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MMS reducing liver function 12 May 2024 00:14 #82332

  • delitheman
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My friend says that when she was taking MMS her liver function reduced severely. Is that a thing? Have you ever heard of it?

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MMS reducing liver function 12 May 2024 15:32 #82341

  • Jeranie
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I've not heard of anything like that. I take it regularly and sometimes in pretty high doses and zero problems. I just looked at the testimonials page on liver and everything was very positive. It certainly can't be ruled out but my first guess would be that it's something else causing what she believes to be a liver problem 

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MMS reducing liver function 18 May 2024 16:32 #82393

  • BillPopMMS
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The PROBLEM is, is it the "MMS" that is causing "Liver issues",
OR is it the thing she is taking the MMS FOR that is causing it?
Or any number of other scenarios. (it's basically just guessing)

It could be something as simple as a form of TEMPORARY Herxheimer Reaction,
with her liver being bombarded by the toxins in her body that the MMS is
causing to excrete. (which happens through all of our organs and systems via DETOX)
The toxins have to go somewhere, and they have to be excreted one way or another.
So I suppose that COULD show up as "reduced liver function".
Also, she could be detoxing TOO MUCH TOO QUICKLY, which is not good.

After DECADES of empirical and anecdotal use and "testing" and research and study
and the like, there hasn't been any real contraindications of using MMS.
(except that it can cause certain Birth Control to not work)
NOTE: Any and all information supplied in online or offline communications that pertains to,
mentions, replies to inquiries about, and/or involves a discussion of, the information on my website,
ASpoonfulOfMedicine.com, falls under the Disclaimer on my website.

CHP – The Clean Health Protocol

You will find info there regarding Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook".

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