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Question I'm new too!

08 Sep 2018 15:34 #59048 by sude
I'm new too! was created by sude
Hi all, my name is Susan and I just started MMS a week ago.  Trying to build up to 3 drops.  Dealing with EBV and probably Lyme as well as other critters, AI.  Really need support from all those working with this!  I am having some challenges around food intake.  I already don't weigh a lot and find I need to eat on the 1/2 hour, snacks such as fruits, veggies.  Anyone else notice this?  It's a lot to keep up with with work and all and I am noticing some die off symptoms (not terribly bad, typical) that leads me to think that dehydration could be another issue at play here.  I was, before taking MMS, drinking 1/2 gallon of lemon water daily which really helped hydrate me.  Anyone else having these types of challenges and what are you doing about them?  So impt to remain hydrated while detoxing!!!  And I just can't go that long without food because my blood sugar tanks!  TIA, Susan

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08 Sep 2018 19:35 - 08 Sep 2018 19:40 #59052 by CLO2
Replied by CLO2 on topic I'm new too!
Hi Susan. I assume you have Jim Humble's latest book,  MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, and began taking MMS1 by following the Starting Procedure. Protocol 1000 would be the next protocol which limits hourly doses to 3 activated MMS drops using 4% HCL activator. Note that 3 drop hourly MMS1 doses is a limit and not a goal. You may be able to get to 3 drops hourly, but if you experience Herxheimer effects, then you may not be able to take 3 drop doses. Some people have restored their health from stage 4 cancers using as little as 1/2 drop MMS1 doses. 

You can eat on the half-hour, small snacks as you mentioned. One hour after your last dose of the day you can eat anything and as much as you like. Also at that time you can take supplements and antioxidants which may reduce effectiveness of MMS.  

Lemon water would not be good when taking MMS as it will reduce chlorine dioxide (CLO2). Unless you have diarrhea, staying hydrated when taking MMS1 should not be a problem. You can drink water between doses if needed.  

2 ml of 3000 ppm original CDS equals a 1 drop MMS1 dose in a normal stomach
Websites: MMSinfo.org * www.facebook.com/groups/ebolacures/
Instructional Videos: www.youtube.com/channel/UCXv6hCnvjMmGg4_AYq4wlNw
Instructional Videos: www.real.video/channel/clo2works
Answers to many questions are in Jim Humble's books: jhbooks.org/
How to use CDS, CDH in Protocols: www.mmsinfo.org/infosheets/CDS_CDH_and_Protocols-2.pdf

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08 Sep 2018 20:31 #59054 by sude
Replied by sude on topic I'm new too!
Thank you so much!  Yes, I tried to get up to 2 drops and couldn't yet but that info is great to know.... my book is dog eared LOL.... I only drink the lemon water 2 hours before taking and then 2 hours after so no problem there.. just trying to help my liver a bit.  I will just keep snacking then!  So glad I found this forum! 
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13 Sep 2018 15:25 #59080 by sude
Replied by sude on topic I'm new too!
Hi there,  a couple other questions.  Having dogeared the book just wondering:  I know the 3 golden rules.  Seems after 2 weeks, still herxing some, not bad,  but tired mostly, some bloating, pretty typical.  I tried to increase to 1 3/4 drops but didn't feel great so decreased again.  Think I'll just stay on one drop for awhile.  I get that the rules say if you aren't feeling great (worse than illness makes you), to decrease (which is true).  1. But isn't it normal to have die off symptoms with this anyway?  So curious about that.  2. Also, I was exposed to mold but was on a cholesterol binder for over a year per my ND and don't feel that's a problem, more that candida could be.  I decided to go back on my own mold protocol with coconut charcoal and GI Detox which are actually better than the bentonite.   So,  with all that, does it make sense, if I'm just staying with one drop for awhile and hopefully, can just heal using that to incorporate baths and enemas?  I know for sure that I have gut dysbiosis.    It seems that baths, enemas and prob douches (I have HPV too and breast cysts/fibroademas), would be another way and maybe easier to get MMS into my system without so much herxing.  (I could stand the herx if I didin't have to work)!  thanks and sorry for long message, I really appreciate that you all are here for support.  Susan

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