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Breathing Issues and Complex Chronic illness 28 Feb 2023 07:17 #77783

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My husband has been taking protocol 1000 and went up to 2 drops per hour for 8 hours (in the third week) and has been taking the drops from 1/2 a drop -2drops over a period of 2 1/2 weeks. He has stopped taking them for a few days to see if the drops are causing him shortness of breath and a tight chest. The shortness of breath has continued after the drops were stopped. (This causes lack of sleep and the ability to relax is disturbed from not being able to get enough breath in.) He has Kidney disease - Renal Failure, a Skin cancer, Prostate cancer - that has spread to bones, hips, shoulder, (spot) lung..... He has not started on the DMSO as it was advised in Jim's book that he start really slow on Protocol 1000 because of his Kidney issues. As my husbands Carer I am feeling overwhelmed by the whole process as often my husband would have a lot of bowel moments (gas stomach) and feel like he had an empty stomach and very fatigued. We reduced the drops to one drop per hour to see if that would help, he still has issues with his chest. We have been monitoring his Diabetes - currently his blood sugar levels have stabilized to lower levels with out being too high and too low, but not within a healthy persons range which is 4.7. He is on the Medical medium cleanse to heal 3;9;6 protocol and has organic foods where possible. (High fat foods cause more fatigue and leave him lethagic upon observation) He has pain in his legs, suffers acute fatigue, has lost more weight and is basically bed-bound. I am wondering where to go from here in regards to the drops and when to start the DMSO and need some suggestions and guidance for my husband who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and has currently declined in the past week. Thankyou kindly.

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Breathing Issues and Complex Chronic illness 09 Mar 2023 11:22 #77856

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I'm sorry to hear that your husband is sick and also having some issues
that SEEM to be related to taking MMS.

The problem is, is it the MMS that is causing the problems, or is it
one or more of his illnesses and diseases that is now causing the problem?

That's a difficult question to answer. And there is no way, unfortunately,
to know one way or another. That is just the Nature of the Beast, as it were.

Someone with that much toxicity in their system might fairly easily have
an Herxheimer Reaction due to "detoxing too much too quickly". That is, flooding
their various systems with toxins that causes a variety of negative issues.
(a search here will explain all the forms those can take, as the body tries
to excrete and expel the toxins through the kidneys, liver, digestive system,
lungs, and skin)

Decreasing or stopping the MMS should stop the Herxheimer Reaction,
IF that is what it is, within a day or two, usually. I would think a week at the outside.
That is really the only way you can tell if that is what the problem is.
If the breathing issues continue, then that "logically suggests" that it is not, and
most likely was not, the MMS that caused the problem(s).

It sounds like you are doing what one would do according to Jim Humble's
protocols to try to resolve the problem(s). I can't think of anything else
you could do. Maybe someone else will offer some help.

It is a challenge when working with someone who is so sick.

I guess I've been gone awhile, or didn't see your post.
Sorry it took someone so long to get back to you.

I hope you can figure it out and continue with some successes.
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