapacitating. It feels like little bugs are crawling under the skin. Bumps that have a hair sticking out of them will appear on the skin. It is very strange. The person will have no energy and even suicidal tendencies. It is a terrible disease. I’ve been working with several people on it and we have had some luck with Protocol 2000. So far it has not cured it, but we have at least made the symptoms more bearable for the people who have it.
Q: How do you contract Morgellons?
A: That is a good question. Some people think it is coming from the chemtrails. Others think it is contracted from their drinking water. Most people think it is a disease that has been created in laboratories since it has appeared out of nowhere.
We are currently doing the research on how best to treat Morgellon’s and we hope to have more information on it soon. But for now, people seem to be very thankful that we can at least lessen the symptoms for them.

In a 2-ounce bottle, activate 20 drops of mms and then fill the bottle with water.
I sprayed this on my face and body every day for two years and it has not made me look any younger! In fact, it did not change my skin in any way. It will kill pathogens on the skin, such as moles and cancer, but it won’t affect healthy skin. It will not affect normal tissue on the inside of the body either. Unless the tissue is dead or dying, mms won’t affect it. The only thing that mms affects is pathogens.
It kills viruses in a slightly different way, which is why we use mms hourly in Protocol 1000. In the case of a virus, it kills the virus by preventing its growth. If the virus can’t grow, it will die. We found that viruses have the ability to recoup after an hour so that is why we started administering smaller doses hourly. Each time the virus recoups, we introduce the mms into the body so that it kills the virus.
When I was in Africa last time, I treated 800 people for hiv/aids. Protocol 1000 worked in every one of those cases.
Q: Would a blood test prove that this virus is cured?
A: You can’t prove the person is hiv negative because antibodies will still be present for a period of time after the mms treatments. But if you wait for a period of time (several months), you can test them again and get the negative antibodies. In Africa we had trouble with people coming back to get tested. Once they were well, they just went back to their lives and didn’t want to be bothered with coming back to have more lab work.
There were about two dozen other diseases besides hiv in that 800 number -- numb legs, malaria, etc. In all of these instances, we would gauge their health by asking them how they were feeling. Most of them had already gone back to work. If they were feeling good and back to work, I figured they were well.
I didn’t encourage them to go get lab work because when I sent them back to the hospital to get checked, they would test positive because antibodies were still present in the blood. This would make them feel disappointed and in some cases, depressed, so I’d send them back to work instead of back to the lab.
Q: Were these people on maintenance doses?
A: Yes, absolutely. We would continue with the protocol for at least one week after they were better. Then we furnished them with bottles so they could do their maintenance doses every day.
People came from all over Malawi to be treated and I have to tell one story, one of my favorites.
When I first got there, I was living in a catholic hotel and it was about the third day I was there. I got a phone call from a woman who asked, “Can I come over to see you? I have been traveling for three days to get to you, and I even had to sleep in a bus station last night.” So I told her to come over. It was hot, but she was all covered up. She was wearing long pants, a head covering, and a long-sleeved shirt. Normally people don’t wear that kind of attire there in Africa. When she took off her coverings, she had sores all over her body. They were even in her mouth, her throat, and on the bottoms of her feet. I got my mms, showed her how to mix it, had her mix the dosage and take it. Then I explained to her the hourly protocol, gave her the supplies she needed to continue with the protocol, and she left. I went ahead with my work after she left and about three weeks later, I got another call from a woman who wanted to come see me. I told her to come over and when she did, it was a beautiful African woman at the door. She had a clear face and was wearing a short dress. Her arms and legs were clear and she looked healthy. She took hold of my hand and said, “Do you know who I am?” I said, “No.” Then she asked me if I remembered the girl with all the sores all over her body. It was her and she was completely clear and healthy again.
Q: What protocol did you use?
A: I sprayed the whole body, and had her start what we now know as Protocol 1000. It was a miraculous cure.
Q: Do you only use the spray for skin conditions?
A: I use it for everything, including deodorant because it kills bacteria. If you don’t know what to use to treat something on the skin, try spraying the 20-drop spray mixture, no matter what it is.
Q: Should we use only the spray?
A: No. You should do internal doses also.
