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I'm new here too 21 Mar 2022 17:57 #74424

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Hi, I'm in Texas and a new mms user. Just got up to my full dose yesterday. I read Kerri Riviera's book first and now I'm reading Mr Humble's book. I'm glad to have the two contrasting approaches. I like Kerri's method of mixing the mms in a shotglass w a concave bottom so that a few as two drops are forced to mix. I'm super excited to try Mr Humble's protocols additionally. Kerri already got me on a keto diet. I used her starting protocol of mixing one drop in eight ounces of water and then taking a one ounce shot throughout the day, but the i saw on the universal remedy .com and in mr humble's book that mixing it fresh is better. So I was able to get up to 30 drops with no problem until I got a little diarrhea yesterday so I'll prob go back to just 3 drops for eight hours/day for awhile. Love the kl labs stuff. Thank you, so much. Skipping ahead to read about mms2 being pool shock made me pretty nervous. I haven't even bought any edta or whatever it is yet.

So my dad sent me to a speech pathologist when I was 30 who suggested I might have aspbergers, and I do have clear recollections of what I believe was a vaccine injury that resulted in severe, very abnormal stomach cramps and tubes in my ears for a decade. A lot of Kerri's words and symptoms seemed to ring home. She mentions methylation problems and I recently got diagnosed with MTHFR. Even tho Kerri doesn't use the term 'MTHFR' it was the same thing, except my doctor says it's caused by a problem on chromosome 1 that I inherited from my parents while kerri says i have B6 and B12 deficiency bc the parasites like to eat those nutrients, along w calcium and magnesium for their biofilm. Do I have to use MMS2 to get thru the parasite's biofilm, or is just the MMS1 and other supporting protocols generally good enough? Really Mr Humble gives us a lot of tools in this book, it's quite extraordinary.  
I noticed on the recent pfizer side effect leak the #1 symptom of 10 pages of symptoms is 'Ip36 Deletion Syndrome', so I googled to see if 1p36 was the gene on chromosome one that codes for MTHFR and sure enough it was. Anybody else around here a faucci groupie too? I'm j/k. Anybody read that new rfk book on faucci, esp ch 5 on hiv and ch 12 on population control?
Back to topic, my doctor of functional medicine noticed I have pretty bad inflammation problems, which sounds like a low-grade immune response to the parasites Kerri was talking about. My hs-CRP level is so high that if I was in Africa it would mean I have malaria. My doctor literally wouldn't answer the question why don't you think I have malaria when I showed him an article from the NIH saying elevated hs-CRP levels are an extremely good indicator of friggin' malaria. So I don't know if I have malaria or some other kind of parasite but I saw on the video my friend sent me universalremedy.com that mms cured malaria in africa somewhere w the red cross who we all know works for bill gates, so I was like this must be destiny. Oh and I just bought some of the food-grade calcium bentonite clay off amazon along with two 4 oz glass spray bottles so I can try the mold/fungus protocol I read about just last night. 
   I just moved back from Oregon where I got sick a couple of times and died bc I would vomit until I was dead unless I got script anti-nausea pills and an iv of saline if I let the vomiting progress too bad. They called it CHS (Cannabis Hypermesis Syndrome- I worked & lived on a cannabis farm), but I thought it was from the pesticide and mold on our shitty plants. Can you believe in Oregon they don't test for mold? But after I read Kerri's book I remembered the first time I ever started barfing like that was after a colonic (in OR), so I'm wondering if maybe I was disturbing the pesticides in my intestines during the colonic and they (the pesticides) were spewing out ammonia and fermaldyhde in displeasure. It's probably either that or the pesticide/mold a la powdery white mildew that looks just like thc crystals if one doesn't know precisely what he's looking at. 
  I'm in my mid-40's btw, in good health, never get sick and wondering now if that's bc my body is under constant low-grade immume response, which results in dangerous inflammation... from parasites? Do you guys ever poo out any giant worms like in Kerri's book? Is that for real? I haven't started the cd colonics or cd baths yet, but I've almost worked up the courage now to do so and not worry about going into organ failure like Google tells me whenever I try to look up the least thing about mms using that worthless search engine. 

