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TOPIC: Can chlorine dioxide induce Copper and Tin deficiency ?

Can chlorine dioxide induce Copper and Tin deficiency ? 20 Nov 2019 19:04 #61704

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As you know, Chlorine Dioxide eliminates toxic heavy metals from our body by oxidizing them. That's pretty amazing.

However, what worried me is that two of the heavy metals found in our body can't be totally removed, because they are essential for our body functions. I'm talking about Copper and Tin, which are also heavy metals. There isn't so much information about Tin, but Copper is well known as one of the most important chemicals for proper brain function. High levels of Copper is toxic, but low levels are "bad" too.

According to Dr William J Walsh, author of the book Nutrient Power, copper excess (total copper above 135 μg/dL) occurs in 90% of woman with psychiatric conditions. However low levels of copper (below 90 μg/dL) also causes problems, such as the lack of empathy. Within incarcerated population (prison members), Dr Walsh found that 96% of them had their Copper-to-Zinc ratios our of range (36% were high, 60% were low, and only 4% were in ideal range). On the other hand, among control subjects (average person, not in prison) only 3% had their Cu/Zn out of the ideal range (97% were in ideal range).

So my question is, has anyone of you done Copper/Tin blood tests or hair tests before and after using CDS/MMS continuously?

I must note that heavy metal accumulation is intracelular, not in blood serum. Thus when heavy metals are leaving the body, the blood serum level actually increases before it decreases. This effect is analog to the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction related to bacteria toxins.

I know one person who took CDS for a couple of days, made a blood exam after that, and serum copper levels had increased considerably compared to previous exam (from 95 μg/dL to 130 μg/dL). Her previous blood exam was done 10 months earlier, so I do not know her copper status just before experimenting CDS. But she had been doing therapy with Zinc and B6 to lower her copper levels for the last 10 months. So the result is very unexpected. She will do another exam soon. Then I expect the copper levels to have lowered, which will be a strong indicative that she was releasing excess copper. Her sister, on the other hand, had different results. Her sister measured about the same in both exams (70 μg/dL), despite having gone through the same steps (same blood exam dates, same Zinc/B6 therapy and same CDS usage).

By now, my empiric conclusion is that CDS seems to help with the removal of intracelular heavy metals but only when they are in excess. Although more evidence is needed to consolidate this conclusion.

Thoughts ?
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