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This category is for posting any items from the Media or from the Internet about MMS or things related.
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Documentary featuring Jim Humble & Kerri Rivera 01 Nov 2012 04:24 #25790

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A friend of mine is working on this documentary. Watch the short clip with Jim and Kerri; it is great. They need donations if anyone can help.


"Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business? is a documentary that exposes the possibility of a medical field that might exist for the benefit of their corporate shareholders financial well being rather than promoting a healthy society.

The possible causes of "Incurable Diseases" will be defined as we raise the question, why are Cancer, Autism, HIV & AIDS termed "incurable" in the medicine world?

The controversy surrounding GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) will be discussed leading us further into educated and healthier decisions to prevent diseases.

"Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business? will compare the highly priced FDA's approved and sometimes extreme medical procedures to treat these diseases, to alternative treatments that have cured many patients at a fraction of the cost. Reduced or no side effects are experienced with these alternative ways of healing compared to the FDA's more expensive and conveniently profitable, conventional procedures.

Our Belief:

We believe that by sharing this knowledge with the world, there will be more healthy people living their lives to their fullest. Money isn't everything and certainly HEALTH is the most important gift from the Universe and GOD to us. However, in order to spread this information and reach a massive audience we need your support, we need your donations to complete this film and bring it to life.

Please help us with anything today, $5, $10, $100, $1000 any dollar amount will make an immense contribution to this documentary and your health and everybody elses.

We are in the filming stages of this documentary, we have 3 main stories of people seeking health and finding it with alternative methods. All these main characters are in different parts of the world so your contribution and donations will help us with the filming, traveling, production cost, and final details to finish "Incurable Diseases" Is it a Business?

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Documentary featuring Jim Humble & Kerri Rivera 29 Jan 2013 00:25 #29805

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A very professional video presentation - I wonder why it didn't get more funding.

Perhaps the subject matter was too broad? I think if this had been a documentary just on one disease like diabetes or cancer it might have gotten more funding.

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