Q: Is it okay to use tap water to add to the internal doses and the spray solution?
A: Tap water is okay if this is all you have.
Q: How long does the spray solution last?
A: It will last up to two weeks, but if you are spraying it on the body several times a day, it will be used up faster than two weeks.
Q: If someone has a fungus on the toenails, should we spray it?
A: Yes, spray it. But be sure to take it internally too.
I did see a guy with athlete’s foot which wouldn’t go away with mms spray. So we started him on Protocol 1000 and added MMS2 in a foot bath. It was gone within four hours. He soaked his feet in the MMS2 for a few minutes at a time over the course of an hour, and four hours later it was gone.
We saw another guy with really bad fungus on his feet. He came to us because the doctors wanted to operate on it and cut some of his toes off. This guy was in so much pain, he couldn’t even put his shoes on. We sprayed his feet and it melted the fungus away within two hours. It melted away completely and no operation was needed. He was able to keep his toes.
Q: Does the spray need to be refrigerated for it to last two weeks?
A: No, you don’t have to refrigerate it.
You can also add DMSO on top of the mms spray solution. The dmso acts as a carrier and it delivers the mms deeper into the body very quickly. This combination is very effective in the case of skin cancer.
Q: How long does the mms last when combined with dmso?
A: MMS by itself lasts for a little over an hour, but when you add dmso on top of it, it is only effective for about 20 minutes. Each five minutes it is half as strong because the dmso is an antioxidant and the antioxidant destroys the mms pretty quickly. But since it causes the mms to penetrate right down into the cancer, it is still very effective in treating it. This is why it is also important to do the Protocol 1000 internally. You can attack the cancer from two different directions by using both methods so it is killed even faster than when you use the Protocol 1000 alone.
Q: So in the case of psoriasis, use the same treatment?
A: Yes, spray mms/dmso and take internal mms doses. Try spraying on the mms solution first, and then if it does not clear up, use the mms/dmso combination.
There’s about 2000 different skin diseases. Everyone we have tested to far has cleared up after using the external spray combined with the internal doses.
Q: Can I just rub the mms/dmso on my skin instead of spraying?
A: That works okay, but you have to remember that it dissipates pretty quickly. If you spray it on and let it dry, it will be more effective.
Q: Can you use the mms/dmso combo on top of a toenail for the fungus?
A: Very rarely you will have a fungus that mms alone won’t handle. If that happens, use the mms/dmso combo. Then, if that does not work, use Aztec clay.
Q: How do we use the Aztec clay?
A: Mix equal parts Aztec clay and Vaseline and apply a thick coating to the affected area. For feet, you can apply a thick coating and put socks on before bed, leaving it on all night. We have seen the feet clear up completely after only two days of this regimen, even with people who have had the condition for 5-10 years.
Q: Aztec clay is available in health food stores?
A: Yes.
Q: If you file a top layer of the toenail off, will it help cure the fungus faster?
A: That seems likely, but we have not tried it yet.
With a fungus condition, I should tell you that even though it appears on the feet, it can also get into your mouth and stomach. If that happens, the only thing that will cure it at that point will be the clay regimen. You can brush your teeth with it and take it internally if it has gotten to that point.
Q: How do you know if you have fungus in the mouth?
A: It will be extremely sore and painful.
Q: I’ve had a sore in the back of my mouth for about ten years, it won’t go away. Should I try this?
A: Yes, brush your teeth with it and it should go away.
Q: I have a friend with a severe infection in her jaw. She’s tried everything, lost all her teeth.
A: Have her brush the inside of her mouth, gums, and tongue, with a soft toothbrush that is saturated with mms several times per day. I would think that her jaw would be pretty much healed within a week.
Q: Should she take it internally too?
A: Yes, that will speed up the process.
That is usually the problem -- people don’t take it long enough.
Consistency is the key.
Q: Is there any way that Aztec clay could be responsible for my liver problem? I was thinking that since it is a form of bentonite clay, it clogged me up internally, blood backed up into my esophagus, and I ended up with cirrhosis. I didn’t feel it bleeding and it ruptured so I needed eight pints of blood.
A: I don’t think you can blame that on the Aztec clay, because I took twice the amount you did and it didn’t cause any problems.
I would suggest that you don’t take it for such a long period of time. If you do have a problem in your belly that has been there for a long time, don’t take the Aztec clay for more than a week.
Remember that using the Aztec clay is only for fungus that hasn’t cleared up. Don’t go right to the clay. Try the mms first and then go to the clay if you are not getting the results you desire. You’ll only find this type of fungus very rarely.

