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Does MMS/CDS work against genital warts / HPV virus 13 Sep 2022 15:49 #76759

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Hi there,

I have genital wards eversince recently, and I'm desperate for a natural solution for it. I've been an avid MMS/CDS user throughout the years, but mainly orally. Does it work against genital warts, and if yes; how do I use it?

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Does MMS/CDS work against genital warts / HPV virus 13 Sep 2022 21:28 #76764

  • BillPopMMS
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I would expect it to work.

I always suggest people follow the protocols in Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook".
NOTE: Any and all information supplied in online or offline communications that pertains to,
mentions, replies to inquiries about, and/or involves a discussion of, the information on my website,
ASpoonfulOfMedicine.com, falls under the Disclaimer on my website.

CHP – The Clean Health Protocol

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Does MMS/CDS work against genital warts / HPV virus 18 Sep 2022 12:23 #76809

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I always speak about my personal experiences and dont go along with a lot of people on here who lie / or are delusional that mms works for everything.

it doesnt .

what it has worked for me on are as follows :

bad breath
bleeding gums
bad body odour
dermatitis on scalp
monkeypox - had a terrible version of it and mms cured it in about four days with the fever disappearing and the pox did not reach my face . so it will definitely work for smallpox too.
polyps - now this is a bit complex. drinking activated mms regularly has done nothing for my polyp on the tonsil. what changed things is as im a chain smoker, I was so worried this polyp is going to turn to cancer if I dont remove it, but the doctor decided not to remove it. I started activating mms pure and took an ear bud and soaked it and kept rubbing it on the polyp for two days as many times as I could. day three wake up - polyp not there, the whiteness of the polyp was stuck on the tonsil and I removed it with a bud . it was rubbery and looked exactly like sometimes we see in mutton or lamb meat .. the white rubbery inedible growth within the meat. so polyps gone.
prostrate inflammation and erections - I have even given my self a little booty bumps with activated mms. it always meant terrible diarrhoea but once the inflammation goes away, the erections are as strong as when I was 15 , lasts long durations and the volume of semen also increases. its true for me
gout - this I hadn't even realised and in a day or so after starting up on mms after years, my gout pain disappeared from the left big foot.

what it hasn't worked for.
tooth abcess - if you have bacteria inside the tooth , then it wont work for you. there are several on here who keep trying to negate my experience and saying I dont use it right, no you are wrong blah blah. I dont care what they think . mms does not work for tooth abcess. mms seems to not go in well. I have tried dmso as well and it doesnt matter. it does NOT WORK IF YOU HAVE PERIONDONTAL DISEASE. but it will help if the gum disease is superficial.

mms will not work for things that sit in the insides of your tissues. whatever is floating around in the blood and plasma I can state it works and will kill it.

cyst on the bladder... near my prostrate. mms has NOT WORKED for it. I use dmso and everything but it doesnt work. unless people start analysing how to inject these things like cysts, tumours deep in tissues, it may work then. but I know it doesnt.

for your genital warts it should work.. take two drops of sodium chlorite and two drops of activator .. let it mix and use a bud soak it and rub it on the warts.. you will feel a pinching pain and irritation. if you can bear it , let it work . if you can't you can dilute the area with water splashed so you dont get burned.

it does burn the tissue area a bit. but your warts will drop off in a few days. warts I've had have been small so can't speak for large warts. might just have to inject those large ones. like I said if enough mms cannot enter there is no way you are getting rid of the disease. dmso is said to enter every tissue. it still doesnt work with mms to sort out areas in tissues deep inside your body. 

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