× MMS: sodium chlorite (NaClO2) 28%
MMS1 or Activated MMS: chlorine dioxide (ClO2)

Question Which is best form to take for a long term virus.

09 Jun 2018 05:08 #58590 by blossysmum
What form of MMS1 would be best to give my husband for this long lasting virus. They have done many blood tests but are unable to identify the virus. He is now entering his 6th week of severe pain in all his joints and muscles. The tests do show inflammation but they can’t identify it.
He is keen to just take it unadulterated in water every half hour. 2 drops in every dose. Or would it more effective taken as CDH.
We are about to get MMS2 capsules in the hope that they may work. What is your opinion? Thanks Patricia

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