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Introduction 18 Jun 2022 00:34 #75855

  • James Holmes
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Hello all.
I am a novice at making CDS and I have no experience with MMS.  I have no use experience with either.   I am specifically interested in confirming that I am making the HCL and NaCl02  in the optimal concentrations and that I am calculating the proportions correctly.  It has been more that 60 years since I took Chem 101. 
I have so far chosen to work with CDS because of the convenience of mixing once a day.  I would like to learn about benefits  with MMS that CDS does not have. 
I am using the Kalcker method.  
I am collecting false and misleading articles attacking CDS. I am also collecting  papers by highly credentialed people regarding clinical work.    I will appreciate getting those links.
I am using HCl at 8% and NaClO2 at 25%.  I am using a higher dilution for testing than recommended by Kalcker.  I am using 1 ml into 60.  That should be 59 for exact 60 x dilution, but I am told the difference will not affect the reading. 
In case it is relevant here, I am a member of the New Mexico de jure Assembly and we are forming the American National Assembly.  United States is a Vatican/British Monarchy/City of London corporation, and all of congress are murderous thieves.   The Biden thing is made of Styrofoam. Injected people have a working MAC address.  If you think the virus is bad what you don't know is much worse.  
Is there a spell checker?  
Thanks to everyone who makes this forum available for us. 

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