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Acidity vs Alkalinity followup 1/18/2013 19 Jan 2013 03:38 #29368

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As I've often said, the whole subject of diet is fraught with "food war" danger. (Religion, politics and diet generate the most emotional responses of all, I think) We had a situation here on the forum with someone who wished to contest the Acidity/Alkalinity issue over the scale that was used in the newsletter. He wrote Archbishop Humble to complain about the scale used in the article and also the handling (my handling, actually) of the issue on the forum and Jim Humble responded today, copying me on his response.

Then, JH requested that I put a copy of his letter on the forum for forum members to see. I am going to do that with this post - and then I'm going to lock this thread, as this is for information only, not for debate.

His comment in his cover note was "You might indicate that we are open to data but not emotional stuff with no data to back it up, but we are not interested in arguing the facts."

The letter was as follows:

I am really sorry to have to write these kind of letters, but I realize they are necessary. Pam was correct in limiting Sinisa. There is no argument here. The logarithmic scale of pH has nothing to do with the argument. The fact remains that if you were to put the human body tissues, or blood or various organs, or the brain, or anything except the urine tract to pH of 8 the body would die within hours. Regardless of the logarithmic of 100 from 6 to 8 pH you still cannot change the blood beyond 7.47 and the logarithmic scale doesn't change anything.

The simple chemistry is that pH's above 7.0 begin to destroy any oxidizers in solution and that includes oxygen which is an oxidizer.

The fact remains that all, that is all, human diseases exist in the body at the pH of blood which cannot be above 7.47. Let me say it again: all human diseases exist in the body at a pH of 7.4 plus or minus 1%. Now if you were to take these diseases out of the body and put them into a petri dish you would find that most of them can exist from a pH of 6 which is acid all the way up to pH of 8 which is alkaline. But none of them would exist outside of that pH range. These are scientific facts. But in the body all you have is 7.4 except in the digestive tract.

Now I explained the basics of this in the article Acidity vs Alkalinity. Science has proven that all human disease can exist at the pH of 6 to 8. Who cares what the logarithmic scales is saying. So it's a logarithmic scale. We agree. So it is, so what. The fact remains that all human disease can exist from 6 to 8 pH. I even named the two blood cancers that exist at exactly pH of 7.4 You can't change that. That is the facts of it. The blood never gets acid, ever. It remains at 7.4. It would kill you if it did get acid. Diseases mostly exist in the blood. So how could diseases be acid?

Let me say it again. The blood remains at a pH of 7.4 (plus of minus 1% from that which means not higher than 7.47) That is alkaline. If diseases were acid, diseases couldn't exist in the body. There is no way of getting around that. Alkaline is alkaline. Acid is acid. You can't somehow get around that by saying pH is logarithmic. Take a sick person and try to prove his blood is acid and you can't. And if you did prove his blood is acid, look again, because he will be dead.

The only thing that gets acid in the body is the stomach and intestines, but not the blood and not the tissues and not the skin. There are a thousand references that prove that the blood never gets acid. The blood remains at pH 7.4 plus or minus less than 1%. There is so much scientific proof in this fact that there is no reason why we should argue the point. In fact this, the opposite, is just a belief; it is not an argument, it is a belief, just like a religion, those who are going to believe it will regardless of what proof or logic they are shown. I don't care if the logarithmic scale proves the OH ions change 1 or 100 times, the pH level for the blood is still 7.4, and the diseases of the human body can only handle a pH level of 6 to 8 but the blood stays at 7.4

I am not going to argue this point on the forum with people who cannot face the facts that exist. We argue facts, not beliefs. Bring me some facts, not emotional beliefs.

Since we wrote the Acidity-Alkalinity Newsletter I have gotten dozens of letters from doctors and scientists agreeing with us and a lot of just smart people agreeing, and I have gotten a few emotional letters like those that were on the forum telling me different diseases that can be caused by acidity, but no proof. No scientific evidence. Just saying acidity can cause a long list of diseases. Then there are those who just send me big letters saying, "YOU ARE WRONG."

As I have said before, show me a clinical trial proving it. Show me some facts, and I will suggest that we put the evidence on the forum. MMS is across the world healing people every day. Show me the same with the Acidic-Alkaline theory and we will put something on the forum, but even then not a whole lot until there is a great deal of facts, and that is what is missing now.

Remember, I said we are not out to prove our beliefs or favorite theories. We are out to bring health to mankind and so far we have brought health to more people who were sick with what is considered incurable diseases than any other organization on earth. BUT DON'T BELIEVE ME, JUST LOOK AT THE FACTS.

As always with love,
Archbishop Jim Humble

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