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MMS2: Calcium Hypochlorite, Turns into Hypochlorous acid in water
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TOPIC: Herbs while on mms2

Herbs while on mms2 23 Jun 2018 21:16 #58661

Hello I’m Cindy. I bought an ebook earlier and read how to do the 2000 protocol. I have not yet had the time to read the entire book. I’m wondering if someone can tell me if the herbal protocol my naturopath has my husband on will interfere with the mms solution? Sun food pills, milk thistle pills, turmeric pills, essiac tincture and 2 other combination tinctures. Thank you if anyone can tell me herbs or no herbs?

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Herbs while on mms2 23 Jun 2018 23:14 #58665

If those herbs are strong antioxidants, then yes, they can stop MMS from working.

Read the attached PDF file and see if your herbs are listed.

Taking antioxidant numbers from the table (Antioxidant_Food_Table-Carlsen_et_al. 2010.pdf), I would say any food, fruit, herb, etc that is under 0.10 mmol/100g antioxidant content would be okay to use and not cause any significant reduction of chlorine dioxide (CLO2) in MMS. Of course, it depends on the quantity you consume.

You can try taking those herbs 1 hour after the last MMS dose of the day and hope they will be gone when you start MMS dosing the next day. If you are not getting the results you expect when taking MMS and herbs are being taken, they you may want to decide which health recovery program to follow.

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