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TOPIC: Herpes hot/cold ahower question

Herpes hot/cold ahower question 19 May 2016 13:38 #52266

I contacted HSV2 last August and soon after had two full-blown breakouts, one in each armpit, about Terry weeks apart. I started using CDS (24,000 ppm) 15 drops/dose, 2 doses/day as I had a few months prior when first learning of MMS. I felt that I was whittling away at the virus, as the breakouts became less severe each time and they occurred only about once each month.

Nowadays, I have only been taking high 24-drop doses once a day (with DMSO when I can afford to have bad breath) to knock out the outbreaks. They usually clear up within the next day.

I'm ready to do a more strict protocol to kill this thing once and for all, and I learned in this forum about using hot/cold water shock treatment to the spine to ferret out the virus. However, I'm wondering if my version of the little critters only appearing in the armpits (in a year, I've had only ONE blister in the nether regions) might mean that they are residing somewhere other than the base of my spine. If there likely hiding in my upper spine I'll just target that area (or my whole spine, for that matter), but if they might be hiding elsewhere near the armpits, this nasty be a wasted effort if the actual location can't be targeted using the hot/cold water trick. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Now that I am undiagnosed, officially. The blisters smell funny, itch, and my earliest outbreaks were accompanied by terrible nerve itching and spasms. Since I started MMS, I no longer get the spasms. Outbreaks do occur in both armpits at the same time, but with much fewer blisters. And they can last for a few days if I don't use MMS to get rid of them, but I haven't yet let them go untreated to see how long they would actually last on their own.

Feel free to ask any questions about my variety of virus. While I can't have a normal love life, this disease is rather humorous to me. I enjoy experimenting and watching the virus react.

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