Let’s talk a little bit about the church we are forming.
Throughout the world, the governments – not all of them, but most of them – are doing their best to kill us. They use information suppression, vaccines containing poisons and other methods to do this. They don’t even hide these facts. It is ridiculous that they say that the vaccines are going to help you be healthier when they contain poisons that will surely make you sicker. So many diseases that are occurring nowadays didn’t used to occur. Before the vaccines, these strange diseases didn’t exist.
There are people smoking marijuana right now in the US, even though it is illegal, and they are protected from the laws because it is a part of their religion. Marijuana is only one example of the things that are protected by the church. Churches have been making laws to protect themselves for the last 2,000 years. Churches have been ruling the world for thousands of years and during that time, they’ve honed the laws in order to buffalo the governments. But governments have figured out how to keep them under control. If you form a church in the US, the IRS comes along and says that if you want to continue being a church, you have to sign apply for non-profit status. This creates even more government control. As a church, you are also supposed to incorporate your organization and that puts you under the thumb of the corporation laws. Pretty soon you are subjected to so many different regulations, you no longer have the freedom to do what you want in your own church. The government even tries to say that your children belong to them.
Let me give you a good example. There is a man in the US who was preaching in his church. During his sermon he said that he didn’t like the last president. A few days later, he received a threat from the IRS who said they’d remove the 501(3)(c) status of his church if he said that again from the pulpit.
So what we’re going to do is give everyone who completes this course a minister’s certification. You would then create your own church. The requirements for paperwork will vary, but there will be a couple of things you have to file with the government in order to be legitimate. Once you do this, you will be protected and you can in turn help others become members and protect them. For example, there are articles of association, articles of faith, and articles of belief. There may be other paperwork that needs to be filed – again, it will vary, depending on where you live. But these articles will be available to you as a minister of the church so that you can protect yourselves and your own church.
The reason we do this is to have validity in the eyes of the government. They cannot dispute this fact once you have filed all of the required paperwork.
Q: So what do we believe?
A: We believe everyone has the right to live free of disease and to take anything they want in order to cure any disease. That is our most important belief.
Genesis II Church of Health & Healing is the name of the church. “Genesis” is the beginning “II” is the second beginning. The first beginning is when the earth came into existence, the second beginning is an earth without disease. Anyone who wants to belong to the church can get an ID card so that they do not have to be subjected to forced vaccinations. Once you get your minister certificate and you have your ID card, you can offer to heal people. I suggest that you offer the healing for free and tell them that once they are feeling better, a donation would be appreciated so that you can continue your work. People who have gotten well make good donations, so I expect that the ministers will do very well by operating in this way.
Once you establish your church, you can have a health food store right in the church. We plan to buy our health foods from companies that are not under the control of “codex alimentarius.”
Q: What is codex alimentarius?
A: It originated in Europe and is a part of the World Health Organization (WHO). This code states that all foods and health foods should have a limited amount of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other active ingredients. For example, under this code, you may not have more than 30mg of vitamin C in a food anymore.
Every country is following suit and enacting this code. Another example is that the herb senna is now only available in the US at the 8.6mg strength. This means that you have to take three times the amount and therefore it costs more to take the herb. The people creating the code are benefitting financially from the enforcement of this code. The church will give you protection from that. It will take some time, but soon they won’t be able to tell us what to do. You should go to our website for more information – this is simply an overview.
Q: Can we get this translated into different languages?
A: Yes, we are working on that right now.
Q: How can we get established in other countries?
A: Through the website, you can download a form to fill out and then file the form with the county recorder in the county where your church is located.
Once you are a minister with the church, you will be protected by the lawyers we are hiring in case any government tries to challenge you in any way.
Q: Is the church established in the US?
A: We are established here in the DR, but not in the US yet.
We are setting it up so that we can protect people as we go along. We will file class-action suits against pharmaceutical companies or anyone else who tries to infringe on our rights as an established church. On the back of your membership card it will state exactly what you are able to do as far as taking supplements, being exempt from vaccines, etc.
Q: I recently read about a boy who had leukemia. His parents did not take him to get chemotherapy and the government was trying to take the child away because of it. Will these people be able to be protected?
A: Yes, the minute the court tried to do something like that, we’d put a dozen lawyers on the case. You simply have to file all of the paperwork in a timely manner in order to be protected.
ID cards and certificates will be issued to you upon completion of this course.

