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TOPIC: Additional system support for herpes eradication

Additional system support for herpes eradication 12 May 2016 21:46 #52220

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Hi there, I am finally ready to begin the porticol to eradicate my herpes virus (hsv-2) I am wondering if there are any vitamins or supplements I can add to help boost my immune system to better help this process? Also, is there anything I can do to speed up this process? Any advice sure is appreciated! Thank you!

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Additional system support for herpes eradication 13 May 2016 03:54 #52227

From Jim Humble's latest book :

6. Taking Supplements while on the MMS Protocols: Vitamins, minerals, and other supplements that one might add to the diet should not be taken while on MMS protocols (see pages 36-38 for full explanation). This especially includes foods with high amounts of antioxidants. MMS removes the poisons, destroys the bio-films that protect the pathogens, kills the pathogens, and this aids in the healing. Supplements not only aid the body, but they feed the pathogens as well. Unfortunately, most of the time the pathogens are first in line to get the nutrition from the supplements and thus one is furnishing nutrients to the disease while also trying to kill it. For this reason, supplements can slow down health recovery or even stop it altogether. It is best to kill off the pathogens completely. Once this is accomplished, you can work on building up good nutrition through a nutritious diet and supplements if needed. On the other hand, after one has been on a protocol for more than three weeks, and has followed all the rules and are still not getting better (this is very rare), if they continue on a prolonged MMS protocol, or on the daily maintenance protocol, then they might consider taking supplements, but separating any MMS dosages by at least two hours. (See pages 36-38 for full explanation).

Have you read this herpes testimonial ?
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