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Loved Solomon's Hail

19 Feb 2017 18:06 #54866 by CLO2
Replied by CLO2 on topic Solomon's Hail

... it is it advisable to take measures of MMS2 mixed into the MMS solution?

No, for two reasons: it will take awful and MMS1 and MMS2 doses need to be separated by 30 minutes.

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
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20 Feb 2017 10:50 - 20 Feb 2017 10:51 #54872 by Solomon
Replied by Solomon on topic Solomon's Hail
Checking my notebook I see that today is the 24th day since I ingested my first dosage of MMS, and unless I am corresponding from the other side of being (where you dear reader are also not yet to be marked present) then by all appearances I still (unofficially) do have a detectable pulse. So it is most certainly Hallelujah indeed. Why unofficially?, I hear you ponder. Well that is because I am not a Doctor of medicine and some of my recent interactions with 'white-coated' ones do not a smiley face make! But more about that later.

20th February - 24th day taking MMS. Thus far today has been a 9 drop per dose day. Having begun yesterday with 10 drops, which was a continuation of a dosage progression that started on the 15th, this pull-back in the amount of MMS I am taking is a response to the level of Herxheimer symptoms that I experienced yesterday. It was tough! The reaction was characterised by barely tolerable nausea felt in my head and stomach causing me to retreat to bed for hours at a time, only leaving for quick dashes to the bathroom! For anyone in need of pictures to accompany these words (I hope that you can pardon the upcoming poor bumbum pun) it was more like 'bottoms-bared-and-sluice-gates-open-for-all-sorts-of-bodily-waste-to-vacate-the-premises' than bottoms-up in toast to my steadily improving health outlook! But all in the best cause, so I soldier on :cheer:

As I observe myself whilst taking MMS I have concluded that this level of reaction seems to be a cumulative. Yes, I still do sometimes experience the immediate need to pass urine after drinking MMS, but the aching head & toxic waste disposal appear to happen most frequently after a few doses. Hence I can see why the MMS Protocols - and medicine taking in general - require us to stick at it for a the better part of half a day. I do confess that I have rarely managed to adhere strictly to intervals or daily suggested number of doses, but i reassure myself that I am well on the way to being able to do so. Listening to my body and managing my regimes are key components of my efforts at recovering my health.


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20 Feb 2017 11:29 - 20 Feb 2017 12:24 #54873 by Solomon
Replied by Solomon on topic Solomon's Hail
Talking of 'white-coated ones', after last week I am even more bewildered than ever I was before! But before I get into that I just clocked that today would have been the commencement of my second full week of treatment courtesy the R&C therapy twins. No doubt you intelligent people understand that 'would have' indicates that I have managed to hold off on that for a while - not that the Doctors are at all happy!

My medical team's concern for me is just what someone in my position would hope for ... but for the fact that when talking to them I appear to have turned dumb and/or am opening my mouth whereupon shockingly unintelligible grunts come out.

Fact of the matter is that at this point in time, (very important that bit so I will repeat it) AT THIS POINT IN TIME I do not feel inclined to undergo the course therapeutic treatments they have lined up for me to eradicate and cure my cancer. And since it is not recommended to pull out of a course of radiotherapy/chemotherapy once started I opt for treatments that allow me to address my cancer diagnosis and enjoy the quality of life that I now have. Yes, tomorrow is a different matter and so I can been seen as somewhat of a gambler because I have been aware that the concern is that the proverbial "tomorrow" may prove to be too late.

Ah well Doctor, doctor can you hear me calling, calling ....

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20 Feb 2017 12:24 - 20 Feb 2017 12:34 #54874 by Solomon
Replied by Solomon on topic Solomon's Hail
Having gotten that off my chest I feel inspired to mangle a well known proverb by way of uttering the immortal line, "A fool from his life is soon dearly parted!" <<< Only heaven knows where that foolishness came from but am sure that it accurately sums-up the learned opinions held by my medical team.

Well, last week's attendance for a 'second-opinion about my cancer turned out to be little more than a reiteration of all that I had heard before, plus a few answers to some new questions that I asked. I wasn't examined physically nor was I asked any questions about how I was! Nor was I asked to say a single thing about how my health had been progressing (n my unlearned opinion of course) Please do remember that I am not a Doctor! Thank you very much.

Afterwards, as I made my away from the hospital, I found myself musing upon the lack of physical contact between myself (as a patient) and the 'Doctor Professor. Naively perhaps, when I thought of a second opinion I imagined a situation in which the opinion giver seeks to provide input that is informed by BUT NOT SOLELY BASED UPON A REGURGITATION OF PREVIOUSLY ESTABLISHED & MENTIONED OPINIONS, OBSERVATIONS and even FACTS.

So yeah, I left the hospital shaking my head and in need of a good long sit-down with myself to mull things over. Maybe in a medical context such imaginings about the nature of a 'second-opinion' are like unto a patient, having tossed the one bit of survival kit overboard some miles back, taking a dive overboard into an ocean where death stalks, in order to clutch at straws. Ah what folly! Prevarication as Russian roulette being played-out upon the stage of a microscope. Showing-up disease determinedly marching toward the zenith of its 'countdown! Meanwhile the patient forlornly asks, "Doctor, Doctor can you hear me calling, calling ...."