There are two basic kinds of oxidation:
1) The first kind destroys whatever it is oxidizing; and
2) The second kind combines with whatever you’re destroying and makes something different.
MMS destroys by the first method. This is what makes it so effective. It can only destroy pathogens. It cannot combine with the skin, for example, and destroy the skin also. It is not strong enough to do this.
Electrons hold everything together in the universe by forming a shell which holds the items together (atoms) each one has a characteristic. The electron holds these together in a molecule and everything in the universe is made from molecules.
As mms gets near one a pathogen molecule, it starts to draw off the electrons. As it draws them off, the pathogen is destroyed. It makes a hole in the side of the pathogen molecule. In order to destroy a pathogen, you have to pull electrons out so that they come apart. Once they come apart, they are destroyed.
The gauge of what a substance will oxidize and what it won’t is called the “oxidation potential.”
Once you activate the mms (sodium chlorite), it becomes chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is what destroys the pathogens. The oxidation potential has to do with what pathogens the substance will destroy. Chlorine dioxide has a very low oxidation potential (it won’t destroy much). It runs through the body without doing much damage at all.
There are other things that also destroy pathogens:
1) Ozone – this is one of the most powerful oxidizers and is used quite often. It has an oxidation potential of 2.07 volts and will destroy everything that is oxidize-able in the body. Ozone works okay, but it does not get deep enough into the tissues. Ozone’s oxidation potential is such that it can destroy tissue as well as pathogens. Also, it gets destroyed itself very quickly so this is why it doesn’t have as much power as mms. It cannot get deep enough to kill the viruses, but it has the capability of making them a little bit better. So it works on a “sometimes” basis.
2) Hydrogen peroxide – this is sold in health food stores and drug stores. 30-32% is the strongest concentration available. It has an oxidation potential of 1.8 volts, so it will also destroy everything that is oxidize-able in the body. I was using it until it started creating a very bad taste in my mouth. Within two weeks of stopping, that cleared up.
I noticed that it was not available for a very long time. Then, 20 years later, it reappeared as something that was going to save mankind. The “One Minute Cancer Cure” book is about hydrogen peroxide. But everyone began to have the same side effects that I had with it and we found out that this is because of the oxidation potential.
3) Oxygen has an oxidation potential of 1.3 volts. Even oxygen destroys some of the important things in the body. The body has plenty of antioxidants in the body to counter this, but not enough to counter added oxygen.

CHLORINE DIOXIDE has an oxidation potential of .9 volts. There is nothing in the body that can be affected by .9 volts. The only things that can be affected by chlorine dioxide are things that come into the body, such as pathogens, heavy metals, and poisons.
Poisons result from creating compounds. For instance, iron and oxide are not poisonous, but iron-oxide, the compound of those two elements, is poisonous. Another example is mercury. The metal itself is not poisonous, but the compounds of it are. The compounds get hung up in the body and cause damage. MMS goes in the body and destroys the compounds. So mms can counteract something like mercury poisoning by blowing apart the molecules of the compound. This is a heavy metal detoxification (detox), basically. Regular detox programs are not nearly as effective as the mms protocols.
Q: What about chelation?
A: That’s another great example. It has similar properties to the other oxidizers that are not as effective as mms.
Another advantage of mms is that once it destroys the pathogens, it becomes table salt basically, so it cannot harm the body.
Q: How does it distinguish between the healthy molecule and the pathogen molecule?
A: The voltages of the molecules determine what substance the molecule will attract to itself.
Q: What about the acid/alkaline principles of health and disease?
A: I know a lot of people who tried to kill their cancer by making the body more alkaline and most of them are dead. Baking soda has even cured some people, I admit, but there are a whole lot of others that it didn’t help at all. MMS always kills pathogens. Also, making your body very alkaline could bring death faster because the body is completely alkaline when dead. Balance is the key.

The reason chlorine dioxide works is that it has a really high capacity – a very low potential but a very high capacity – to pull electrons from the pathogens and leave nothing left after the pathogen is destroyed. The table salt that is left in the body is only in a very trace amount. For a 6 drop dose of mms = 3 grains of table salt after about an hour.
A lot of people will tell you that antioxidants are going to stop mms from working. There is a long list of foods that contain antioxidants and I put chlorine dioxide into all of those foods on the list. None of those destroyed the chlorine dioxide.
I’ve been giving people mms for so many years and have even watched people get cured in front of my eyes. I never told them not to eat this or that, other than having them wait ½ hour to take the mms before or after meals. The only food that cancels mms out is orange juice.
Q: Can mms cause anemia?
A: No, we’ve never had any indication of this at all.
Q: Do we become deficient in vitamin C after taking mms for awhile?
A: I don’t see how it could create a deficiency and we have not seen that yet.
Q: When people are very sick with ulcers in the stomach, how can you administer mms for these people?
A: Start very slowly, maybe ½ drop, and then keep administering hourly, increasing the dosages as quickly as possible. Most ulcers are caused by bacteria which is difficult to kill, but mms will kill it. I’ve treated a lot of people with the hourly protocol and had great success with it. Ulcers are really painful and a lot of people put up with it, but this is not necessary now that we have mms. Western medicine can cure ulcers, but it is very painful to do so. MMS is much gentler on the body.

