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TOPIC: MMS and CORTISONE, please help if you know it will effect MMS!

MMS and CORTISONE, please help if you know it will effect MMS! 01 Aug 2018 02:42 #58839

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Hello everyone and thanks for reading my message. I'm desperate for answers because after learning about MMS for about a year or two, I've decided to take the plunge. I have HSV2 and started doing the starting procedure 2 days a go, tomorrow is day 3 at 1/2 drop. I will then go on to the mold/fungus, then protocol 1000.

I was in a car accident 3.5 years ago, and recently got an MRI to see what the status was of my "bulging disc" because I'm still suffering from nerve pain down my arm years later. Today I had a cortisone shot injection in the neck where the injury is for the inflammation. The doctors said this was the next step to see if it will help relieve the pain, and if so they said there's a higher likelihood of surgery being successful.

I wasn't thinking about how the MMS could react to the cortisone when starting the protocol with the shot planned way in advance...and was wondering if it would cancel it out, be less effective, etc. I'm really committed to MMS and am wondering if I'm going to ruin the start of this protocol with the shot, does anyone have any input? I looked all over online and only found this one comment about it that I copied and pasted below. Michael doesn't seem to know exactly if it affects MSS and seems to just be agreeing with the probability of what it is with the client. It sounds odd that the MMS would be busy detoxing the body if it only goes after pathogens, etc like I read in the book? Cortisone is naturally produced by your body, but this is obviously artificial so don't know if it's different ball game. And also will it feed the virus being artificial?? Michael also mentions Clara's 6x6, which I have no idea what it is, and suggested taking doses with DMSO, or try MMS2 because it is a completely different chemical. Anyone have an opinion on this?

Please let me know if I should just continue with the protocol and see what happens, or am I wasting my time with the cortisone in my system and I should wait a couple weeks or try and flush it out quicker.. which would defeat the purpose of seeing if it would work for surgery, but the MMS treatment is more important to me. This would be a huge decision because they are recommending disc replacement surgery. Any feedback will be appreciated! I will keep going on with the procedure, but if there are facts that the two won't work together I'll change my course of plan, add in a protocol, etc.


I have an MS client who received a steroid shot for a skin rash before coming to me for help. The shot did nothing to help with the rash - but I can tell through my energetic devises that it put a lid on his whole body and its reactions. He is not responding to protocol 1000 - he even kept a cold during this time! I will move him to 2000 if this continues but I am wondering if the steroids slow down or negate the MMS1 to any degree or if the MMS1 is simply having to get rid of the steroid first (maybe it appears as a pathogen would?). I'm stoping protocol 1000 for 1 day to do Clara's protocol to see what that might do. Any thoughts anyone?


Steroids are strong medicine. Probably you are right it either shut down body responses or the MMS is busy detoxing it or even both.

Clara's 6x6 sounds like a good idea. I wonder if taking doses with DMSO might change things too, or try MMS2 because it is a completely different chemical.

Maybe a bath in MMS1 or 2 or both would do something. Probably should just do one thing at a time and not overdue it.


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