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Question Analysis certificate sodium chlorite- Arsenic, Pb, Mercury Problem?

28 Feb 2013 15:31 #31141 by patricio
I used to use this product with the analysis certificate sodium chlorite?, For MMS, but I think that the results in arsenic, Pb and mercury are high, example

using citric acid and water that is changed?

As 3ppm Máx. < 3 ppm
Hg 0.1ppm Máx. < 0.1ppm
Pb 1ppm Máx. < 1ppm


item specification results
NaClO2 80% Mín. 80.45
NaClO3 4.0% Máx. 1.1
NaCl 17.0% Máx. 15.50
NaOH 3.0% Máx. 0.55%
Na2CO3 2.0% Máx. 0.6%
Na2SO4 3.0% Máx. 0.4%
NaNO3 0.1% Máx. < 0.1%
As 3ppm Máx. < 3 ppm
Hg 0.1ppm Máx. < 0.1ppm
Pb 1ppm Máx. < 1ppm
H2O 0.1% Máx. < 0.01%

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01 Mar 2013 18:40 #31208 by marti
I did not know that MMS is also arsenic and mercury ...
can anyone comment?
thank you!

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01 Mar 2013 19:17 #31209 by pam
MMS is a 28% mixture of 80% sodium chlorite - so, if you have 80% sodium chlorite, you also have 20% "other things" - which are usually other forms of sodium, etc. I have heard that some firms out of china are selling sodium chlorite that has some heavy metals in it. I had hoped steve could address this. And maybe he will. I know that the SC that I have for my personal use does not have these heavy metals in it.

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01 Mar 2013 21:35 #31215 by Steve
Some sodium chlorite does contain small amounts of heavy metals.
It can vary from lot to lot. You have to do your due diligence when you buy it.

Ebay is rife with Chinese and Indian chemicals. They can vary wildly from lot to lot.

It will still make MMS, and the amounts are very small.... I would venture you get more lead and arsenic in a day of city life than MMS will contain, particularly after activation.

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01 Mar 2013 23:53 #31221 by patricio
I have read that the levels permitted per liter of water are arsenic from 0.01 to 0.05 mg / L, Pb 0.05 mg / L and 0.001 mg mercury / L and these products bring quantities exceeding permitted levels. In this NaClO2 with this certificate of analysis to prepare 4 ounces or 120 ml of MMS with 33.77 g NaClO2 80% of 22.4% pure bone, but levels of arsenic 10 mg, Pb 3.3 mg and 0.38 mg mercury in this recipe and you have to know that arsenic is discarded by the kidneys, but part is accumulated and are toxic levels of 1-4 mg / kg.

Finally I would like to know and perhaps making CDS thinking is the best way to get rid of these metals are poisonous because if not soluble in water or become another product with citric acid and not volatilize water saturated gas to become CLO2 without taking these dangerous metals.

Comments and I hope that I have not seen the certificate of analysis NaClO2 listed on pages with laboratories in USA, Mexico, China, India, Belgium, Turkey, Spain etc. only people who produce MMS and saying no and there brings food grade product with only analytical and technical selling When the lab gives you a certificate and batch number that is taken in a random sample Coming list product and impurities, it should always be required and shown for free MMS arsenic is carcinogenic and brings many problems to future health.

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02 Mar 2013 08:04 #31228 by marti
Jim Humble is written somewhere that MMS pulling heavy metals from the body.
Then heavy metals in NaClO2 not a problem??

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02 Mar 2013 15:41 - 02 Mar 2013 15:54 #31240 by patricio
My fear is that the inorganic forms of heavy metals are a problem in mms as organic forms of arsenic especially from what I've read is not a problem. And no one knows the percentage of inorganic form come in powder 80% NaClO2 since many only bring the certificate saying it is 80% pure, but say nothing of the remaining 20%, I'll upload a certificate of acros and just say ok is 80 %, but nothing comes out more.

I will say that MMS is a heavy metal chelator that are accumulated in the body, but this is a support and foundation for MMS critics but not by NaClO2 by heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and PB, and no one speaks the respect if not react with acetic acid, not if the MMS is volatilized, or salt tranforman harmless, but it is not so you're taking a time bomb of arsenic, mercury, PB and beyond what limits.

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02 Mar 2013 16:20 #31241 by Steve
That is a crappy C of A.
More of a description.

I'm not sure what you are trying to say here...

Do you think all MMS has heavy metal?
Do you think no one has C of A for their lot or batch?

Just visit sites and do your job as a consumer and make sure you get good material.
Some sites have C of A's and tech specs and all.

Not everyone buys stuff willy nilly.
There are always going to be people who just want to make a buck, but likewise there are always people who do things the right way.
We cannot be the MMS police, and make every person selling MMS to furnish a CofA. That is your job as an educated consumer.
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18 Mar 2013 21:39 #31813 by Jim Humble
About mercury in sodium chlorite. When you buy sodium chlorite powder it is generally somewhere around 80% sodium chlorite. Then 16 to 17% plain old table salt, sodium chloride. And the rest 3 to 4% are the various sodium chemicals that are non poisonous and often use in food to change the taste or adjust the pH. The tiny amounts of poisonous chemicals are arsenic, lead, and mercury. The quantities listed so far are always less than what is considered safe to consume.

Mercury is usually listed at 0.1 ppm or less in sodium chlorite. If you search on the internet you will see that 0.5 ppm is generally considered safe to eat when found in fish. That's 5 times more than sodium chlorite. So if you eat a 6 ounce fish you will be consuming approximately 31 micrograms of mercury which is generally considered safe.

So do you see? In the first place Sodium chlorite is 5 time less than what is considered safe in fish if you eat 6 ounces. But you don't eat six ounces of sodium chlorite. You in fact take 3 drops in a dose or 24 drops in a day for protocol 1000. Each drop has about 12 mg of sodium chlorite. So in the fish your are getting 31 micrograms of mercury in a day, assuming you don't eat more than one fish in a day. So in a days dose of MMS you will get 580 times less mercury than you would get by eating the fish. So if eating the fish is safe, eating 580 times less should be safe, which is 0.05 micrograms approximately. Which is probably less than you would get from playing in your back yard for 20 minutes. The other poisonous metals have similar reading. You simply can not get enough poisonous metals from sodium chlorite to be dangerous no matter how you tried.

Archbishop Jim Humble
My Books: jhbooks.org | Homepage: jimhumble.is
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