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New to MMS and the Forum in Southeast USA 13 Mar 2023 06:47 #77983

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I'm new to the forum and to MMS.  I've watched The Universal Antidote documentary and gone through the 2 hr. course on the website, so I'm getting familiar with the basics.  I'm a bit overwhelmed by the process and knowing what supplies to buy.  I've ordered the sodium chlorite flakes and the HCL 20 BE as well as some small black plastic bottles and amber bottles with droppers.  However, I'm confused about what other types of storage jars to buy.  Do I need amber quart jars to store the MMS and HCL 4% after I make them up?  How many jars in total do I need?  Do I need smaller ones, too, and, if so, what sizes and how many?  I have a gram kitchen scale.  Do I need a 100 ML flask?  What about pipettes and other droppers, etc?  

I'm also struggling to understand the difference between MMS and CDS.  I see them used interchangeably but also referred to differently.  I'm clear that MMS1 is the activated solution.  I really hope I can grasp all of the details to successfully make up the solutions.  

I'd like to get a better understanding of how to use the solution that is created from the water poured into a jar around a shot glass of solution and left overnight in a cupboard as Dr. Klacker  demonstrated.  How does that differ from the solution made by placing drops in a glass jar and adding 1/2 cup distilled water to drink immediately.  Are they the same solutions but made different ways?  Can one make up a batch of activated solution to last for a period of time, and, if so, how long will it keep?  Sorry for so many questions!

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