(How to do them, as opposed to what they are.)
To do the hourly protocol, you don’t have to mix it hourly. We have discovered that you can mix up the eight doses all at once and still get the same effects. Do this by activating 24 drops in a container, then fill the container with juice or water. Take 1/8 of the container each hour, for eight hours in a row. Follow this protocol for 21 days in a row.
Q: Does it need to be in glass, or is plastic okay?
A: No one has had any trouble that I know of with any type of plastic container.
Q: Is a dark bottle required?
A: It doesn’t matter since you are using up the dosages in the course of one day. But don’t let it sit in the sun.
Q: Does it lose potency throughout the day?
A: After you add the water or juice, it will not lose potency. You have about ten minutes to add the water or juice to lock it into the liquid.
Q: If you miss the hour mark, does this mess up the protocol?
A: I wouldn’t worry too much, as long as you don’t do it often. The minute you realize you missed the hour, take the dose right away. Take a double dose to get caught up.
Q: What about adding juice in the case of candida?
A: Yes, for candida, use the Protocol 1000, but it will most likely take longer than three weeks. If the candida has been present in the body for a long time, it could take six weeks. Keep up the protocol and stay consistent, until the candida is gone.
Candida can hide in the body by going deeper into the tissues, but mms gets deeper into the body and will find it. If you think you are not curing the candida, you can add mms2 in order to get the mms deeper into the tissues.
Q: Is it okay for people with candida to use pineapple juice in the mms doses?
A: Yes. The only thing you don’t want to do is use vinegar to activate the mms.
Q: Can you make small doses of the hourly protocol, using only one ounce of liquid?
A: Yes, you can do that, but I would suggest drinking two or three ounces of water as a chaser with each dose.
Q: Does the mms get weaker when you add more water to it?
A: No, it doesn’t matter how much liquid is added, it does not lose potency.
Q: Any suggestions for people going on long airplane rides?
A: No, not with the current regulations on liquids.

Use two drops in a half glass of water (activated, of course). Then take an eyedropper and put 1-2 drops in the eyes. Keep the eyes closed for about five minutes and then sort of brush it out of your eyes. No need to wash it out.
Q: What has been your experience with eye infections where swelling is also present?
A: Usually if you put mms into the eye, the swelling will go away after a few minutes.
I have a feeling that cataracts would also be destroyed with mms, but we don’t have research on this yet. You’d probably have to treat every two hours for about six weeks, but it should destroy them. I’ve had some people tell me that their vision improved but I don’t have research data on it. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t improve because cataracts are simply growths and when they are gone, the vision will improve.
Q: What about documenting these cures?
A: Well, doctors don’t believe it, so it doesn’t matter.
People like us believe, but doctors don’t.
Q: Have you done any clinical trial studies, or would you be interested in doing one, for example, with malaria, so that we can document the cures?
A: I would be interested in seeing somebody else do it! I’d love to see it done, yes. The thing I don’t want to see is the cures published in a medical journal. Send it out to people, put it on the internet, whatever, but don’t put it in any medical journal.
We are in the process of creating a book of testimonials, so this is one of our ways of addressing the issue. We may also create a website with this information on it.
Q: Do you need to be worried about false claims?
A: You can’t guard against this. The thing is if you get a few false claims, it won’t undo the other 5,000 claims.

It is very important to get this usage right and to do it gently. Do not snuff mms up into your sinuses or it will go into your lungs. This can rob the lungs of oxygen and create problems. The way to use mms as an inhalation therapy is to activate two drops, do not add water to it, and very gently inhale the fumes. Be sure to let the fumes “hover” in the sinuses rather than inhaling the fumes deep into the lungs. Do not put the mms mixture too close to the nose. Every other breath you should breathe in fresh air. This is a very fast-acting method so there is no need to inhale it more than two or three times.
If you are having serious sinus issues, you can use an eye dropper and drop mms up the nose. Activate a 2-drop dose of mms, lie down on the floor or a bed and drop four drops into each nostril. Allow it to run back into your sinuses but do not snuff it up because it will go right past the sinuses and into the lungs. We have seen people clear up serious sinus issues within hours.
Q: Have you ever used a neti pot to treat the sinuses?
A: No, but this sounds like a good way to administer the mms into the sinuses.
Gargling with mms has been very effective for opening up the sinuses also.