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20 Feb 2017 12:57 - 20 Feb 2017 12:58 #54875 by Solomon
Replied by Solomon on topic Solomon's Hail
On this topic I am on record praising my medical team and the Health Service where I have been examined, treated and tested on an ongoing basis since late last year. To a man & woman they have all been brilliant and whatever the outcome of my situation, these people have played an important role in my future on this side of being. I thank them unreservedly. Yes, I am now meeting some resistance as I express my feelings about the prospect of the Radio & Chemo therapy they identify as necessary to treat me however I live in hope that we will come to some agreement. I will let you know what/if we arrive at this degree of accord.

In the meantime though, in the next post I will start to talk more definitively about my observations of what I can see happening in the relevant areas of my body since I have started taking MMS. Are you ready? :)

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20 Feb 2017 14:08 - 20 Feb 2017 14:09 #54876 by Solomon
Replied by Solomon on topic Solomon's Hail
Have previously mentioned that today is the 24th day since I have engaged with MMS. This far I have worked with Protocol 1000 to the best of my ability and as circumstances have allowed. I will soon order another batch of MMS and Activator and will also progress to Protocol 2000.

Back in early December 2016 it was determined by medical examination that I had an asymmetric left tonsil and slightly swollen left palate. I tested negative for ulcerations and reported no symptoms of dysphonia, dysphagia or other swellings in my body. Examination of my neck revealed what was termed a large, hard non-tender, left neck swelling tethered to the deep structures (of the neck presumably). I had an ultrasound scan which highlighted that this swelling was in fact a 4.6 cm by 2.6 cm mass within the Level II / Level III area. The mass showed signs of microcalcification and internal vascularity. My nasendoscopy did not reveal any lesions.

Lots of further tests then ensued and by early January I was given the news that the needle test of the lump in my neck had returned 'abnormality' aka CANCER! I underwent lots of further tests by late January it was determined that my chest, lungs and lower extremities all tested clear for cancer. By this time I could see that the neck mass had grown larger that it was back in November when I first saw a Doctor. There was now an unmistakable change in the shape of my jawline and neck. By this time the shape and size of the lump had also changed for the bigger and quite frankly my sense of alarm was growing. I have never been in any pain or experienced discomfort swallowing.

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20 Feb 2017 14:09 - 20 Feb 2017 14:14 #54877 by Solomon
Replied by Solomon on topic Solomon's Hail
... And then around mid-January a friend mentioned what I later discovered was MMS - said friend did not know my cancer diagnosis. I did lots of research and after about a week or so took a leap of faith and ordered myself a couple of bottles and started to use it on the 28th.

Today, I can say with absolute certainty and great joy that my neck lump has drastically reduced in size and the jawline at the left side of my face is no longer misshapen by the swelling! Doctor I repeat, my neck lump has drastically reduced in size and the jawline at the left side of my face is no longer misshapen by the swelling! No I do not know for sure whether these two observations represent any sort of reasoning to be cheerful but when I hold my head level with eyes straight ahead I can now see my jawline.

The character of the lump - size, shape, texture, has altered significantly and every time I touch it I marvel at the transformation. Yes, that's right 24 DAYS on MMS! Yes I have been on other holistic treatments for the past ten days together with the MMS but in the folklore of my illness I see MMS, DMSO and soon MMS2 as the primary destroyers of the cancer! The dietary/lifestyle changes I am now adapting will be lifelong and so will be MMS. Just over a fortnight ago after noticing some of these changes, I asked my oncologist to have a peep down my throat during a visit that was scheduled as part of my pre-Chemo/Radio sessions.

To my horror & utter dismay the feedback was that the lump was BIGGER and the cancerous cells could be seen higher up in my throat and was accounting for some tiny abrasions on the roof of my mouth. WTF indeed! Brothers & Sisters can you imagine how devastating this feedback was?! Especially as I had already seen changes that I took to be positive. I felt awful, truly awful.

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20 Feb 2017 14:12 - 20 Feb 2017 14:19 #54878 by Solomon
Replied by Solomon on topic Solomon's Hail
Personal Background: I think I might have said that last year was a big year for me. I woke up to a lot of the deceit, greed and lies that we have been told, taught, fed and by which we have been 'doctored'. No I am not rabidly anti-establishment but as part of my awakening I have started to read deeply and widely. History is a favourite of mine and to give you a hint about where I am coming from, I now take everything built upon the foundation of knowing bequeathed to us by the Greeks as being very dubious.

In fact I would go so far as to say that it appears to me as if a lot of what we take to be fact is a con! And if I see anything touted by a member of an esteemed society or pillar of any THE ESTABLISHMENT then my alarm bells ring and I go into personal discernment mode. Oh it is quite an eye-opener when you find yourself incorporating humility, faith and a desire for personal truth as integral to your life journey.

So yeah, I do trust MMS. Simply put, it is evident that the lump in my neck has become smaller and changed to the touch. Recently I have observed that the inside of my mouth has changed in appearance! It is pinker! More healthy looking! And as far as my eyes can see the little spots of white that used to be visible to the back and side of my throat are not as visible. What the heck, I think that they are gone!

I will let you know if my doctors come around to opening their eyes, taking a new measurement of the lump and begin to view my situation as it currently stands!

In the meantime I wish you peace, good health and I WILL CONTINUE DRINKING MMS. And hey if ememessence is all in my imagination then I freely acknowledge that I too am on the way to the other side of being! In the meantime #livestrong

Peace & till death do us part B).

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21 Feb 2017 12:33 #54892 by Edwin3110
Replied by Edwin3110 on topic Solomon's Hail
Happy to hear your good progress..... keep it up and stay good luck....

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