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TOPIC: MMS & DMSO quick Herpes reduction 1 day

MMS & DMSO quick Herpes reduction 1 day 02 Feb 2017 01:35 #54690

Hello Beautiful MMS People,
A quick note on blasting Herpes on my lip in hours. A lip breakout of white blisters & discomfort. I used 2 drops each, in a tiny sherry glass, shook it for 20 seconds swishing firmly but tiny shakes to stir the drops. I didn't add water. I then used my finger & tapped the MMS onto my lip, tapping it on & let it sit just about 15 seconds. Then I put 1 or 2 drops of DMSO on my finger tip & tapped that on the same area & around the greater area of the blistered lip. So now its MMS with DMSO over the Herpes & surrounding area. I tapped on the rest of the MMS from the tiny bit left in the glass.
Now it could burn a bit, but I don't mind. If it burns a bit too much, I put another drop of DMSO to dilute it.
I did this about 5 times today. After the 3rd application the blisters started to disappear right before my eyes. They're now almost gone. Then i looked again later & white stuff was on my lip looking like old soft blister that wiped off gently. Sure enough it was the blisters! The blisters are almost all dried up.
I have 2 small dried blisters remaining so will continue with the MMS & DMSO until its completely gone.
Since I learned the DMSO in the MMS when mixed makes the MMS less effective in about 10 minutes, so I decided to keep them separate by applying them directly. Notice too, I used the MMS straight, no water added, then put a drop or 2 of DMSO on the Herpes area itself on top of the MMS layer, for transmission to the skin layers. It does burn slightly, but so what, I'm a grown up! Nothing harmful, nothing red & it lasted just a little while & it was fine.
Just checked the little rascal & its almost all gone with a thin dry layer.
Amazing! So much better than anything I've ever tried! It is disappearing right before my eyes.
Blessings Jim Humble & MMS users for your guidance. Blessings & Bounty to all.

oh, I also used the straight MMS (1 or 2 drops each, no water) on my whole face & followed it with a drop or 2 of DMSO, just smearing it on my entire face. Some tearing occurred from the fumes with my glasses on but no big deal, I just blew it away. If it makes me good lookin', I'll let you know!

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