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Don't use GOOGLE SEARCH !!! 26 Jul 2020 22:13 #65355

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Here's a rundown of alternative search engines:

"The gateway to the internet is controlled by the search engines. When we look up anything on the internet it starts with a web search. China’s demands for control over what information their people can see allows their propaganda to work better. Globalist Western governments have concealed their control information, and manipulated search results is a big part of keeping people from the truth. Google now handles around 92% of all internet search traffic. The closest competitor is Microsoft’s Bing with less than 3%. China’s Baidu has around 1% and Russia’s Yandex 0.6%. Like the oil and railroad “barons” of the past, Google and Bing use their market share to leverage out other competitors. A few years ago, they refused to share their search terms so other sites could not pool their results in meta-searches. Most of the other major search engines all use the results of Google (e.g. Startpage) or Bing (e.g. DuckDuckGo). Fortunately, a few independent web crawlers are still out there with some refreshing results. Here are quick reviews of some of the alternatives:

Mojeek.com : One of the last independent search engines. Mojeek is based out of the UK, and indexes websites on its own (just past 3 billion last month). It advertises no bias in its search results and it lives up to this claim. I searched for “vaccine danger” and was impressed with the variety and accuracy of the sites listed—mostly anti-vaccine sites, as expected, as opposed to Google which heavily filters it to only pro-vaccine apologia sites. There isn’t even an option for filtering the content for typical “family safe search.” Other than that it is a bare-bones search engine with a tab for web, news and images. The have a robust privacy policy, but very little independent reviews of this site, and I can’t tell how they get revenue.

Gigablast.com : An independent search engine using open-sourced code, Gigablast gathers its own results from independent web-crawling (it has indexed over a billion websites). In this it fights an uphill battle against the big players who refuse to give its bots equal treatment to information. So far I have found its search results fair and unbiased, but there is a little more “clutter” in the results than I am used to from the big search engines, but this reflects its honesty: it is a small, organic search engine. The only source of income is a link for donations (unfortunately through Paypal). Their blog reveals many of the underhanded ways that Google manipulates the information marketplace. They don’t have the privacy features touted by other search sites, except to say that they don’t sell any personal information.

Private.sh : Fortunately another privacy-oriented group built a smooth interface based on the Gigablast independent search results and adds the highest possible privacy. Not only does it strip away any IP information, but it encrypts any search terms you enter within your own browser before it traverses the internet to their website, where it is decrypted, sent to Gigablast, and the results encrypted before sending back to your computer. This effort effectively shields both your query and the results you see from any spying or eavesdropping attempts along the way. Additionally, no personal information is stored and cannot be subpoenaed. All of this is done seamlessly.

Lastly, watch out for shell sites from China that sell themselves as “private search engines” but are really traps to capture American’s private data (trying to take a page from the Deep State). Stay away from searchencrypt.com and ghostpeek.com. There may be others. With a little effort, you can revise your browsing habits and “escape from Google” too. It is worth the effort to retake your privacy during web searches. Help break the new monopolies of the “information barons” and retake a semblance of our privacy."

Credit: Weekly World Affairs Brief by Joel Skousen
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