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Anything possible to mix with animal doses that can add a flavor they like ? 29 Apr 2022 03:12 #74938

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I have reviewed the variety of things possible to add to MMS 1 ect all protocols including with DMSO for humans but I can not find ANYTHING for animals at all. 
I am dosing at Protocol 3000 right now with just Sodium chlorite and DMSO but with the combination skin and oral can smell the DMSO so strong and he is beginning to fight the oral doses and I don’t blame him with SO MUCH the taste & smell is building daily. I wondered if TUNA water would be good to use & not alter The potency of his treatment. There is a tuna
( flavor ) to buy but I am sure it is chemicals which could not be used..ANY ideas would be helpful ( I don’t want invalidate the effects but right now I am giving a small cat treat 2 piece with each dose so he gets the taste out of his mouth. 

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Anything possible to mix with animal doses that can add a flavor they like ? 30 Jul 2022 10:46 #76333

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I had some time, so I am going back through the forum to see
if there are posts that no one commented on, and making comments
if I think I can offer something of value. I don't like to see people
"ignored" (not purposeful, I'm sure) when they are asking for help and such.

I use Organic Free Range Chicken Broth with my cat. (Pacific Foods)
I put the MMS/CDS drops in about a teaspoon of liquid (heated up for
5 seconds in the microwave to make it warm) and he licks it up dutifully.
(thank gawd -- my other cat won't take it) There have only been a few times
when he balked at it.
(it's for FIV, so he does have tend to have a stuffed up nose, which might
help with the smell for him)

I also don't follow the exact protocol as suggested. I tend to just give
him enough that it keeps the FIV at bay, and his bacterial infections are
dealt with, and his immune system has gotten better, so for me it is
"good enough". I generally give him one to three doses a day.

Sometimes I skip a day or a couple or a few. I can do that now.
In the beginning, he had to have it every day several times a day.
He is doing REALLY WELL with it, and it is MUCH better than antibiotics,
which is the only thing the vet can offer. (more than one vet has been
visibly and audibly surprised that his blood work is so good and he is
doing so well for a cat his age (15+) with FIV)

Tuna Water would probably also work.

I don't remember if I used ClO2 Test Strips to make sure the broth
was a valid liquid to use, but I might have.

In Jim Humble's "MMS Health Recovery Guidebook", he suggests
having the non-human animal "drink as much water afterward that
they would normally drink".

Good luck with that. So I don't bother.

They are not like a human where you can say, "Drink this" and
they do it, even if it "tastes bad like 'medicine' " because they know
it is good for them and they need to do it.

Most non-human animals would just have a reaction of, "Yeah, I don't think so."

But, if you have to squirt it down their throats, then maybe that's
what you have to do. I don't like that, and it's stressful for you
and the non-human animal, but if you have to....

I can't get any vets to work with me on using MMS/ClO2.
They "think it is interesting", but that's it. Even though the proof is
right in front of them. But, if I could get his dosage up, which would
probably require injections, I could probably get rid of his FIV completely.

Sometimes I do give him a cat food snack after his dosing, usually a
"gravy canned food", which probably helps with his attitude. But I don't
do it every time. I don't want that to become "a thing". Plus I do sometimes
worry that eating close to the dosing could make it not work as well.

How is your cat doing?
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