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TOPIC: Introducing myself and oh boy, am I glad you're here! ;)

Introducing myself and oh boy, am I glad you're here! ;) 19 Nov 2018 09:31 #59416

Hello, good folks!
 So, I'm in San Diego California and my mother resides about 20 miles away. She stumbled upon MMS while we were both diving around Youtube , gleaning all that we needed to know about sprouting organic seeds for the health benefits. I've been watching videos of and reading Andreas Kackler, Jim Humble and the G2 church all stankin' week, and falling off at night while still listening ;)
 I'm a skeptic by nature but, not closed minded. So I've been checking both sides of the coin and am  not persuaded by the "Bleach" sirens. It doesn't take a genius to understand that a members of a molecule family are often quite different from each other, as I am to my sisters and brothers.  I am persuaded by the myriads of testimonials, the no nonsense interviews with Jim Humble , Andreas Kackler,  and the G2 Church folks. And I am very grateful that each has had the kindness in their hearts for their fellow mankind and courage to continue to share,  guide , and testify.
   I'm in my 50's, and have lived with Fibromyalgia, Depression,  Anemia, Dysmennoreah, and severe and chronic constipation, all of my life. It wasn't until I was in my late 20's that I realized, I was sick. My DRs  didn't seem to think that much should be done!  My mom is in her 70's and she suffers from all of the same, and then some. She now has Hashimotos, and had a cancerous colon tumor removed last year. We've had her in and out of hospitals for over 2 years needing iron infusions (She's a Jehovahs witness so, doesn't accept blood) until  she was also diagnosed last year with an "Auto immune" disorder that attacks her digestive system thus, cannot absorb certain nutrients including Iron, causing her Anemia. She now takes I.V. iron every 3 months to keep her Hemoglobin levels up.
   So, we are both excited to learn of MMS/CD . It makes a lot of sense to us, both. I have placed an order for NA Chlorite flakes and am on the hunt now for HCL. So far, I am not finding any  that is clear. I find a 14.5% yellow HCL at Home Depot and know that it is not what I'm looking for. I will check a tile supply nearby, too. I have found a 950 ml bottle on the "E" site that is 32% and clear but want to be sure of my sourcing and the product. I need to make ours from scratch as,  I will not have the means to purchase pre-mixed from others on an ongoing basis so, will just mix my own from the start.
 I look forward to interacting with you and helping myself, my mother and many others to wellness, once armed with rounded knowledge and product. When I do, I also look forward to making an appointment with my DR just to tell her how much better I feel, am, and exactly WHY  :D
 Thank you all, for being here, and caring to help each other !

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