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MMS for Mold Control 31 Jul 2022 22:55 #76350

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Has anyone tried MMS for mold control in their air conditioner?  I am finding many niche uses like this.

We have a window air conditioner that has worked well for 11 years, and it is finally getting that moldy air smell.  I mixed up a 10 drop batch, diluted with 10-15 ml of distilled, and set it in a bowl in front of it.  We'll see what happens.

Also, I was curious if anyone ever runs it in a diffuser for mold control, say in a damp basement room or garage.  Seems like it would be a good option and get more of it to volatilize, although it doesn't need much help with that.

We use our excess in the fridge if we have any, like when we split doses for the dog or something.

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MMS for Mold Control 01 Aug 2022 06:58 #76353

  • BillPopMMS
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My guess is that would work to some degree.
Maybe to a fair degree.
Maybe very well.

I read a study where they were doing tests with "whole house fumigation"
using Chlorine Dioxide gas, and there were some issues with it attacking electrical
and electronic parts and components and the like. So there could be some
problems like that if you use it a lot or too much or too often.

Even though a ten year old AC will usually keep working, maybe even
work well, some brands better than others, they are so old compared to
modern units, that they probably don't work as well and use more
electricity. So I try to not keep them longer than 5 years or so.
And if you are smelling mold or musty, that is probably a good time
to replace it if you can.
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MMS for Mold Control 03 Aug 2022 05:24 #76378

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We live on a crawl space in a humid state so we saw some mold in various places over the years.  It's under control now that we dehumidify 24/7.  We like to still fumigate with clo2 doing about 50-60 drops mixed in front of air intake, turn on the HVAC fan, and leave the house for an hour or two.  I come back in and it smells slightly of a pool, open all the windows up for fresh air, and then resume the day.  It really takes the "musty" smell out of the closets well.  This method can also tackle smells in vehicles if needed.  

I assume it's killing any mold spores it comes in contact with and for awhile it certainly cuts down on the bugs we see.  Since the dehumidifier goes 24/7 we also put a few activated drops in it's basin after emptying.  This way it keeps the basin clear of mold/fungus and also gases out into the machine like you're aiming for with the old AC unit.  As always, YMMV

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