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TOPIC: Eating & taking MMS

Re: Eating & taking MMS 05 Mar 2011 14:04 #1106

I have taken as many as 6 drops an hour though with no nausea or side effects. I took MMS for a few weeks before and had no symptoms. Shouldn't I have some sort of symtoms?

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Re: Eating & taking MMS 06 Mar 2011 07:26 #1133

YB, I did some research on HSV (herpes simplex virus) today to see what we are up against en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herpes_simplex_virus . This virus can go dormant and hide in nerves cells. When it is active it manifests on the skin, so it doesn’t really look like a virus that inhabits the blood. One thing we have to do is get the MMS to the site of the infections, so skin applications including the use of DMSO may be helpful.

If the virus goes dormant, then it can reappear any time your body is under stress. MMS can fight the infection and it can fight other health problems and reduce overall stress on your body and in that way help prevent outbreaks.

I did run into cases where people said taking MMS cured their active infections. One case in particular hubpages.com/hub/My-MMS-Herpes-Journey may be helpful. This is an example of someone who can take a LOT of MMS and not have any detox/herx symptoms. He took 45 drops a day (15 drops 3 times/day) for 2 weeks and then followed with 40 drops a day (10 drops 4 times/day) for 3 weeks. Amazingly, after all that he says, “Still to this present day I have experienced nil vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, tiredness or any adverse reactions to MMS1.” I will caution that this person did dislike the MMS2 very much, and that is unusual in my experience and the experience of my friends that have taken it.

So there you have it, some people can take tons of MMS and have no reactions. In fact I have a friend who can take 15 drops twice a day with no ill effects. She has some minor health problems but nothing major.

I still think your MMS is working fine and doing its job for you. Your activated MMS appears to be completely normal, since you have the yellow (20 seconds) that turns brownish (1 min.), you have the smell of chlorine and you have the gagging reflex. All this indicates your mms is normal. And in view of the HSV case above we can see taking very high doses without any ill effects is possible, perhaps even not unusual.

Based on these things and what you have said so far, if I was in your shoes, I would increase your hourly dose by 1 drop each day till you get to the maximum dose that will fit into a capsule. I would also apply MMS to the skin lesions multiple times a day. In the comments to that web page above they also mention coconut oil being very good for HSV, eating it and putting it on the skin. I have heard this about coconut oil also.


More links for HSV:
genesis2forum.org/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=showcat&catid=27&Itemid=66 Herpes posts on Genesis Forum
www.healthsalon.org/439/mms-cured-my-genital-herpes/ - Bulletin board discussion in the comments.
hubpages.com/hub/MMS-Lair mms for herpes
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Re: Eating & taking MMS 10 Mar 2011 07:18 #1308

  • orv
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I had lab work done for toxic metals and mercury was off the chart with other metal higher than they should be. Also thinking I might have some candia. So I'm already been doing for a while now lots of other things and have had mms for 2 years now and thought it was time to really do it now for a month.

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Re: Eating & taking MMS 10 Mar 2011 07:24 #1309

Hi Orv,

It would be incredibly valuable if you can simply document how you're using the MMS (Protocol 1000 or whatever, the number of drops and of doses, etc. Then, after a course of use if you were retested we could demonstrate that MMS got the metals out of your system.

The more clearly observed testimonials we have, the harder it is for people to claim there's no documented value for MMS.

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