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Delayed Herxheimer Reaction? 17 Mar 2023 16:26 #78039

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I'm Male/30 (without any debilitating/life-threatening illnesses) and recently went through the Starting Protocol, and then proceeded onto Protocol 1000 as a standard detox. I began with 1 drop for 8 hours which was fine, then the next day did 2 drops for the first 4 hours before deciding to move onto 3 drops for the last 4 hours because I wasn't feeling any Herxheimer reactions while taking it.

I take the drops at the end of the day up until before bed. After taking 2 drops for four hours and 3 drops for the last four hours, I believe I experienced the first Herxheimer reaction on the following day after waking up. I had mild diarrhea. It was a very mild reaction, so the day after that I went 3 drops for 8 hours, and then the same thing happened, although a bit worse, with mild nausua and mild diarrhea, and also a mild headache later in that day. Now most recently, yesterday, I went down to 2 drops only, for 8 hours. So far today I haven't felt any nausua and have just had mild diarrhea again. Notably, I have experienced little to no stomach discomfort throughout all of this.

I have heard about people experiencing Herxheimer reactions while taking the MMS during or near their 8-hour period, but is it normal for the reaction to be very "delayed" by several hours from the last dose, or half a day? Is this to be taken as a good sign? Because I know that if the MMS is killing a bunch of pathogens and things not supposed to be in the body, it would take the body some time to clear all of that out. So it makes sense to me, but I wonder how many other people experience it this way. The only symptoms I have felt so far while taking the MMS is mild, transient nausua, but that could be attributed to the taste of it.

Aside from these mild symptoms, I can't say I am feeling any worse. In fact, I may even be feeling a bit better otherwise. I'm not sure, I have to account for placebo and all that, but I sort of feel as if I might be somewhat less anxious/depressed for example.

Another question (that's fairly important): Is it fine to take the MMS1 with cold water? I have found that this alone helps me considerably with blunting the taste.

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Delayed Herxheimer Reaction? 17 Mar 2023 20:25 #78042

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I've experienced both (near-) "immediate" and delayed" (next-day) Herxing.
It's pretty common, I think.
It depends on the person, their toxicity level, toxicity type, genetics, biology, etc...
And their dosing drops-amount and frequency.

You might want to read about what to do in Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook"
when you Herx. It doesn't sound like you followed that protocol. ("halving")
You also didn't really follow the "Low and Slow" philosophy.

But a little bit of stomach upset and/or diarrhea isn't going to kill you,
if you don't mind putting up with it.
However, it is basically unnecessary for the most part.

I'm pretty sure the temperature of the water doesn't matter.
Cold (ideally) STEAM Distilled water is fine.
You can also add some cold SELTZER water to help with taste.
I sometimes do that.
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CHP – The Clean Health Protocol

You will find info there regarding Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook".
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