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Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)? 10 May 2022 05:59 #75116

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Does anyone else have mast cell activation? I have had it since birth but every since starting MMS I seem to have resolved my symptoms. I no longer have facial flushing or need to take antihistamines. Anyone else had this effect from MMS? I asked world MMS expert, Dr. Afrin about it and he never hear of MMS of course.  Thanks for any comments you might have.
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Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)? 30 Jul 2022 09:05 #76326

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I had some time, so I am going back through the forum to see
if there are posts that no one commented on, and making comments
if I think I can offer something of value. I don't like to see people
"ignored" (not purposeful, I'm sure) when they are asking for help and such.

I didn't know about MCAS, so I had to look up some information on it.
There are SO MANY of these illnesses and diseases and syndromes
it is "ridiculous".


Since it tends to be chronic, is an immunological condition, and is multi-systemic,
my 'guess' is that it is toxicity based or instigated. (as MANY illnesses and diseases are)

I wouldn't be surprised if your issues were due to childhood vaccinations,
which work well for most people (babies and children), but really mess up and
hurt others. (those that maybe are already toxic from their mothers and/or have a
weakened immune system that cascades into increased toxicity and ill health)

So it would not surprise me if MMS (detox) helped you with Health Restoration.

Once you get rid of the "toxicity" (the many forms that can take), your body should
generally just "fix itself". (most of the time)

How are you doing? Better, I hope, if not 'well'.

It's always nice for people to come back and tell us that they are achieving
good results so others who read the forum find good testimonials and
encouragement and positive information.
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