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Question pain in the heel

27 Nov 2016 02:34 #54033 by mzarowna
pain in the heel was created by mzarowna
I have been fighting the pain in my heel. It goes away and comes back. I tried many methods but I am not heel completely. And now I discover MMS and DMSO. and preparing myself to use in my experimenting to heel myself. I have hope I will find some support here. I wonder if is here someone with the same problem as I ? and can give me some clue?

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30 Nov 2016 07:18 #54052 by Edwin3110
Replied by Edwin3110 on topic pain in the heel

Just Follow Protocol 1000 will do.....

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04 Dec 2016 06:01 #54089 by Now faith
Replied by Now faith on topic pain in the heel
Apple Cider Vinegar cures heel spurs.
Instructions: Soak apple cider vinegar with a cloth and applied on your heel for 6-8 hrs. You can wrap it with a plastic bag around your heel while you sleep. You might need to repeat the process for several days.
Depending on how bad the heel spur, the process will take longer. If the pain is not relieved after doing this process for long period of time, then you might have a different problem and advised to see your doctor.

If any man lacks knowledge, let him ask. With God and Thru God All Things Are Possible.

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