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Autism and Lyme Disease - Heavy Metal toxicity 08 Dec 2010 20:25 #100

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This came from Rob Sloot:

Dear members,

I’ve just read an article about the connection between Autism and Lyme
Dietrich Klinghardt MD, Ph.D, director of the Klinghardt Acamdemy of
Neurobiology in Kirkland has discovered that 80% of the children with
Autism also has a Lyme infection. the mother appears to be the
symptomless carrier.

Many of the neurological and physical characteristics of autism do you
find also by Lyme patients.and these show important characteristics
affected of poisoning by heavy metals (mercury/aluminium).

So it seems to be a connection between toxicants, emergence of auto-
immune diseases, Lyme disease and Autism

That’s also why we can treat Autism with MSS with some good results I
We can keep this in mind.

I shall put this message on the MMS4 group and in our forum. Because
not everybody has joint the Genesis2forum yet.

All greetings from a rainy Holland

Ds. Dr. Rob Sloot
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Autism and Lyme Disease - Heavy Metal toxicity 15 Oct 2015 15:58 #50344

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Indeed, my experience pushed me to theorize that the efficiency of MMS come from the fact that many conditions presently considered chronic (diabetes, autism, cardio-vascular lesions, etc...) are in fact partially caused by pathogens that are unidentified simply because nobody saw an interest in healing the patient completely.
Latest examples include Mycoplasma fermentans which seems to induce the infamous Gulf War syndrome, or the Anaplasma genus which induces endothelium proliferation and thus provokes heartstrokes.
In France, an association called chronimed explores this hypothesis but they are sadly focused on analysing rather than treating the phenomenon. They don't want to hear about MMS, out of fear or narrow-mindedness I do not know.
But Lyme is probably the best example, and that's probably why so many people want to shut down any resarch on the subject: it might be the disease that exposes the whole pharmaco-industrial hoax.

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