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CD Baths & Diarrhea 15 Mar 2024 08:49 #81825

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I’ve been taking CD baths (MMS) for about 6 weeks now and just in the past two weeks, I’ve been having diarrhea every single day several times a day.  I was sick with a cough for a several weeks, then a cold, then diarrhea with conjunctivitis, but now all those are gone and I still have this diarrhea.  I would get better for a day or so, then I would get some other illness.  I know I needed more rest and so I finally had to take several days off from work.  I don’t get paid when I don’t work, so I didn’t want to take off work, but when I tried to go in while not feeling all that well, I felt worse at the end of the day and then I’d either get another illness or it would take a few days longer to recuperate from the current illness.

I’m starting to wonder if something else is wrong.  I do 20 drops of Sodium Chlorite and 20 of Hydrochloric Acid in a bath.  I absolutely love this routine as it is so nice to relax in a nice hot bath for 20 minutes with meditation music and candles.  

The only thing I can think of that is different is that I’m not taking EDTA pills anymore for the past two weeks.  EDTA is for heavy metal detox.  I’m also getting a lot more sleep.  I’m also losing weight.  I’ve lost maybe 5 lbs.  My hair stylist noticed how loose my pants were today as I hadn’t seen her in 6 months.  While it’s nice to lose some weight, I’m not even exercising.  I was sick from middle of December until just recently.  I have an extreme amount of stress I’m dealing with and some of my pet family have been dying.  In the past week, I’ve lost 5 kittens and 2 adults.  Even though kittens sometimes get sick and die without any obvious reason, it’s still very hard emotionally to deal with.  There are other major stressors in my life as well.  I don’t know if the diarrhea is a result of all this stress, and it could be, but it’s concerning me.  I’ve even had an energy chiropractic appointment one week ago, and I still have the diarrhea!  Adjustments usually reset me and I feel much better.  I did feel better, but I still have very watery greenish stool.  I had one or two solid stools in the past two weeks, but otherwise I’m afraid to pass gas because it’s sometimes liquid!  I don’t feel ill, but my stomach makes a lot of noise and I know that my food is not being digested.

Could MMS be detoxing this much?

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