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chlorine dioxide solution and Lone Star tick. 19 Nov 2023 18:00 #80420

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Could chlorine dioxide solution reverse the lone star tick bite?  (this a tick that makes you allergic to red meat or meat from other mammals)

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chlorine dioxide solution and Lone Star tick. 01 Dec 2023 08:35 #80550

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It's possible.

I don't know much about this issue.

I would try it and see if I get any positive results.
My general thinking is that it most likely will do some good, if not help achieve Health Restoration.
Can't Hurt, Might Help, Probably Will.

See Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook".

See my website, link below. I think people should not consume animal flesh and
at least be vegetarian if not vegan for optimal health.

Sorry no one replied to your post in a timely manner.

From Wikipedia:


The bite of the lone star tick can cause a person to develop alpha-gal meat allergy, a delayed response to nonprimate mammalian meat and meat products. The allergy manifests as anaphylaxis—a life-threatening allergic reaction characterized by constriction of airways and a drop in blood pressure. This response is triggered by an IgE antibody to the mammalian oligosaccharide galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose (alpha-gal). A study published in 2019 discovered alpha-gal in the saliva of the lone star tick. As well as occurring in non-primate mammals, alpha-gal is also found in cat dander and in the drug cetuximab. Allergic reactions to alpha-gal usually occur 3–6 hours after consuming red meat, unlike allergic reactions to other foods, whose onset following consumption is more or less immediate, making it more difficult to identify what caused the reaction. Skin tests with standard meat test solutions are unreliable when testing for alpha-gal allergy, whereas skin tests with raw meat and/or pork kidney are more sensitive. Specific tests for determination of IgE to alpha-gal are available.

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mentions, replies to inquiries about, and/or involves a discussion of, the information on my website,
ASpoonfulOfMedicine.com, falls under the Disclaimer on my website.

CHP – The Clean Health Protocol

You will find info there regarding Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook".

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