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TOPIC: MMS Saved My Life - Part 1 & 2

MMS Saved My Life - Part 1 & 2 09 Jul 2018 20:05 #58739

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Part 1:

I would like to say that I am new to the forum and MMS in general. I have been using it for the last couple of months. It has made a huge difference in my overall health. Compared to anything else I have ever tried. If you are having issues with it, I would say that you are not using it properly or the recommended dose. If you are then, it is a dietary/nutritional issue, meaning that no matter how much you wish to be Vegan or Vegetarian your body might have other ideas and you may need Animal foods with Animal fat to heal. Your cells need to be healed, they will then heal you!
MMS works for me, so there is no reason that it cannot work for you, we all bleed the same!

Part 2:

I would like to say that I have suffered from dis-ease, since early childhood. Was fatally ill at 37, and started researching/practicing a variety of whole foods diets and natural supplements and treatments. I have been on a healing Journey for 7 years now, almost done it all! My seventh year has been the most amazing of all, thanks to MMS and all who have stood behind it, despite the opposition of the critics.

Living in South America for sometime now. Looking to spread the love with MMS grass roots all over the world. My skills are Global Business Development & Negotiations.

Trust in a Real Whole Foods Balanced Diet (Animals & Plants), MMS & Seek Truth in Healing!

The Fathers blessings to ALL!
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MMS Saved My Life - Part 1 & 2 01 Jun 2019 02:03 #60653

7 years - that's approx when I came across MMS too.

I'ts a nice thing to tell people about something that might help them and then it's their choice to look into it further

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