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MMS for over active immune system (autoimmune) (caused by immunotherapy)? 13 Sep 2021 15:51 #71095

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Question: Wondering If could use the MMS protocol that you'd use for Autoimmune disorder, or would this cause his hyperactive immune system to become more hyperactive. If so, what protocol?

Elderly (89) relative successfully used Fenbendazole (per mycancerstory.rocks) and keytruda for stomach cancer which had spread.

Tumors are gone, but now he is having all kinds of issues, which I believe are caused by his immune system not only attacking the cancer, but also his healthy organs.
He stopped the keytruda a few months ago.
He was riding a bike (believe it or not), until a few weeks ago, when the fatigue got too much. People think he's in his 70s.

Itchy Rash that looks like Dermatitis/Psoriasis or Eczema-over a large portion of his body. Prednisone injection & 10 day course reduced rash on his back, but it increased lower down.
Extreme fatigue. Normally very energetic for his age.
Hypothyroidism (started early on with the keytruda).
Heart valve issues.
Heart inflammation (one chamber-likely from the valve issues).
Small stroke
Cough-small amt of fluid at bottom of lungs/Shortness of breath (pneumonitis). Cough has been going on for a few months. Ruled out COVID, tried several antibiotics.
Rectal bleeding (has stopped).
Anemia (caused from emergency gastric cancer surgery-he had a portion of his stomach removed-cancer had blocked his digestive system).
AFIB (likely has had this for years).
Leg swelling (Edema)

I've been having him & mom do 3 drops/day just as a Covid preventer. He is still using Fenbendazole 3 days/week as well. Also takes Thyroid meds, vitamins, Iron, Eloquis (blood thinner), Metoprolol, Lasix, Potassium Supplement.


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