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ASEA 15 Jan 2012 06:10 #10207

Has anyone out there heard of a new product called ASEA? The ingredients are: Distilled water and sodium chloride and the amount per serving (2 0z.) stated on the bottle are chloride - 190 mg and sodium - 123mg. However, the literature that comes with it says it has trillions of perfectly balanced Redox Signaling molecules, whatever that is. It says that it contains trace amounts of essential natural chlorine derived from a patented redox balanced process. It comes from Salt Lake City, Utah. The website is www.ASEA.net . Now - all that being said - I am just wondering if this is not an "anemic" form of activated MMS in some sort of solution. The reason is, it smells and tastes like swimming pool water. This product was introduced by our holistic doctor and is supposed to be the best thing you could possibly take for anything and everything. They claim it will cure just about anything that is wrong with you at a cellular level. Pardon my skepticism, but it costs in excess of $160.00 a month, if you only take the minimum suggested dose of 3 0z. three times a day, but it is recommended that you actually take more of it if you have any medical problems. Well, because I trust my holistic doctor, I gave it a try - nothing. My husband also took it even longer than I did - couldn't tell it helped him much except he thought maybe he slept better. It is sold in a multi-level marketing program. I just think the real deal is MMS and CDS. But maybe someone knows something I don't...........?
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ASEA 15 Jan 2012 14:16 #10226

deleted: well duh - chlorite vs chloride <G> Thanks, Steve, for bringing that to our attention.
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ASEA 15 Jan 2012 15:14 #10229

Sodium Chloride is table salt.

From the ingredients, its just salt and water.
I dunno what they may do to it, but Sodium Chloride is just salt.
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ASEA 15 Jan 2012 15:25 #10230

did look at asea site sounds good , although i have no actual reasons to believe it , but to tel the true nether have i ever meet anyone that got cured from terminal decease in person yet with MMS!!!! and i been taking MMS and now CDS for a will and don't see any big changes !!!
but it sounds like tacking asea to rebuilt good cells and MMS to kill all bad ones we are going to leave to be 1000 pretty soon . !!!!!!
i don't mean to be sarcastic and i know that it will be up to me to find the right answers for me and i seriously hope that it is true not just for me but every body that puts there life in it
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ASEA 15 Jan 2012 15:28 #10231

i thought that MMS is sodium chlorite with a T
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ASEA 15 Jan 2012 18:36 #10241

The ingredients of ASEA are salt and water. But by the same standard, the "ingredients" of sodium chlorite are mainly salt as well.

ASEA is a very sophisticated product, with a stable balance of maybe 20 or so different molecules. The company represents them as being in two categories, oxididative and reductive. These molecules have been the subject of intense research over mainly the last 10 years, and originate naturally in the body from the mitochondria in every cell.

Creating the mixture, according to the company's materials, was a very technical process, as it was almost impossible to be able to put them in a solution that didn't degrade. The molecules are created from salt in a multi-step industrial chemical process that has something like 17 patents involved.

ASEA tastes like slightly salty pool water. There's a distinct chlorine taste to it. I suspected that both chlorine dioxide and hypochlorous acid were part of the mix, and in the somewhat jargonized and confusing information from ASEA I found an admission that hypochlorous acid was one of the molecules in it.

ASEA is a "network marketing" product, with a fairly hefty price typical of such. My partner Cynthia and I have been using it for about 4 months now. If anyone would like more info, you can contact me by private message.
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ASEA 02 Feb 2012 03:35 #11429

Wife and I have been trying ASEA for past few weeks. So far only perceived benefit is heart rate drop of about 8 % on treadmill simulated VO2Max test. With chlorine test strips, both ASEA and activated MMS test pretty close on "active chlorine" which could well be some combo of CDO and hypochlorus acid. ASEA withholding actual chemical composition of their product doesn't pass my smell test. Oral hygiene gains with both MMS and ASEA are similar so cost becomes determining factor. Anyone done any athletic performance testing on MMS? To date that's one of ASEA big claim.

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ASEA 18 Jul 2018 16:33 #58771

Been following ASEA myself for years. The very reason I have not used it while I did buy a box but didn’t use it, is because they DON’T specifically tell you what’s in it - and I don’t like that.. I want to know what’s in my products, I don’t want to be sheeple anymore. I’ve found in some sites that it contains 20 molecules one of which is hydrogen peroxide (which IS created by our bodies) , and Chlorine Dioxide and another I can’t think of. But it DOES say it is
made from both oxidative molecules AND antioxidant molecules simulating the mitochondria itself which uses both. So hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide are both oxidative molecules. So it could very well
be true. And if it’s true then I’ll stick to MMS if only because I know what it is. But I am temped to try ASEA as I’ve heard so many testimonies about it on FB. ..... sodium chloride does have chlorine it it though, so I wonder if that’s where the chlorine odor in ASEA is from? But it could be others. I really don’t like the fact ASEA is not forthright in disclosing their contents, at least. They don’t have to reveal HOW they use it in a proprietary formula - this is done all the time on supplement labels. But ASEA has not gone the route of FDA approval which requires clinical studies costing millions to claim health benefits. So on the sypplementvsude they dint have to disclose everything. Maybe saying “sodium and chlorine” meets the requirements of ingredient disclosure and that way they protect revealing ingredients... since the liquid is the BULK of the product and you know how the FDA allows only certain percentages of things to be disclosed and the rest you don’t have to disclose. But that’s something else that gets me .... if those 20 molecules are encapsulated by the sodium water and it took them over 20 years to perfect that process, then they should not be worried about revealing ingredients that no one will know how to trap them in saline water!! So I remain iffy. Is it that it’s so simple that they don’t want that revealed so as to continue with their high profit margins as an MLM product? Or is it that then FDA will take over and kill it for us all and in an MLM it remains protected? Similar to such as MMS has had to do to continue even talking about it?
Will we ever know?

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