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Question Introduction

12 Nov 2018 03:45 #59380 by Overeducatedopinion
Introduction was created by Overeducatedopinion
I started MMS so I can heal my thyroid and Hashimoto’s and STOP taking thyroid medicine (tirosint). I have struggled in misery for years with low energy, brain fog, muscle aches, mood swings, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and I am now 60 pounds overweight!!!!!!! Could the tirosint be causing or contributing to these problems? I aim to find out. I also have long-standing gut issues - bloating and comstipation. I already decided to halve my dose of the tirosint. I just started taking it every other day when I started MMS. My progress with MMS has been very uneven. I did the starting protocol, got up to 3 drops per day, and then threw up once and had diarrhea for several hours. So then I took a big step back for two days because I don’t want to deal with diarrhea while I’m out with my family for the day. Tomorrow I will resume with a 1.5 drop dose. I am horrified because I am gaining MORE WEIGHT. Can anyone please reassure me that MMS will help me get back to a fit healthy weight? My self-esteem and motivation in life have suffered enormously. Thank you
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