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TOPIC: Hello.I'm me I am.

Hello.I'm me I am. 09 Mar 2017 18:27 #55129

Hi everyone.I'm Jagger (since primary school) and I used to smoke.I used to eat meat and eggs and drink milk but I'm all right now thanks.

Gave up tobacco two years and three months ago after 47 years.I gave up sugar three months ago and meat soon after.Eggs and milk followed swiftly to become part of my past.I've lost two stone in three months by eating proper food and zero junk.

I've been crippled by back pain for twenty plus years and have only been able to work part time for the last 10 because of it.Twenty years ago,when I shuffled into the doctor's surgery crying with pain he asked what he could do for me.I told him it was my back and he cheerfully chirped "Oh we don't do backs".He wasn't wrong.I did get steroid injections in my facet joints which reduced the constant pain but it was always there even between flare ups.

Because of my inability to remain active,my smoking,and disgusting diet I developed peripheral arterial disease and was immediately put on fire pills (statins) and sent to see a consultant.Possibly the most obnoxious person I've ever met in my life, and I've known some scumbags,I cancelled the CT scan he had arranged for me and left the medical profession to their little game of drug pushing.Good riddance.I threw the statins away.

Since then I've struggled along on my own,doing my own thing and watching everything I could about health on Youtube.Did I mention I gave up TV as well as junk food ? That's how I discovered the G2C and I've been devouring all the info I can since then.There are some brilliant doctors on Youtube spreading the word and I watch the ones I feel are doing the right things for the right reasons.John Bergman,John MacDougal,Michael Greger and such like.

I am about to give myself a thorough detox with MMS (after a little hiccup with the supplies),am seeing a chiropractor tomorrow for the first time ever ( the osteopath gave up on me years ago),and I'm looking forward instead of back.I've switched my brain back on again after decades of non use.

And don't get me started on those useless,parasitic,sick making (literally) idiots called politicians..............................


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Hello.I'm me I am. 15 Mar 2017 00:14 #55178

The chiropractor ( my first time) is a lovely lady called Maria who did all the neccessary digging of my past and then gave me a bit of a cracking.Not in the same league as my old osteopath for brute force but a great experienceI actually felt like I was starting a new journey.Next Friday is the second round with the promise of excercises i need to be doing.I'm up to walking about 3 miles a day with a 300 foot climb at the start which is pretty good considering a year ago I could walk nearly 30 paces before stopping as my right leg burned up,So the new diet seems to be having an effect.

And now I start yet another journey.Two days in on the introduction procedure and no nasty reactions at 1/2 a drop.I can't even taste it at this level.I'm looking forward to getting things going later this week to see if I can shift the buzzing in my head and ears.And maybe stop the muscle aches if I'm lucky.

I'll let you know how I get on.
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Hello.I'm me I am. 15 Mar 2017 01:28 #55179

Keep it up

Wish you good recovery with MMS
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Hello.I'm me I am. 18 Mar 2017 13:03 #55194

Thanks Edwin.

Wow,it's really tricky.I'm on to Protocol 1000 and really struggling to get to my kit every hour.It stressed me out a bit yesterday getting the car through it's yearly test at midday ( an hour and a bit with travel),then immediately loading mother up for her regular blood letting at the local hospital.After waiting for an hour outside the leeching post I was in danger of missing my chiropractic appointment.Roadworks on the way home with traffic lights.In the end I got there but it was all a rush even when sitting in the car waiting.I took a bottle with a prepared dose to the MoT test and quickly mixed a couple in the bottle for my appointment as I did a quick turnaround.Ended up quite a tiring day.

But I'm going to three drops shortly so I'm really on my way.No problems with taste so far.And whilst I was typing my hour is up. :)
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