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I'm new here too 22 Mar 2022 07:59 #74438

  • Mary Poppins
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Hello JohnnyUsa_2022. I hope you'll find good food for thought and solutions, here, also by sharing experiences both ways, in this forum. You seem to have so much on your mind and body, that it sounds like you could benefit from slowing down a bit. Not in stopping anything, but rather focus on choosing what's priority nr. 1 and go from there, step by step. If you don't mind me saying this. 

I'm relatively new here too, and it's not due to health issues. I'm an informer and holistic nutritionist, a health coach, and a retired self-employed Nanny.
Volunteering is now my favourite hobby (always been so) so that I can do what I feel passionate about, working on the land, with nature, participating in the renovation of nature and living conditions in general. New ideas, new concepts, and pioneering are what inspires me. Trying things out.

I'm now enjoying the freedom to also travel regularly, mostly in my own country, The Netherlands. Britain has been my playground for almost 5 years, before I returned to the Netherlands when the pandemic started, March 11 2020. Since I don't choose vaccination or a PCR test, crossing a border isn't my plan for now. 

I'm familiar with MMS since 2011, and with the last years of living with a pandemic, MMS has found a more prominent use in treating infection. Bolivia has officially acknowledged MMS. Here's Jim Humble on March 11, 2021, talking about this achievement in Bolivia: vimeo.com/522631542

What I've found during my study of material and spiritual causes of dis-ease, of unbalance in health and lifestyle, also by experience, is helping much when one prefers to approach healing in a holistic manner. Taking the physical, emotional and mental aspects into account, while treating dis-ease in form and spirit. There's a German man, Harald Kautz Vella, a chemist, researcher, and writer, a consultant for Morgellon disease patients, who talks about the connection between "alien" bodies in our human body, related to parasitic beings seeking conditions that are fertile for them to feed on. His presentations in conferences and talk shows are numerous, online.

In my opinion, Harald Kautz Vella is one of a few people who understand the connection between Morgellon disease and transhumanism. And that there's a condition in our human existence that leads to a visitation of negatively oriented forms of consciousness manifest as parasitic beings in the human body. It's very close to the practice of artificially constructed viruses and mRNA vaccines. Those who are leaders in Big Pharma are often fully transformed into servants of the AI-transhumanism agenda, apart from a preference to make huge profits from pharmaceuticals, so that cheap remedies are denied and debunked. Such as MMS, and Ivermectin.

To me, this transhumanism agenda's goal is a disconnection between the human body and the human spirit connected with that body on planet Earth. Plus the awareness of its origin and one's soul-mission, one's choice to be born on planet Earth in a physical body, a challenging condition, and a school at the same time. If one perceives it in that way. Not everybody knows or accepts this choice, and that's no problem to me.

The divine origin of our soul and being, the force that forms our physical body, which is called the etheric body also, is denied by these AI-serving leaders, for their belief is a denial of free will in humanity, so that humans turn into automatons. And to reach that goal, a self-proclaimed duty and role is taken up by them, while they've lost that quality of free will, and a spiritual connection entirely, see what I mean? These people are fully under the influence of certain forces on an energetic level, forces that don't serve the destiny of humanity on planet earth, where free will exercises are possible due to the presence of form and sensual perception, practical work, and the manifestation of one's plan of action so that learning is involved through experience, followed by wisdom and a new choice if need be. This is my view only, based on my study of health-life in many expressions, and the nature of consciousness.

The human free will with its potential of creative power and development of consciousness is the target here, as I've come to see it.
At any rate, we may have different views, and we all have different experiences in life, no doubt, the website of Harald Kautz Vella is here, just in case you welcome a viewpoint of a different angle, mostly unknown in the mainstream medical industry:

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