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small dogs - doing a protocol when hourly isn't possible 12 Oct 2020 04:49 #66223

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Hello, I'm new to the board and am very glad to find it!

I bought and read the 1st Edition of the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook from 2016, but what's recommended is impossible for me to do with any consistency.
My dogs haven't been diagnosed with any particular disease, so the 6 and 6 plan seems fitting -- I just couldn't make this work hourly.

Both my little dogs could benefit very much, I think. I've used the spray with success.
One dog won't let me put drops in his mouth without a second pair of hands to help every time.
There's a schedule issue: I work from home on the computer in two 4 hour shifts per day, with 5 hours free in between 3 days a week.
Starting at 6am, I'm only free four hours later, from 10am to 3pm.
Then again, four hours later, free after 7:30pm.

Given this schedule for weekdays, does anyone have a suggestion for a fitting protocol that's the next best thing when hourly's not possible?

Also, is there a food or liquid people have already found that dogs like that mixes well with MMS?

I'm hoping to find a "next best thing" that someone's tried with an animal, thinking that's better than not at all.
I give them a little in their water per the book's recommendation, but I'm not sure it does much. I add the quarts to their ceramic bowl with fountain and filter. The cat and both dogs like that. But it holds a lot and I don't know how long the MMS1 lasts. I do notice when I replace the filter and clean the mechanism weekly, the well water is not making the bowl feel at all slimy to touch, so it seems to be doing something!
(For this water I use well water, which is good, pure water -- but would use distilled for dosing with MMS.)

Hopefully I understand the info on pages 291 - 300.

Can anyone also please comment -- is the dosage interpretation below correct for the starting procedure,
the 6 and 6, and maintance dosing?

For 8-12 lbs the charts seem to saying do this hourly for starting procedure:
Activate 8 drops, add 1/2 cup of water, give 4.5 drops per hourly dose. (Tossing out the solution left over, making a new one each hour.)
Then progress to 9 drops an hour of a new mixture, then to 13, and never more than 13 drops during the start.

For the 6 and 6 :
"5.5 & 5.5
Mix 8 drops of MMS1 in 1/2 cup and use only 5.5 ml of it per dose, tossing the rest out, making a new batch each hour.
The maintenance dose is the same.

Though I can't do what's above, I still want to understand it. I do understand the golden rules for animals and general guidelines ok.

Thank you!

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