In general, the same protocols will apply to children as the ones that apply to adults, but you should use less mms. Use one drop of mms per 25 pounds of body weight.

For earaches, activate a 4-drop dose, add four ounces of water, and then, using an eye dropper, slowly get as much of that liquid into the ear as possible.
Q: Drop it right into the ear?
A: Yes, drop it right into the ear.
Q: So you activate four drops and add a half glass of water?
A: Yes, and put 3 or 4 drops of that mixture into the ear at a time.
The earache will clear it up very quickly.

It’s best to use the 20-drop spray mixture and spray it directly onto the scalp. One or two applications should do the trick. Soak the head with the spray mixture, let it soak in for 5 or 10 minutes and then rinse it off because if it stays on the hair it will bleach it.

Spray right into the wound. The sooner you get it sprayed onto the wound, the better. You’ll stop any infection that might occur.
Q: Does it hurt?
A: No, mms has a less likelihood of stinging than any other wound treatment.

Spray the 20-drop mms mixture every hour or every other hour and it will usually get rid of it pretty quickly, within a week or so. If it doesn’t cure it, you will have to do the cancer protocol.
Q: How long should you give it before going on the protocol?
A: About a week.

MMS is really amazing for burns. When you treat a burn with mms, it will heal up to 25% faster. Do not activate the mms, apply it straight to the burn as quickly as possible.
Q: Don’t use the citric acid?
A: No. For example, if you are on the beach and you get sunburned, you spray full strength mms (not activated) on it, leave it on for five minutes, and then rinse it off. Most of the pain from the burn will be gone after five minutes, but if it is not, repeat the same process (and again a third time) if necessary.
The reason you do not activate it is because mms has a pH of 13 so it cancels out the acidic pH of the burn. Use the same method for all burns, not only sunburns. Burns heal very quickly after being treated with mms. Otherwise, the acid that causes the burn (and the pain) will keep it from healing.
Q: So even with a severe burn victim, the same protocol?
A: Yes.

For abscesses in the mouth, apply mms and you will see results within hours. Even in the worst cases, it takes a couple of days at the most. If the abscess is inside a tooth, it can be a problem applying the mms to the abscess. The way to treat this is to use DMSO since it can penetrate into the tooth. Apply the mms by spraying or brushing, then dab dmso on top of it. The dmso will carry the mms into the tooth and destroy the abscess. You can apply this 5 -6 times per day. We have had great success with these types of abscesses.
Q: Mix the dmso with the mms or put it on top of the mms?
A: Either way, but if you put it on top of it, do so quickly because it will deactivate pretty quickly.

Use the topical spray treatment.

The protocol for malaria is a little different than Protocol 1000. You have to hit it hard with two 16-drop doses right away. Space the two doses an hour apart. If the person is not feeling better after the second dose, you should continue treating using Protocol 1000.
I will share an experience with you that I had in Malawi. When I first arrived, I was taken to stay in an outlying district where a catholic mission gave me a place to stay. As they were taking me to my room, a woman was passing by and when I looked at her, I saw that she was very sick. I don’t know how else to explain it other than to say she had death in her eyes. I asked her what was the matter and she said she had malaria and was dying. I told her I had some malaria medicine with me and that she was welcome to try it. I had a priest with me and this was the girl’s uncle so he convinced her to try it.
So I made up a 16-drop dose and gave it to her. Normally, when you give someone a large dose like this, after two hours they feel better, and after four hours, they are cured. So I mixed it up and gave it to her. This larger dose is what it takes to kill the malaria.
She took the first dose and she wasn’t feeling any better.
I mixed her up the second 16-drop dose an hour later. When I checked with her an hour after the second dose, she was still feeling badly. I told her we needed to give her six drops hourly, but she refused and decided to go to the hospital instead. When she came back from the hospital, she said she was feeling better.
Evidently the mms had killed enough of the malaria so that when she got the western medicine malaria drugs, it helped her start feeling better. The western medicine drugs don’t usually help much, so that is why I believe that the mms played a part in her feeling better.
But the woman was convinced that I was a bad guy so she made sure I got kicked out of the catholic mission and didn’t treat anyone else there for the malaria. This is unfortunate because we have had such great success with treating malaria and have saved thousands of people from certain death.
Q: Can you talk more about the mms protocols for treating malaria?
A: I will tell you that everywhere I went in Africa, a different dosage was required to treat the malaria. The most effective, however was the 16-drop dose. I give people the second 16-drop dose just to be sure they are cleaned out. Then, if they are not better, we go to the hourly doses.
I had malaria myself and have the before and after proof of the cure. I did the smaller doses.
I treated a guy in Uganda and he was cured totally with 6 drops.
Then he treated several hundred people with 100% success also.
Q: So if people are vomiting and getting sicker, should we reduce the drops?
A: Yes, if they are getting sick, but if you give them the large dose initially, it should really knock it out quickly. Malaria is a parasite, not bacteria or virus, so that is why the large dose is required in most cases.
Malaria is a bad way to go. Try to die of something else.

