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TOPIC: Hello from new member

Hello from new member 20 Nov 2018 04:50 #59424

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Hi, I'm Deb. 51yrs old from Australia.
I've been diagnosed with H.pylori which had caused much digestive trouble for me for years.
A friend gave me  25 drops of MMS/citric acid saying that should kill it off. Felt a bit dizzy but ok.. Then I started regularly took 1 drop twice daily.  Accidentally took 4 drops one day and nearly fainted whilst vomiting. Bought HCL4% & MMS from MMS AUSTRALIA. Started on 1 drop working up to 3 drops over 2 weeks then got  really bad burning stomach pains, with every type of food I ate.  Had to stop MMS for a few days. Just starting back on 1 drop twice daily again. 
I think I might have ulcers?
Why do I get these severe
pains when I have MMS?
I take enzymes whenever I  eat food.
There's  no dizziness or nausea with MMS just direct pain high in abdomen area and on right side below rib. 
I feel the MMS may be
aggravating any ulcers?
Getting a test done soon to see if h.pylori gone. 
Any advice would be welcome.
Thank you :)

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Hello from new member 03 Dec 2018 02:56 #59515

Hope your doing well. :)

  The book mentions to half the dose if your experiencing difficulty, also saying to continue the hourly dose at the same time. Keep halfing the dose until your comfortable, then go back up. :)

you could also try to change the food your eating, or stop taking the enzymes to see which is giving your issues withthe mms.

keep in touch
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