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started nebulizing mms today for phlegm elimination 10 Mar 2024 04:16 #81767

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I've had a problem with phlegm since spring of 2019. No pathogens were found in it (bacteria, mold, viruses). So no medical treatment. The quantity has been slowly reducing. About 5 months ago I started nebulizing using H2O2 following standard usage and it seemed to have some effect. Then I nebulized using hydronium H3O in the same way, and it too has some reducing effect.
Today I beagn nebulizing using Jim Humble's formula: 24 drops of MMS activated by 24 drops of HCl at 4% in one cup of water, 8oz or 240 ml. This converts to 3 drops of activated MMS in 30 ml of water in a small pill container.
Now I will be testing these three medications for some time in order to compare their efficiency, and to notice any possible synergy. Previously I had been spitting phlegm in a specific glass for 24 hours a few times a year, and taking a photo of the amount of phlegm in the glass afterwards. So I will have photographic proof if true success is achieved. Which I can then post here.

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started nebulizing mms today for phlegm elimination 12 Mar 2024 06:22 #81788

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If you are eating and drinking Dairy, milk and cheese and products (whey, etc.), you should STOP that,
as they are phlegm creators.
(EVERYONE is 'allergic' to Dairy, some are more allergic than others -- it is a VERY unnatural 'food')

That is most often the cause if it's not bacteriological or viral.
(same with ear aches in children (or adults), which is often a similar problem for some)
When I stopped drinking milk and eating cheese, my phlegm issues disappeared in a matter
of a few weeks or so or less. (I forget, but it was amazingly fast -- I just had to wait for the CRAP
to get out of my system -- if you DETOX, it would probably be MUCH quicker)

ALSO, if you haven't done the internal/oral MMS protocols, then you should do those
(if you so choose), since it is most likely a systemic issue, and you might be doing more
of a not-so-efficacious treatment by doing the nebulizing, basically treating the
"non-source of the problem", which is why you may not get great results. (no matter what you do)

Please let us know how you are doing and what works, etc. (it helps others)
NOTE: Any and all information supplied in online or offline communications that pertains to,
mentions, replies to inquiries about, and/or involves a discussion of, the information on my website,
ASpoonfulOfMedicine.com, falls under the Disclaimer on my website.

CHP – The Clean Health Protocol

You will find info there regarding Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook".

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