These were available in health food stores and sold as “stabilized oxygen” for many years. Hundreds of thousands of people took it (without activating it) without incident.
I had already been working with stabilized oxygen and saw some benefits with it. That is why I had it in the jungle that fateful day when the men came down with malaria. Since I’d been working with it already, I knew that I had to add vinegar (acid) to the stabilized oxygen to activate it.
I had also discovered that the stabilized oxygen was not what was doing the work, it was the chlorine dioxide which was created by adding the acid to it. It’s an inactive oxygen, which is why it works so well.

We had been using 10% citric acid solution because lemons are basically 10% citric acid and I figured I’d be treating people in Africa mainly. There are lots of lemons in Africa so it is always available over there. As mms started being used more in the US and Europe, some people started using a 50% citric acid solution in order to activate the mms faster. The main advantage of the 50% is that you can use the 1:1 ratio to mix the mms. It’s a little more powerful, because there is a little more chlorine dioxide in it. I’m looking at the idea that it may be more effective to use the 10% solution than the 50%. My reasoning is that the 10% takes longer to generate the chlorine dioxide. Therefore, it may last in the body for a longer amount of time.
I am also making other discoveries about the protocols, by experimenting on myself. I decided to see what would happen if I took sprays in my mouth, every ten minutes, all day long. I got some excellent results from doing this. Arthritis pain went away that hadn’t gone away no matter what I had done with the protocols so far. I couldn’t deny that I was getting different results, better results even.
Q: If I were to do the Protocol 1000 for 3 weeks and added the spraying in my mouth every ten minutes on top of that, would that be too much?
A: No, you can’t take too much.
Q: So can we use the spray protocol for maintenance doses after we complete the protocol?
A: I don’t have any data on this, but I imagine it would be good enough. If you do your maintenance doses this way, spray it twice daily into the mouth so you have a two drop dose.
Q: The time it takes to activate using the 50% solution is one minute?
A: No, it’s only 20 seconds.
Q: I bought some mms from Ocean’s Lab and the instructions say to wait ten minutes after activating the mms before drinking it. Is this correct?
A: No, don’t wait ten minutes. Drink it right away.
If you are using the 10% citric acid solution, be sure to wait three minutes for activation.
VERY IMPORTANT: When you are mixing up the citric acid, you should add food coloring so that you can know the difference between the citric acid and the mms. I wanted to put it in the mms because it looks exactly like water and therefore has a potential for mistaken identity. I tried adding color to the mms but it would bleach it so it would turn back to clear.
Q: What is not harmful in the way of coloring?
A: Just regular food coloring.
Q: What about beet juice since it is natural?
A: Well, the food coloring is only one drop in the entire bottle so the amount you consume is only a trace amount so it’s safe.
Beet juice does sound like a good idea, though.

We have seen people with heart problems who are scheduled for operations take mms and clear up their conditions so much that they do not have to have the operation.
In my book, if you remember, I describe how the blood vessels flatten out every beat. A heart attack is when the blood vessels crack. The body then generates cholesterol in order to keep the blood vessels from breaking. Vitamin C causes the blood vessels to be stronger and prevent the cracks from occurring. If you start the heart patient on Protocol 1000, it will clear that cholesterol out and the body will repair the blood vessels fast enough so that no further treatment is necessary. Clots go away and the blood vessels doesn’t collapse and cause the attack.
Q: So is it a good idea, then, to take vitamin C for a couple of weeks before starting the mms protocol?
A: It might be a good idea, but if the heart condition is serious, start the mms right away. Do the 1000 protocol. There are people who say that you should take 10,000mg of vitamin C daily for two weeks before starting, but I have had excellent results starting right away with the mms. I have never gotten a letter from anyone that has reported a death using mms first instead of beginning with the vitamin C, and I get letters from around the world. If you do the mms in the morning and the vitamin C in the evening, you can do both treatments at the same time. The point is that if you have some sort of problem and you are about to die, it’s more important to start on the mms than the vitamin C.

