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Two Items: Will water from Sardines work & Testimonial for Bee Sting For a Dog 23 Feb 2021 16:42 #68041

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Is water from Sardines acceptable to add to the MMS1 mixture? I have a new dog that I rescue in Sep 2019 at approx. 6 mos old and she freaks out if I try to administer anything from a syringe or meds/supplements etc directly into her mouth. Could be some past trauma IDK. I have given her MMS1 with some water from Sardines in a bowl and that is the only way she'll drink it. It is much easier than the struggle of trying to administer it via syringe as I don't get all the dose into her.

Yesterday, 2/22/2021 she was stung (second time) on the lip by a bee and had a severe reaction. She had the following systems: vomiting, sudden defecation, weakness, heavy/labored breathing, pale gums, salivation, runny nose, restlessness, and hives. All symptoms of a severe allergic reaction per online search and considered a very serious and possibly life threatening. I did see the stinger eventually and took it off her but it was not imbedded into her skin (it was on her snout and not where she was stung) so I don't believe it was pumping additional venom into her.

I immediately mixed a two drop dose (the 6 an 6 Protocol for dogs. Her weight is 2 drop dose) but I only used a 1/4 cup of water as I knew I was going to have administer via a syringe and it would be difficult. She struggled with me but due to her weakness I was able to get some of that dose into her using a small syringe and two applications. I really needed a third syringe to get the whole dose. I did another dose same as above 30 mins after the first dose.

Within an hour of the second dose she was more alert raising her head to listen to activity outside (It was like I could see the life returning in her) and about half an hour after that she moved herself to the front bedroom to watch the outside activity so much more alert. I gave her a third dose several hours later as other symptoms (restlessness, curled up and shaking, and hives) appeared.

Additional treatments I administered were: I used the unactivated MMS on her lip and around that area, I gave her an apple cider rinse (at that time I was not sure if it was bee, wasp or fire ants and I thought she was stung her leg at first), CBD oil internally for pain, inflammation, and itchiness, I boiled 1 chamomile tea bag with 1 cup of water let it cool then dabbed it on her hives, which were all over her back legs upper and lower (no rinsing the tea off). About two hours later she was drinking some sardine water I left her with the remaining MMS! but it may have not have any potency by then but I knew that she had her appetite back and thus she ate her evening meal in full and by bedtime around 9ish the hives were gone and she appeared to be relaxed, breathing fine and not in distress.

During the initial timeframe of the sting and after I administered the first MMS1 dose I phone the Vet as I knew the situation was bad and may get worse but only reached VM. I left a message called back a second time again, VM. It was two hours before the Vet closed and I never received a call back and at the time of this writing (10:28 am) still no return call. I just wanted information from the Vet as I had not encountered this incident before and didn't know if she would parley into a full blown inability to breathe and the worst would happen.

I was administering MMS1 regardless of Vet contact but I so thankful for Mr. Humble and his whole team who have brought MMS to us through much hardship an attack. I know in that without the MMS I may very well have been planning my dog's burial instead of waking up giving her kisses and belly rubs! I am going to have to be extremely watchful of bees, wasps etc because she likes to chase and bite at them IDK why I've never had a dog like to interact with insects before lol but this one loves it.

I just wanted to share this indepth (yes I know it is but I know when I search for personal experiences it helps greatly to read an indepth story of the who, what, when, where, and why plus the outcome. It helps with better understanding for myself so I hope it helps others who read this as either an emergency need or be aware and cautious of what can happen if your dog is stung by a bee. You never know how the dog will react as her first sting on the foot there was discomfort and swelling but no other symptoms and reactions. I did read that previous stings can increase the possibility of greater reactions in subsequent stings.

I really would like to know if the sardine water in the MMS1 mixture will be okay and not inactivate it as I'd like to keep giving it to her daily as prevention as discussed in the book.

Again, thank Mr. Humble and all who work so hard to ensure that the public has access to MMS, protocols and exchange of information.

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