Use Protocol 1000 protocol for both type I and II. Some diabetes cases will cure in a few days. I treated an airplane pilot who cured his diabetes in 3 days. It depends on what is causing the diabetes.
Once the pancreas goes back to normal, the diabetes goes away. Keep at it until the pancreas goes back to normal. This can take anywhere from three days to three months. Keep measuring the blood sugar levels because the amount of insulin needed will decrease as the pancreas begins to return to normal.
Q: Do the diabetes patients need maintenance doses?
A: Yes, everyone needs the maintenance doses.
Evidently Mother Nature just didn’t quite give us enough “stuff” to handle all of the pathogens that modern civilization is throwing at us. If we were living back in the Stone Age, we could probably exist without the maintenance doses, but since we are being hit from every direction, we need mms to keep the pathogens killed off.
Q: So six drops a day for maintenance?
A: Yes, once daily. Actually, I feel best when I do six drops in the morning and six drops in the evening. But I don’t think younger people (under age 50) need to do it twice per day. Once a day is plenty for younger people.
Q: Fungus is supposedly a problem with 70-80% of people and it can adapt to the mms, according to microbiologists. For this reason, do maintenance doses create problems?
A: I don’t agree with this – I have had hundreds of people that quit mms and some that continue. The ones that continue do better than those that do not. In my own life, I have gone months without taking it for exactly the reason, to attest to this theory.
Q: Does fast food feed candida?
A: I find that people who are taking the maintenance doses are okay with eating that food.
Q: Does vinegar feed candida?
A: If candida is in the body, you should activate the mms with citric acid instead of vinegar until you kill the candida off. I haven’t seen anyone who is taking mms regularly that is having trouble with candida. There may be people that are having trouble, but I don’t know about them. I’ve been taking mms for a long, long time and I do not have candida. If you have candida, you should get on Protocol 2000 and knock it out very fast.
Q: Does nutrition play a role in how good you feel with mms?
A: I used to think so. But when I was in Africa, for example, I treated 800 people who were very, very sick, stumbling along, unhappy, and I had them on Protocol 1000. Before the three weeks was up, they were feeling so much better. They were eating mainly cornmeal mush for their meals. How did they get healthy without any good nutrition? There is no other explanation than that the mms is working to make them healthy again.

In Mexico we had a few cases of this and we used the hourly protocol. People did really well with this, especially when we added the enema protocol three times per week.
Q: What is the protocol for enemas?
A: 10-15 drops activated, in 16 ounces (1/2 liter) of water.
Retain as long as possible, even if it is only for a few seconds.
Toxins cause the body to be stressed out, which is what causes the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. The enema cleans out the colon and clears the toxins, eliminating the symptoms of the chronic fatigue.
I have found that the senna herb cleans the colon very well also. You can buy it at the drug store in the US. Senna is the only thing that makes the colon muscles begin to work again. It goes directly to the colon and causes the colon to work, which breaks all the stuff loose from the walls of the colon. You can do all the colonics you want to, but they will not clean the colon better than senna.
Then, after you’ve broken the stuff loose and excreted it, use the mms enemas to flush out all of the stuff that has broken loose.
Q: How often should you use the enema, especially if you cannot retain it for longer than a few seconds?
A: 2-3 times per day if necessary or a minimum of three times per week. Make sure the senna has really cleaned you out. The stomach muscles should actually be sore because they are working to break everything loose. Then gauge how often you need it at that point.
Q: For parasites, should we use enemas?
A: If there are tape worms, yes, until they come out. Keep increasing the internal doses as quickly as possible if you are killing tapeworms. If they don’t come out, keep doubling the doses. You may throw the tapeworms up because they can come out in either direction, but keep going until they are out. A lot of people don’t get them out until they keep taking the doses consistently for a long period of time. It would be good to have a lab test for tapeworms because a lot of people have them and don’t know it.

END of day one lecture.
Archbishop Michael Harrah
Genesis 2 Church of Health & Healing
Founder Chapter 129 Arizona
My MMS Yahoo group: tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Humble_MMS/

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